RaceDayCT Daily Poll: Will You Attend More Whelen Mod Tour Events Or Tri-Track Open Mod Events?

In 2021 the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour will host 14 events with five of those events taking place at New England tracks. The Tri-Track Open Modified Series will host a six-event schedule based entirely at New Hampshire and Massachusetts short tracks. In 2021 do you think you will attend more Whelen Modified Tour events or more Tri-Track Open Modified Series events? Vote below.


  1. Hands down more Tri Track events.

  2. I have gone to more tri track races for the last few years. Tri track has a better value for me races on more bullring tracks I enjoy watching modifieds on. With the Nascar’s schedule shift away from the Northeast I dont see Tri Track losing out to the tour this year. I honestly dont think I will see the tour in person this year.

  3. Fast Eddie says

    My “racing neighborhood” is most of New England with an occasional jump over to northeast NY. This year for me the TriTrack should win 6-5 over the WMT, but the “Opens” may tie their combined score.

  4. I’ll have to review the rules regarding travel 🧭 at the time of the race. As it is now, I’d have to get tested before crossing certain state borders. That’s more cost and inconvenience to do some recreating, kind of a buzzkill. And I’d have to study the COVID-19 pandemic conditions at the particular track, and the route to get there, to assess the risk.

  5. Dareal, I thought you said last year you were not going to leave your house until 30 days after the last COVID death.

  6. Comical

  7. Depends… ;^)

    I don’t need Depends, it just depends on the weather, COVID, schedules with the guy I help out, my Stafford season paddock pass, and Lime Rock Park, if my band can actually play this year, my mood, my wife’s mood, and camping availability.

    Last year, it seemed like EVERYONE bought a new camper and went camping, so places near tracks where I could easily get space in the past were often full. It really sunk in that camping had changed, at least in the short term, when Mt. Washington KOA in New Hampshire was full at the end of September. It was 24F both weekend nights I was there, and every rig seemed brand spanking new.

  8. Ed J, that was Doug, and all his other screen names. He’s using COVID-19 as an excuse to never go to a track again since he can stay home and watch the races on streaming. We can all thank Doug for never going to a track and be in our presence again.

    If you are not taking COVID into account, you are an idiot.

  9. Come on man, are we really expected to believe anything that dareal posts? At the rate Covid-19 is going he will never leave home. Best news I have heard in years!

  10. The Atomic Punk says

    If you were an Asphalt Modified race car, you’d want to be a Nascar Tour Mod…..With a Hutter engine.

  11. Seems like Doug is the smart one with his approach to viewing racing. Even smarter than you dafella!

  12. So my question is did the pandemic cause the expansion of streaming races or did it hasten what was going to happen anyway? My view it is the latter.
    Reading the comments through the entire last season of the pandemic everyone is a superman that goes to all races while eschewing races on TV. Nonsense they say, only real fans attend races the way it’s always been. Doesn’t matter if they watch virtually every other sport on TV including racing somehow when it comes to races at local tracks real men are in the stands and not in the barkaloungers. Poppycock I say.
    Earls a young buck still able to get to the races any time he likes but soon he’ll be either in New Hampshire or west of the Mississippi. No problem he can stay in touch with local racing almost seamlessly by watching the races on a big ass TV then coming into this forum like always and busting chops on something someone has said about the race that the greatest odds are will be me. I look forward to that. . He’ll be contributing from Arizona (my guess not his stated destination) with his viewing choices and dollars that previously was not possible. I’m glad Earl will have that option as do many many others that mention the races on Facebook viewing them from afar.
    Now back in the this forum where everyone attends every race and manly men go to races the needling about going from some is inevitable. Even as they themselves watched racing on TV last year while never attending a race. You can do that here because no one is asking for ticket stubs.
    I know they’re out there. 70 plus years olds that love racing but know as I it’s just not as easy getting to the track as it once was. Nor do you really want us out on the road late at night driving around especially if we couldn’t resist having a beer or two. And double especially driving long distances to see Tri Track and NWMT events.
    Last year I attending zero races in person while viewing more races from more places and spending more money on watching races then I have for decades. I’m glad I had that option seeing as how there was a virus out there that seemed to love killing people in my age group.
    That was last year and this is different. Thanks to the foresight of the Trump administration for expediting the vaccines we now are seeing have an impact and the Biden administration for continuing the process getting more of them into peoples bodies. I’ve had no vaccination shot to date but hope to be completely pricked by the first Stafford modified open. Like every other year except last year I’ll do what I’ve always done and go to a limited number of events on race days I’ve had a good morning sit down and am feeling spry. Or not but in any event I’ll be seeing the race.
    This poll was the go signal to start posturing and needling about attending races. In non pandemic years, age, geographic location, work commitments, money and family all play a roll in race attendance. My limitation is age but I’m part of a very large group with some kind of attendance limitation. This year FloSports committed to putting $40,000 into the pot for teams at Stafford before one subscription is logged. They are doing it for a number of good business reasons not the least of which is capturing our group that had race attendance limitations and converting us to an income stream.
    I don’t mind saying it. Thanks to Stafford Speedway, Riverhead Raceway, Speed51, FloSports, NSN, SpeedSport, NASCAR and NBC Sports Gold for increasing fan options to view racing. I won’t be viewing any of the Tri Track or NWMT races in person. I will however be one of hundreds and perhaps thousands that view every single race from both sanctioning groups the only way that is practical and that’s on TV. While I might be the only one to admit it I suspect I’m not the only one that will be doing it.

  13. The Atomic Punk says

    Dear Doug,

    Less is more.

    Signed All of us.

  14. It all depends on the state of the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic 😷. And that means not just one series vs another, but what individual events, regardless of series, will be safely accessible.

  15. I certainly can see your point Punk especially since you practice what you preach and you are expressing a notion shared by others as well. On the other hand I doubt you speak for the entirety of the RaceDayCt audience.
    Tell you what I can do. I’m a subscriber to Unmuffled for the basic level. If you can confirm you are a subscriber to the tier above and I am not prepared to match that I shall do as you wish.
    Failing some substantive support of this publication I don’t see what standing you or any other non contributor have to suggest any behavior regarding what is said or how it is said.. That being the case with a skip in my step and a song in my heart I’ll go wherever I care to in these pages as you do in tossing grenades from time to time. Constrained only by the moderator and a civil demeanor.
    The name is at the top……….Doug. Don’t like it just skip on by and toss any grenades you like with my full support.

  16. Atomic Punk, don’t fall for it. Don’t believe Doug. He’s promised to leave these forums altogether numerous times, only to return and make himself look like a liar. πŸ€₯

    For some reason, he wants to know who is a subscriber and at what level, don’t give him the satisfaction. He will then proclaim as he just did, that there is some sort of hierarchy per subscription level. That simply does not exist.

    And for whatever reason, he thinks donating $5 per month makes him some sort of royalty. He’s the only person that brings it up.

  17. πŸŒˆπŸ¦„2020 says

    Dafella is going to review the rules and make his decision. Yeah we’ll be waiting for his decision with bated breath 🀣🀣🀣🀣.

  18. Just to clarify subscribing to Unmuffled is not a donation. You pay for and receive content for your dollars. The Unmuffled challenge to the Punk certainly not dependent on me for confirmation but RaceDayCt.
    There are 130 plus subscribers to Unmuffled including a long list of drivers and team owners. The marketing partners of RaceDayCt are the heavy hitters that make this all possible and I’m just happy to contribute in some small way for content I value.
    You want to ride for free your choice. It’s just surprising. All the talk of supporting things in racing said in this forum for free. In most cases by those that aren’t showing any financial support for the publication their statements are appearing it.

  19. Last I remember, he was not going to a race until after the last reported Covid-19 death. I guess we won’t be seeing him for many, many months or even years.

  20. Grant Spaulding says

    Yes I definitely will. I just wish Nascar would come back to the Waterford Speedbowl and Stafford. They are both my home tracks

  21. The Atomic Punk says

    Doug I did not tell you to go away so….??? All I am saying is if you can say it in a sentence or two do it and save us the other 19 paragraphs.

  22. Let me tell you a story Punk. I put together a tentative schedule of all the mod races this summer and a guy like you told me it wasn’t needed because “everyone” already knew the dates. I put it together anyway and several people mentioned they liked it. Turned out “everyone” didn’t know all the dates as one person who thought he represented “everyone” thought. I’m thinking your “all of us” falls into the same category.
    I feel you man. The length is ridiculous sometimes but it is my persona like you have yours. You are brief and blunt. You’ve accused one person that supports the Speedbowl of being a predator like the owner and said you “support a smile” when bad things happen to another. You routinely take partisan shots at Democrats like “Crazy Nancy” mocking her age related tremors and suggest that “Dems(China) are attempting to take away first amendment rights.
    That’s your persona Atomic Punk brief and explosive and the choice of screen ID a perfect match.
    I’m not particularly wild about your choices in content but I don’t see anyone suggesting you change anything. You’re brief and insulting and apparently think the brief part is better the lengthy and more civil. That could be debated I should think.
    You’re a poster Atomic Punk and not a contributor to the RaceDayCT site. Posters are a dime a dozen, contributors help row the boat. When you become a contributor let me know then we can consider making changes to our writing styles.

  23. Grant, what about Thompson… do you also wish NASCAR would return with the Modifieds?

  24. Atomic, I don’t think anybody has suggested that Doug and all his numerous psycho screen names should go away. He volunteered all on his own to leave, and take his numerous other screen names with him.

    Of course, he never kept his promise, and came back within hours, more vengeful, belligerent, and obnoxious than before.

  25. Doug, since you say that you have not attended any races in a very long time, and will not be attending in the future, per the status quo of the neanderthal and troglodyte wing of RaceDayCT Nation, you are a nothing, a complete non-entity that does not deserve any say whatsoever. Your sect of RaceDayCT Nation believes that in order to know anything about racing, you must attend many if not all races. You, since you attend none and don’t plan to attend any, you are nothing. I knew that long ago, I was right.


  26. WeldingWonders says

    β€œ hate me because I’m beautiful and smarter than you.



    105 Doug and all his numerous psycho screen names
    106 he (Doug) never kept his promise, and came back within hours, more vengeful, belligerent, and obnoxious than before.
    107 the neanderthal and troglodyte wing of RaceDayCT Nation,
    108 you (Doug) are a nothing, a complete non-entity that does not deserve any say whatsoever.
    109 , you (Doug) are nothing.

    TOTAL INSULTS IN 2021 THROUGH DAY 64……………………………109


    2021 INSULT COUNT PER DAY THROUGH DAY 64 …………………..1.70 (trend continuing to increase)


  27. For those of you that still don’t know, Doug, WeldingWonders, RickyInMass, and a couple others are all the same person… Doug. Doug is probably a fake.

  28. That Doug uses all these other screen names to carry on conversations with himself and make it appear as if he and his other psycho alternate personalities are in agreement and united is rather disturbing. If it wasn’t so disturbing it would be insulting.

  29. The Atomic Punk says

    Yes Doug. Without you life as we know it would end…..and Nancy is Crazy.

  30. Not at all punk. You’re either a poster or contributor. You’re a poster with a distinctive style. One that I enjoy even after mocking age related tremors like mine and call the party to which I belong things that are not true. You could use some changing and so could I so lets both agree to make no changes.
    You say you’re a former racer like myself. I’m just hoping you can expand your interests from politics and sarcasm to racing insights.
    Regarding RickyinMass I have to report he is no longer a part of our circle. For those that pay attention to such screen ID flights of meaning where none exists he was a huge DarealGoodfella fan, Biden supporter with sympathies to Antifa. After the election he became incensed at Trumps denial of the election results and went to Washington to pose as an insurrectionist with the other Antica members that stormed the capital posing as Trump supporters. WeldingWonders and myself haven’t heard from him since. Perhaps he was arrested we just don’t know.
    We loved the big lug even though he was so hard to get along with strong political views. Anyway our household is more peaceful with him gone.
    Believe that or not but I swear to god it’s true.

  31. The Atomic Punk says

    Congrats Doug on the more peaceful household. Sorry it comes with the unstable Economy waiting to tank after the 2 months of covid bill spending goes away. Sorry it also comes with the loss of energy independence and rising energy costs. Sorry it comes with a a big smile from China and in the form of bombs from Iran on U.S troops. Sorry it comes with a President that has to be hidden from the public.

  32. I’m sorry is it my turn to trade political barbs? I said I was a Democrat not a rabid talking point trading partisan. I’m not convinced all of the moves made are the best choices and I like a lot of the sincere Republican ideas. The way it works is if one side does something the other side predicts doom. Time will tell if it works out or not and in the mean time we can use a break from applying political spins to everything.
    One thing I’m pretty sure is appreciated by racers regardless of it’s economic merit are yet another round of payments that will be going out. My first thought was a jump start to the seasons tire fund with both Republicans and Democrats contributing to it over the last year. Add up mom and dad and extended family chipping in part of their haul and it can come to a sizeable shot in the arm (pun intended) for some race teams.

  33. Ahhhh yes, crazy Nancy. I am happy to see there is common ground here πŸ˜‚

    Doug, AZ it is, central part of the state is where we are focusing on just not going to far north as we are leaving snow not to go that route again. But Lake Havasu is on the radar, beautiful area. Plenty of research to do to keep us busy.

    Supposed to be upper 80’s, 16% humidity and sunny in the valley today, a little early but I would gladly take it. Can’t wait for the trip out to look around at potential residences.

    Let’s go racin boys and girls. By the grace of God and 600 HP. Ground pounders forever!

  34. Thanks for sharing that Earl and a location to look up and be envious about as well.
    Really cool and a terrific adventure. All those years grinding it out and what happens when you get close to the finish line………a pandemic. But you dodged that bullet, have antibodies coursing through you blood and life once again looks pretty good.
    Just take your vitamins, don’t become lazy in retirement and live long to enjoy it.

  35. Well, I check the weather so I don’t attend outdoor events in weather like the 2021 Stafford Drizzler Wizzler Fizzler. Maybe you should too!!!

    🌬 πŸ’¨ 🌧 β˜”οΈ

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