Stafford Joins FloRacing for Live Streaming In 2021; FloRacing Posts $40K In Bonus Money For Teams

(Press release from Stafford Speedway)

Stafford Motor Speedway and FloRacing are proud to announce a groundbreaking partnership to bring live racing from Stafford Speedway to the FloRacing platform.

New for the 2021 season, all Stafford Speedway weekly events will be streamed live on FloRacing making Stafford the first asphalt track on the nationally recognized platform.

All Stafford Speedway events excluding the NASCAR Modified Tour and SRX Series will be broadcast live exclusively on FloRacing for the 2021 season beginning with the NAPA Auto Parts Opening Day Saturday, April 24th and running weekly through NAPA Auto Parts Championship Night on Friday, October 1st.

The Stafford Speedway productions team will continue to produce the weekly broadcast streamed on FloRacing.

“The same first class production that race fans enjoyed on will move over to FloRacing,” explained Stafford Speedway COO Paul Arute. “Racing at Stafford Speedway will now be on a national stage alongside the Chili Bowl, Eldora Speedway, USAC Racing, and the All Star Circuit of Champions. FloRacing gives our fans the ultimate in live streaming access for just $150 per year.”

FloRacing is quickly becoming the leader in live streaming in grassroots racing with over 800 race events streamed in 2020 and over 1,000 scheduled to stream live in 2021.

Stafford Speedway becomes the first pavement track added to the FloRacing lineup. Annual subscriptions to FloRacing include unlimited access to all live streaming content.  Also included in a subscription are the exclusive interviews, behind-the-scenes access, and ride-alongs with drivers, motorsports news, archived races, and highlights that racing fans have come to expect from the FloRacing platform.

FloRacing subscribers also receive complete access to the entire network of FloSports verticals ranging from cycling, wrestling, football, baseball, softball, grappling, rodeo and more. Watch the races across all screens by downloading the FloSports app on iOS, Android, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, and Chromecast.

“FloSports is excited about the impact this partnership will have on pavement racing,” said FloSports Vice President of Rights Acquisition, Mike Levy. “It advances our already robust position in motorsports while allowing us to showcase the Stafford Speedway legacy that has, and will continue to be, a staple in the sport.”

FloRacing subscribers will be treated to an impressive 2021 racing schedule at Stafford Speedway with 25 events on the calendar including multiple extra distance races for the SK Modified® division as well as four 80-lap Open Modified events across the calendar.

“Just over 1 month ago we made the tough decision to run independent in 2021,” continued Arute. “Opportunities like this are exactly why we chose the independent path. We are extremely excited to partner with FloRacing. This partnership puts Stafford Speedway in front of a national audience and also provides opportunities for our race teams to market their sponsors on to an even wider audience of viewers.”

In addition to broadcasting the 2021 Stafford Speedway season, FloRacing has posted $40,000 in bonus money which will be distributed to the Stafford Speedway weekly competitors. The FloRacing bonus will be awarded to each of the top-10 finishers across all 5 of Stafford Speedway’s weekly divisions on specified nights. Each division will have 4 events in which the FloRacing bonus will be awarded. The $40,000 bonus nearly doubles the payout teams received from in 2020.

“The FloSports value proposition shines brightest when we’re able to meaningfully contribute to all levels of the sports we cover,” according to Levy. “Elevating the economy for drivers, sponsors, and rights holders is typically a recipe for success.”

“Between the FloRacing bonus and our new track point fund there will be at least $73,000 in new awards on top of our weekly payouts in 2021,” continued Arute. “We are looking forward to kicking off the 2021 season and showcasing the most talented weekly drivers in the country right here at Stafford.”

Race fans are encouraged to subscribe to FloRacing today to gain access to the full slate of live streamed events currently on the calendar. The Stafford Speedway season will kick-off Saturday, April 24th with 5 divisions of racing on NAPA Auto Parts Opening day all streamed live on Flo Racing.

For more information, visit, checkout Stafford Speedway on Facebook or Twitter, or contact the track office at 860-684-2783.

Click here to subscribe to FloRacing today


  1. Awesome …. It all makes sense now.. More money for the track and drivers and Owners….
    NASCAR WHO ???? Nationwide coverage of your excellent racing productions ….
    Once again Stafford is leading the way to the future of Racing in the Northeast…..
    this will have the attention of all Racetrack Owners in New England…….
    Put the money in the Owner’s & Drivers Pockets, built you car counts , build the back gate
    Money for New England Racers, not Daytona Beach… Well Done Stafford… I knew this day
    would eventually come, The Iron Fist, Fat Cats of Nascar are CRUSHED by their own policy’s

  2. If I read the FLORACING website correctly – It’s only $12.50 a month – cancel anytime!!

  3. Stuart A Fearn says

    The Arutes have the pedal to the metal and are quite simply kicking some serious ass the winter and as a matter of fact for the entire last year!
    Very glad to race there and it looks like some Fearn’s will collect a good portion of that Floracing $$$. We appreciate the extra cash flow as we race on a budget and every dollar matters to us.
    Thank you Paul, David, Mark, and Lisa

  4. Shouldn’t we have known this was coming or at least a switch from Speed Sport? NASCAR has a deal with Speed Sport and since the divorce one would think NASCAR with it’s pull would have Speed Sport slam the door on Stafford. Or NASCAR obligated Stafford to be on Speed Sport as a NASCAR track and now it’s Stafford unchained they got a better deal.
    Am I reading this correctly? Spent close to $300 streaming races from Stafford in an abbreviated season that if you don’t like dirt doesn’t even cost a fan $150. It costs $12.50 for April to November. And it’s on ROKU. Instead of paying $80 to $100 a month it’s $12.50. That can’t be right. I wanted a season ticket at a good rate but that’s ridiculously cheap. What am I missing?
    To be clear it’s not 25% going to the teams any more is it? Kind of the same result with the $40,000 but no longer a percentage but a flat amount? That’s a question.
    So now teams and fans in the stands pay the monthly charge that’s very reasonable and they can watch it along with replays in their seats, getting a brew, in the hauler or taking a leak?
    Not a dirt fan. Hopefully other Northeast non NASCAR tracks will follow Stafford’s lead.

  5. This is cool… I’m so happy to support this facility and the family who owns it.

    I’m a season ticket holder, but I might need to start bringing a cellular iPad for replays. I’m so happy to see more sweetening for the competitors. WiFi might be nice… If not, the AT&T cell signal at the track is full-on strong and the data is as fast as the cars.

    Stafford is really knocking it out of the park, changing with the times and embracing new tech and opportunities. I’d say the future is bright for Stafford Speedway!

  6. WHO GIVES A RATS ASS ABOUT NASCAR!!! Great job to the Arute’s and the entire Stafford Team

  7. Barry, great comments.

    Stafford needs to use the Jumbotron again, that was awesome. It was great for the caution periods.

    The track needs to provision high capacity wi-fi that can handle several thousand users of high bitrate video… no doubt about it. Cell service should be high capacity in areas like that. Loudon has a cell tower out back, and that still does not have the capacity for those *small* crowds on Modified racing day.

    Maybe 5G will help in these conditions.

  8. This is great news!! Stafford getting their product out nationwide, and once again giving back to the racers. Sounds like a win-win situation. I have had a subscription to Flo for the past year because I love dirt racing and that was their focus. Great to see them getting into some asphalt racing. I don’t believe though, that they have a monthly plan, it’s $150 for the year, which obviously breaks down to $12.50 per month. It is billed as one lump payment though. I think the way they word it on their website is a little confusing. For $150, it’s a great deal, during the summer months, there is literally live racing on practically every night of the week.

  9. ModFan – web site says $12.50 a month, cancel anytime… I will pay $150 in may and cancel in September if that’s what I have to do.

  10. I can’t be happier about this, it’s the best race streaming service I’ve personally seen. They rarely have issues streaming, they’ve been really rock solid. Flo is an incredible value that just continues to get better all the time.

  11. It’s only 12.50 a month. If you pay all at once. More money for the drivers is great and all but I don’t think paying the $30 single month fee is a good enough to go watch the SRX Serries. Ya know .. the one that was sold out seconds after going public. Especially since your missing so much of the track, the people, and potential signing events, getting that fresh first race srx merch.

    Your missing way too much of the experience for that cost. I just hope CT nuts up and let’s them sell more tickits so I can just buy one outright. I’d pay $30 for a night of racing + gas to get there. IF it’s at the track. Not to have to deal with accounts and handing over my info to even more people.

  12. David Fisher says

    I have had FloRacing since last May, and it is awesome. This only makes it better. More dirt than anything, which is fine by me, but they are moving toward a lot more asphalt. This Stafford deal covers a lot of Friday nights for me. Thanks to all involved

  13. “Yearly
    $150 Paid Yearly”

    It shouldn’t be this confusing but Modfan was right.
    It’s a yearly charge and it’s $150. They represent it as $12.50 because that’s what it breaks down to and it sounds like a good value which it is.
    It’s caused confusion and the web has a Better Business Bureau complaint from a fan that thought they were being charged $12.50 when he got hit for $150

    I was hoping for a yearly pass under $300 so I’m elated. More money left over for Tri Track on Speed51, RiverheadRaceway.TV, Roots Racing and who knows what else. Perhaps the Speedbowl and Thompson will have their own streaming deals on some service. Plus it’s such a good deal you don’t feel like you’re paying twice when attending the races in person and when you do the service has value on your phone.
    So what do the many who could care less about weekly racing do that only want to see the tour mod special events. They have a monthly option at about $30. That’s where it gets complicated with the opens one per month April to July inclusive. If you’re going to 1 or 2 then the monthly option makes sense. If you’re not going to any but want to stream them all you’re paying $120 so why not just go the yearly route and become an SK or dirt fan if you’re not already.
    Enjoy the NWMT this year at Stafford it may be the last. If this thing catches on Stafford won’t be handing NASCAR and NBC Sports Gold subscribers at future events.
    Seems like Stafford has rather brilliantly threaded the needle. Very affordable streaming options for competitors, dedicated and casual fans that don’t undercut in person viewership.

  14. WeldingWonders says

    “Well, I hate to say it again, but I WAS RIGHT!!!!! I’M RIGHT AGAIN!!!!!”



    darealgoodfella says
    March 8, 2020 at 1:34 pm
    Doug wrote, ” I”ll be watching the race via NBC Sports Gold and the TTOMS races as well that don’t have a black out zone. The money I pay as well as that of the people in Iowa wanting to see what the modifieds are about in anticipation or the race that will take place there go to support the sport and are the future.”
    Dude, the money you pay????? You paid $20 for the NBC Track pass so you can stay at home and watch the races in your underwear. Now you won’t be paying to get into a track, and won’t be using the track concessions. That $20 you paid for the NBC track pass goes towards paying for the HUGE production costs to send a crew and all the equipment around to all the races. It does not go towards supporting the racers. Your refusal to go to the track shows you refuse to support your local racing scene. There is a huge crew, hosts, equipment, travel expenses, transportation expenses, lodging, meals, fees, etc. that adds up to hundreds of thousands or more dollars to televise the NWMT for a season. When I travel for business, the total can run into a couple grand for a week, and that’s just simple airfare, hotel, meals, rental car. For a crew to cover a race, there will be the cameras, transportation costs, control center, live hosts, and many background support personnel.
    What’s going on here is that $20 you paid is paying down the production costs of televising the races.
    As far as the NWMT at Iowa, the Mods are the undercard for the xfinity race.
    Doug, you aren’t supporting racing at all with your $20 NBC Track pass.


  15. woooooo hooooo. God Bless America. I have never been so happy to see something on this website before. Yes. I love Flo and now with Stafford it just makes it that much better. Thank you Stafford. FLo is the best deal out there. There coverage is second to none. Sign up you will not be disappointed. I am pretty excited about this one. thanks for some good news..

  16. Stuart A Fearn says

    I just joined, took all of 18 seconds, even for a dinosaur like me. Just a suggestion but it might help the author here if you click on the link above in the story and he might be paying some bills too. Very easy and I’m excited to use this product continuous stream at the shop

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