Northeast Classic At NHMS Moved to Sunday April 18

(Press Release from American-Canadian Tour)

Practice Day Now Set for Saturday Due to Snowy Friday Forecast

The inaugural running of the Northeast Classic at Loudon’s New Hampshire Motor Speedway has been delayed for one more day. American-Canadian Tour (ACT), Pro All Stars Series (PASS), and New Hampshire Motor Speedway (NHMS) officials have postponed the event until Sunday, April 18 due to weather concerns. The open practice has also been moved back a day until Saturday, April 17.

The decision was made because of a Friday weather forecast in Loudon that calls for snow mixed with rain. However, temperatures are supposed to get progressively warmer throughout the weekend, reaching the high 50s on Sunday afternoon. With open weekends on the NHMS, ACT, and PASS schedules at a premium, officials determined that moving everything back one day was the best solution.

All scheduled times will remain the same apart from the date change. Northeast Classic qualifying begins at 11:00am on Sunday, April 18 with the first feature rolling out at 1:30pm. The pits will open at 8:00am on Saturday and 7:00am on Sunday.

Northeast Classic camping has also been pushed back one day. Campers may enter the grounds on Friday and Saturday. Some camping slots are still available. Visit or call (802) 244-6963 for more information.

General admission tickets and pit passes will be sold at the track only. Grandstand tickets for Sunday are $30 for adults and $10 for kids ages 12 and under. Pit passes are $50 for Sunday only or $75 for Saturday and Sunday. Face masks and social distancing are required per New Hampshire state guidelines.

“We certainly didn’t expect snow this week given the recent weather, but that’s the Northeast for you,” PASS president Tom Mayberry said. “Fortunately, we already had a Sunday weather date built into the schedule. By moving everything back one day, we can give teams and fans the race weekend they expected while still getting home in time for work on Monday.”

The Northeast Classic at Loudon’s New Hampshire Motor Speedway goes green this Sunday, April 18. A six-division card features $5,000-to-win events for the ACT Late Model Tour, PASS Super Late Models, and Tour-type Modifieds. The EXIT Realty Pro Truck Challenge, 8-Cylinder Street Stocks, and North East Mini Stock Tour are also on the card.

Qualifying begins at 11:00am with features at 1:30pm. General admission is $30 for adults and $10 for kids ages 12 and under. Tickets will be sold at the track on race day. A live pay-per-view is available on Speed51.TV for $29.99. Visit for the complete schedule, registration forms, and other info.

For more information, contact the ACT offices at (802) 244-6963, [email protected], or visit You can also get updates on Facebook and Twitter at @ACTTour.

For technical information concerning all PASS divisions, and for media or marketing questions, please contact [email protected] or visit Don’t forget to “Like” the Pro All Stars Series on Facebook or follow on Twitter @PASSSLM14 to keep up with breaking news as it happens.


  1. Little surprised that they moved it because Saturday’s forecast looks good, must be they really want to give them practice time.

    Anyone know if spectators are allowed on practice day?

  2. Capt Mike Qbvious says

    Rob A,

    My guess is that there’s still some uncertainty about when, exactly, the track will be ready following what may be several inches of snow on Friday. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Saturday practice has to be shortened some.

    Regarding the second item, the schedule/pricing document on the ACT website says the grandstands will not be open for the practice day.

  3. I think Saturday is for plowing and to allow the sand and salt to work, these guys can’t catch a break with the weather

  4. wmass01013 says

    Cant Catch a break?
    2nd when you schedule a Race in Mid April in Mid NEW HAMPSHIRE i think you are rolling quite a big set of dice thinking a good weather day!!!!

  5. Doesn’t seem to much hype for the mods here? Car counts low? It used to be the full fender frenzy!!! Would think the mods would draw more people if the teams are signing up.

  6. It seems kinda like a club racing idea. I do not see too much advertising, 3 divisions that do not draw too many fans. My guess is you will not see more than 100 fans in the stands, most people going are involved with the teams. Just my feeling because I do not see any hype.

  7. Capt Mike Qbvious says

    Steve, ACT/PASS have been advertising the Northeast Classic on social media since late March and put out a number of press releases in that time – most of which have been published here on RaceDayCT. Speed51 (which is televising the event) has put out a bunch of stories this week, too. I’ve seen ones about Alex Labbe, Mike Christopher, Chase Dowling, and Jamie Aube racing at NHMS just in the last two days. Nothing personal, but if you haven’t seen any hype, then I have to wonder where you’ve been looking for it.

  8. solsticeson says

    Hard to believe snow in the south at 35f, Up there maybe, April showers bring May Flowers, Mayflowers bring Pilgrims

  9. speedbowl says

    42 slm cars entered, a dozen mods and a dozen street stocks. No ACT entry list but 20-30 cars is a good bet. Trucks and mini’s who knows. I’m very on the fence as to whether or not this will be a good event. You really need 20+ cars on that big track for much fun, imo.

  10. I’m with Steve. This is a club type event. I think it’s always been designed as such too
    The promoters flat out stated this week that there was no pre sale of tickets because there was no anticipated demand for such. $75 pit pass for both days sort of confirms that. $50 for one day. I think the grandstand take is gravy.

    Also Capt, nobody should ever have to look for hype. Hype should find it’s fan base.

  11. I must be getting old….I miss my speedway scene to get the latest news. I miss the modified/bush north combination shows.

  12. Capt. Mike Qbvious says

    JD, that seems a cynical view to interpret it as the promoters thinking there’s going to be no crowd. New Hampshire allows 50% capacity just like Connecticut now does — but 50% at a track that seats 76,000 (the official NHMS capacity) is a lot different than at a track that seats 2,000, or even 10,000. I can’t imagine even the most optimistic ACT/PASS supporter thinks they’re going to sell 38,000 grandstand tickets to this race, so why take the time and expense to set up advance sales?

    Besides, I’ve seen people complain up and down in the RaceDayCT comments section and on Facebook about having to pay convenience/processing fees for advance tickets to races. Now there’s a big event where no one has to, and people are finding a way to spin that into a negative. I definitely couldn’t be a promoter, because there’s always going to be people complaining no matter what you do.

  13. Fast Eddie says

    If this event goes like the last event run by nemst, anyone who doesn’t go will miss some great racing. Lots of good racing and half the features were decided on the last lap. Good stuff!!

  14. Any word from Loudon??? Cars on track??? Snowplowing?? 5 inches of snow in the Thompson area!!!!

  15. I’m not going but am pretty sure I’ll be enjoying all the racing action tomorrow right fine.
    Looks like they were blowing the track off a few hours ago post Nor’easter and are practicing now. Pass and NHMS are not exactly profuse in their social media hype leading up to the event but it can be followed on Race Monitor.
    On the other hand Stafford is showing their practice live on Facebook via FloRacing with a great turn out of car looking to get a jump on next weeks action.

  16. The car counts on race monitor aren’t anything to get excited about. Why are there so little mods and streets? Kinda a let down

  17. A let down you say. I can see that. Still there is the fact it’s a big event and cheap. A lot of Super Late Models will be there. Mods not deep but a pretty strong field where it counts at the front. Do you really care that much about Streets and Mini’s? Please, it’s nice but really.
    We’ll see but for whatever reason the NHMS is not working as far as energy and that big race vibe is concerned and it’s not just this event. Is the place too big, you tell me. No Covid19 capacity concerns and it doesn’t move the needle much it would seem.
    Goodale and Griffith for the wins.

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