Something Brewing: Fearn Motorsports Hopping On Unique Partnership With Stafford Speedway

A chance conversation about local racing between Stu Fearn and Broad Brook Brewery owner Eric Mance has fermented quickly into a very unique marketing relationship being concocted between race team, race track and business for the 2021 season. 

Fearn Motorsports will sport the Suffield based Broad Brook Brewery as a sponsor on its cars this year for Late Model drivers Tom Fearn and Ryan Fearn and Limited Late Model driver Alexandra Fearn. 

But the relationship has steeped even deeper than just involving the race team. Broad Brook Brewery, in conjunction with Stafford Speedway, will create a unique new blend that will be available to fans at the track in 2021. Stafford has its Double Hooked Bar on the midway at the historic venue, now they’ll have they Double Hooked brew created specifically for the track by Broad Brook Brewery. 

“We got to see them making the first test batch in action and that was one of the coolest things that I’ve ever seen,” Ryan Fearn said on the latest edition of the Unmuffled podcast

Ryan Fearn said the management at Fearn Motorsports sees the importance unique engagement in marketing partnerships for short track racing in 2021. 

“It’s a very important aspect to have engagement with these sponsors,” Ryan Fearn said. “It’s a whole team effort. … My dad brought up the race team and Eric [Mance] was all about it. And I think he’s going about it the correct way as far as how to do things today in 2021 and into the future as a sponsor in the racing world. And that’s just going full-in on it. Not just with one car or one team or anything like this, but he’s going straight to the track for everybody, for all of the fans to enjoy you know. I think that’s going to be great for his business and I think that’s going to be great for everybody at the race track.” 

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  1. I don’t really have any need for insulation at this point. However I can say with complete authority having done blower door testing on ground up engineered homes with foam insulation they can be the most cost effective to own over a longer period of time. So tight in some cases heating them with a candle is only slight hyperbole. So tight with regard to heat loss by air infiltration and convection that they require air to air heat exchangers to assure a healthy flow of fresh air for the inhabitants and to control humidity. .
    Nor do I have a need for high performance oil products but wish the Fearn’s luck on that venture in any event.
    Now beer I have a continuing need for and am more then receptive to promotional suggestion. In fact based on this I will be traveling over the river to Broad Brook Brewery for a sampling of their brews and perhaps a brick oven pizza to go as well.

  2. Stuart A Fearn says

    Doug- see now that’s what we are talking about! Everyone needs beer so it’s a win-win year round
    Thank you for the well wishes and stay thirsty my friend

  3. Craft beer and race cars, it just doesn’t get any better than that. Good Luck wishes for Fearn Motorsports in 2021.

  4. Stuart A Fearn says

    Thank you Rob P! I’m hoping to make my way up to the Double Hook Bar after a win hopefully and if you see me say Hi and I’ll get that round for sure

  5. Beer me!!!

    🍺 🍻

  6. OK then I’ve had my first sampling of a Broad Brook Brewery offering and can proffer an informed review at this point. Take it with a grain of salt. Not so much now but in the past I’ve been a semi pro volume drinker with little regard for the subtle distinctions between types of high quality brews.
    The selection was Hopstillo IPA and as the name implies it’s a strong, hoppy beer with a distinctive, bold flavor. This is not a volume drinking beer. This is a beer you sip and savor. Each modest sampling a taste bud revelation not diluted as you progress through glass of grog. Telling you all the time don’t rush, the next sip with be as good as the last and haste is counter productive. I liked it a lot, a real lot.
    Unless you are committed to a full on drunk I could easily see getting one of those spongy insulation wraps and nursing one 16 oncer over an entire race program. Or at home with and nice meal or on it’s own.

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