RaceDayCT Daily Poll: Head-To-Head – Who You Got? Doug Coby Vs. Keith Rocco

It’s time for another “Head-To-Head” poll. So here’s the scenario, two drivers, equal equipment, nobody knows the track style. Who you taking? Today’s matchup is six-time NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour champion Doug Coby vs. 18-time NASCAR All-American Series Division I track champion Keith Rocco. Who you got? Vote below.

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Head To Head - Who You Got? Doug Coby vs. Keith Rocco?
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  1. As much as Keith an ace with the SK’s he seems still struggle in a tour car for some reason. Doug has won in a Pro Stock, SK, and obviously in the tour car.

  2. Charlie Brown says

    Obviously Chris you don’t go to the races another one an open modified car is the same as a tour modified just bigger babies on the tour who like to cry, oh yeah “ how did Doug do in Florida.” nothing he complained about everything and then probably wrecked on purpose so he didn’t have to race 🙄

  3. It should be Hirschman. He embodies all the best qualities of a modified nation and is known from Florida to Maine. Well spoken, sophisticated thinker that relates to fans and can frame races in their larger context and not just his performance in it.
    If it has to be someone with Stafford roots then Rocco has to be the guy. He showed he could get through 18 minutes in his championship interview without dropping and F bomb or any colorful word in fact. A back handed shot at Ronnie Williams but he wasn’t wrong. He’s the pillar of SK and tour modified racing at Stafford with his hand in so many teams supplying cars, equipment, setups or consultations. Oh yes and he wins championships and is one of the best modified drivers ever. There’s that too.

  4. Fast Eddie says

    I can’t vote on this one. If we’re talking SK’s or a short “open” race, then Rocco is my choice. Coby would be my choice for longer distance WMT races.

  5. Question: Who do you prefer, Coby or Rocco?

    Doug answers: Hirschman

    Hey idiot!!!! Yeah, you… Doug.


  6. Longtimetourfan says

    Rocco. Hes the perfect blend of TC and Stefanik. I’d love to see him get chance to run one of sapienza’s cars for a season. I have no doubt he’d make justin and doug look average again, like they did when lia Santos TC stefanik silk were all in good equipment.

  7. Rocco duh he’s got traction control lol

  8. Charlie Brown says

    For once someone who knows what they’re talking about; well said LongTime

  9. wmass01013 says

    YEAH ROCCO 30 WMT starts O WINS 3 TOP 5 12 TOP 10’s
    Coby and JBon would really be in trouble if Rocco got a GOOOOOD RIDE!!!!!

    AND 90% OF Those starts ATTTTTTTTTTTTTT

  10. Howie Felterino says

    Keith is the ALLTIME NASCAR title holder period.!! Doug and Keith Friday night at Stafford same stuff SK Keith wins hands down! Start both in the same stuff tour car i still think Keith wins he has NEVER driven a top tour car! Coby has had the BEST every year. If Keith stays healthy he will break every record in SK racing by a lot, SK racing is a heck of a lot harder then laid back tour train racing `ALL TIME”

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