RaceDayCT Live Updates Page Friday At New Smyrna World Series

The Tour Type Modified division closes out its week at the World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing at New Smyrna Speedway tonight with the division’s fifth feature in five nights, the Richie Evans Memorial 100.

Denise DuPont and Jim DuPont will oversee our Live Updates coverage from all the Tour Type Modified events at New Smyrna.


  1. Just want to say “THANK YOU!!!!!” to the entire RACDAYCT.COM crew for this fantastic reporting.

  2. daRealMathGenius says

    Preece with 60.667 points per race, is better than Hirschman who only has 60.5. Now if they threw out a driver’s worst finish we would have a race within a race tonight… but we don’t!

  3. Where is McKennedy in the top 10????

  4. Darealgoodfella,
    Good catch actually. He was 29th after night two. Last two nights rallied back. He’s actually 10th, which dropped Ronnie Williams to 11th, two points behind.

  5. Shawn, McKennedy disappeared in those first two races, just vanished, I didn’t think it was that bad. But he usually does get plenty of screen time, just seemed like he should be def in the top 10 at least, or much better. Oh well, hope he has a good race tonight.

    What happened to 🌈JD🌈’s buddy Buddy in qual?

  6. WOW Preece is super hooked up. he can stick it down on the yellow line in corners… Fast time in Qualifying 17.396 is Smoking Fast … Invert to 10th … probably have the lead by lap 20…

  7. He has to pace himself jake. Longest race of week. Burn it out too quick if he does that. His quote from the other night. Followed hirshman, the guy knows how to save his stuff. When he thought it was time to go, I followed him.

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