RaceDayCT Daily Poll: Who Will Win The Richie Evans Memorial 100 Tour Type Mod Feature At New Smyrna?

There have been four different winners over four features for the Tour Type Modified division at the World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing at New Smyrna Speedway this week. The division closes out its week of racing at New Smyrna Friday with the Richie Evans Memorial 100 Friday. Craig Lutz (Monday), Patrick Emerling (Tuesday), Ryan Preece (Wednesday) and Matt Hirschman (Thursday) have won features so far. So today’s Daily Poll question is, who will win the Richie Evans Memorial 100 on Friday? Vote below.


  1. Silk vs Hirschman

  2. This is the Gladiators event, take no survivors.

    But then, how many cars are actually still in top race condition, and are not hobbled from previous dust-ups?

    What are the rules with regards to tires? Allowed to take on tires? If no tires, then it will be a pace-race for like 85 laps, just keeping the car on the lead lap. Go-time will be insane, at least for the cars that have some tire left and are still in top race condition.

    But don’t get too excited, Mother Nature has other plans, starting around 2 PM and going through the rest of the day. 🌧 β›ˆ

  3. Preece vs McKennedy

  4. Shawn, any chance this race will be run early to enhance the possibility of getting it done?

  5. Darealgooldfella,
    I don’t know what they might do as far as scheduling changes.

  6. Tonight is a night for a dark horse, or underdog… I’m going with Kopcik. He’s shown to be a pretty good long run competitor, and it might be his time.

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  9. #1 Unobtainium

  10. Kopcik requested you un pick him. Mostly based on your near perfect record of being incorrect.

  11. 🌈JD🌈, you got anymore election predictions? πŸ€ͺ🀣😝😝πŸ€ͺ

    Your buddy Buddy is a solid big loser. Aim high.

  12. Darealgoodfella,
    Upon further review, Matt Galko and Dave Sapienza are tied for 9th. McKennedy and Williams tied for 11th.

  13. I think you have to keep an eye on McKennedy. He has been near or at the front every race.

  14. You leave Buddy alone!! He has had a good week. I’ve been impressed.

  15. 🌈JD🌈, Trump requested you to un pick him. πŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺ😝😝πŸ€ͺ😝😝

    Shawn, I’m really surprised. McKennedy just seems to be ever present in a competitive position, thought for sure he was going to be much higher in the standings. Oh well. 🀷

    New Suhmyna Beach weather cam still shows decent weather.

  16. Darealgoodfella,
    He got four points over the first two events.

  17. 7NY completed only 14 laps Monday and 21 laps Tuesday.

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