Justin Bonsignore, Alexander Pearl And Johnny Walker On The Latest Unmuffled

On this edition of Unmuffled we catch up with reigning NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour champion Justin Bonsignore. We also talk with Stafford Speedway SK Light Modified division championship contender Alexander Pearl. And we close out the show catching up with former Stafford Speedway Street Stock division Johnny Walker. 

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  1. Coby as a talker usually gets the attention with regard to NWMT drivers but Bonsignor is under rated as a quality representative of the series in my view.
    It was a set up. How’s it feel as a champion to have to weigh in on larger issues concerning the series. Really, you accept it do you. OK so how do you feel about this issue that’s kind of a problem now for the tour?
    Ironic Bonsignor laments the loss of Thompson from the NWMT schedule yet will be supporting it’s biggest event. The NWMT clearly hurting from the loss of Thompson and hoping it returns to the fold. Tic, toc. That surface only has so many years left with a resurfacing in the snow ball in hell category You can hope the M&M program is a failure but don’t count on it. There may be a greater likelihood that the bookend NWMT races Thompson is known for move to Waterford under a new owner before they return to Thompson.
    Jimmy say it ain’t so. No 00 at the Stafford opens. Committed to Tri Track and a couple other races since JB is a busy guy with work, family and the NWMT. Come on man find another driver. We’ll miss you big time.
    From his demeanor to on track racing style Alexander is the reincarnation of his Gramps. Calculating, low key and a winner. So you envy your contemporaries for moving up do you. Poppycock. Win a championship and get your name on the roll of champions as long as Stafford has races. There will always be time to move up to the SK’s and spend years being mediocre while trying to find ways to crack the top 5.
    They used to have booths to keep phone conversations private when in public. Now folks have them routinely shopping for tuna at the grocery store. Seeing Nicole LaRose and Alexander televising their interaction, Nicole shooting her boyfriend from afar complete with commentary and Nicole’s video showing her freshening up in a rest room is a shock. TMI for this old fart but the way of the world I suppose. You wanted to appear less tightly wrapped Alexander, mission accomplished.
    A topic where there is no generational clarification necessary is distracted driving. One day the NLARO series will transition from the minutia of personal interaction and hygiene on a long trip to Florida to behind the scenes interviews at local tracks and it will be great. What I would hope young Ms LaRose reconsiders is best time to video ones self. That should not include being a billboard for distracted driving on trips to the track. Making video’s complete with commentary at night with the light shining and checking the phone. With being a prominent person and especially now comes an extra level of responsibility to send the right messages. Flaunting laws to produce video’s is not a good look for anyone associated with the NLARO series in my view. Not to mention it’s dangerous and not worth the liability exposure.
    Wicker is back albeit part time. Years back you observed what you were missing out on by putting so much effort into racing. Scratching for tire money just to stay competitive on the track and win a championship. Fast forward to now after part time and no time seasons. You’re probably exhausted but you made all the right decisions. Family, work, education with racing the last priority.
    You won’t be missing Robinson. You’ll have your hands full with L’Etoile, Michael, Myer, Hydar and others that will be making jumps in performance that are as yet unkown.

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