RaceDayCT Daily Poll: What Are Your Racing Plans For The Next Seven Days?

The NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour kick off its 2021 season Thursday at Martinsville Speedway and the Connecticut short track racing season gets underway with the running of Icebreaker 2021 at Thompson Speedway Saturday and Sunday. So today’s Daily poll Question asks what are you racing plans for the next seven days? Vote below.

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What Are Your Racing Plans For The Next Seven Days?
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  1. Fast Eddie says

    Can’t get to Martinsville, but going to Thompson for both days. It’s been the 1st or 2nd event of my race season for more most of this century. It’s great to get to a race in April again!

  2. I will start my season off watching online for Martinsville and Thompson. I have my hopes of getting to an event in person by the end of April beginning of May. Does the PASS/ACT Tour type open at NHMS race have a PPV option?.

  3. solstaseson says

    anxiously awaiting dareals,,,, legend in his own minds,,,,,,, comments

  4. 🌈🦄2020 says

    All that really matters is Dafella’s plans. And what he thinks about anyone attending a race.

  5. Let me think. Oh yes, basement, Barcalounger, Broad Brook Brewery beer, NBC Sports Gold Roots Racing, Speed51, Race Monitor, RaceDayCt updates if they are offered with FloRacing on deck for a little later in the month. And before it all immersing myself in every little bit of racing minutia offered in these pages, Unmuffled and social media to glean who has what and how good it is leading up to the races themselves.
    We streamers may be second class citizens as far as racing goes and that seems fair. After all fans in the stands bring the energy to any racing event. Nonetheless if the results of this poll can be interpolated to represent the greater racing potential audience over 40% will be joining me in the basement for one or more events as the racing unfolds over the next 5 days.
    It’s completely different this year. If you are in Virginia or Northeast Connecticut it’s likely you wouldn’t have been at the race in the other location. Now for the first time you can see it all in one form or another.
    It’s all changed and it’s swell.

  6. by this point in the spring, i’ve had enough tv racing, time to be there. if it’s cold, i worked outdoors for 50 years, i know how to keep warm, got warm clothes, so, why not? i get it, lots of folks like to be able to watch it all, have good food and drinks, etc. maybe i’m just old 🙂 see ya at the races!

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