Monkey Off The Back: Doug Coby Wins Whelen Mod Tour Miller Lite 200 At Riverhead Raceway

Doug Coby celebrates victory in the Whelen Modified Tour Miller Lite 200 Saturday at Riverhead Raceway (Photo: Fran Lawlor/RaceDayCT)

Doug Coby’s exploits on the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour run the gamut. 

But one big checkmark missing from the resume of the six-time Whelen Modified Tour champion was a victory at Riverhead Raceway. 

Saturday the Milford driver checked that box off with authority. 

Coby passed Riverhead dominator Justin Bonsignore late to win the Whelen Modified Tour Miller Lite 200 at Riverhead. 

It was the first career Whelen Modified Tour victory at Riverhead for Coby, who was making his 20th career series start at the historic Long Island venue. He had two seconds and three third place finishes over his first 19 starts the quarter-mile bullring.  

“This is like a foreign country to me,” Coby said in victory lane. “Easily the sweetest win of my career. This is a tough place, especially for outsiders to come to.” 

It was the 30th career Whelen Modified Tour victory for Coby. 

In the process he snapped Bonsignore’s four-event Whelen Modified Tour winning streak at Riverhead. Coby became the first driver who was not a Long Island native to win a Whelen Modified Tour event at Riverhead since Ryan Preece in 2013. 

Bonsignore started on the pole and held the top spot until Coby passed him for the lead on lap 176. 

It was a victory that proved sweet ammunition for the never ending friendly feud between Coby and Bonsingore. Coby had never won at Bonsignore’s home track Riverhead and Bonsignore has never won in 39 Whelen Modified Tour starts at Coby’s home track, Stafford Speedway. 

“Every time we come here I know we have to be perfect to beat Justin and Timmy [Solomito] and Ryan [Preece] when he’s here,” Coby said. “I didn’t want to say it, but [my car] was perfect from the beginning. Justin faded a little bit. 

“To come here, his track, and pass him for the win. You know that’s going to be on Twitter in a very very short time, as soon as I get my phone. To get a win at his track before he got a win at Stafford [Speedway] – my track – is so sweet.” 

Patrick Emerling of Orchard Park, N.Y. was second and Bonsignore, of Holtsville, N.Y. third. 

“I don’t know if we ran too fast for the pace in the beginning,” said Bonsignore, the reigning Whelen Modified Tour champion. “I just faded a little bit.” 

It was the first victory of 2021 for Coby, who now has at least one victory each season on the Whelen Modified Tour for 11 consecutive years. 

Emerling followed up a victory in the NAPA Spring Sizzler at Stafford on May 30 with a runner-up finish at Riverhead.

“Solid run … here,” Emerling said. “Solid second place car. Good work for the whole … team here. … A good points day and we had some fun out there.”

Emerling and Eric Goodale are tied for the points lead after three of 14 scheduled events. Coby is seven points behind in third place with Bonsignore nine points off the leaders in fourth in the standings.

Miller Lite 200 Complete Results


  1. wmass01013 says

    WELL WELL WELL this will not make DaDumbfella and DOUG happy as they both HATE COBY, he drove 1 hell of a race to get by Silk and JBon and hold off some lap cars issues to win. Always fun to watch a Riverhead race and also listen To Bob Finan

  2. Wmass01013 it was about a week ago Dadope said Coby would never win at Riverhead , you know the one who is never wrong , you know the one who said Coby can’t pass or drive in traffic , I’m sure he’ll be here telling us it wasn’t Coby it was all because of the crew chief , and he won with a LFR chassis another one of his favorites , that’s because of Moran too and of course he was probably cheating too In his words what an idiot

  3. Well, Dug Kobe won because of me. My gentle ribbing and prodding motivated him and his team to dig harder and win at Riverhead. He never would have done it without my incentives. You people are so oblivious. Simple child psychology.

    Dug Kobe, you are so very welcome. 🤗

  4. Congratulations to Doug and the entire 10 team.

  5. All I Know IIs The Driver Of That 10 Car Drove ONE HELL OF A RACE!! Lapped Cars Were Like “Rush Hour Traffic” And He Did A Masterful Job Without Using The “Chrome Horn”, Good Job Doug!

  6. Being in proximity to a dumpster fire does not make me part of the dumpster fire. . No I never said Coby or the 2 cheated and I have never said Coby is anything but a really good driver in traffic or otherwise. Hate is too strong since no one should be hating any person in racing they don’t know. I have followed Coby a lot from his social media presence, to interviews including the Bottom Shot podcast, Morning Bullring and Unmuffled and the things I admire in a person Coby does not posses. It’s as simple as that.and has little to do with driving ability.
    What I don’t admire he did in victory lane. Declaring that this is Doug Coby Racing and they didn’t have “the book” the 2 team had meaning all credit to Doug Coby Racing or more specifically Doug Coby. I’d argue that Smeriglio assembled the talent and should get a measure of credit for the resulting synergy that is now the core of the 10 team. The car may be new but to make it sound like they started from scratch is exactly the type of behavior in Coby I find unattractive.
    While not a Coby fan I never said he couldn’t win this race I said it was very unlikely. I mentioned he might race harder for the win since the team will not be vying for the championship this year and I don’t know that wasn’t the case. Mostly I was agog at the 51’s remarkable record at Riverhead that becomes more important this year with 3 races at the track. Bonsignor and Massa have been together since 2010 and have missed exactly zero NWMT events. In Coby’s second year he will miss one to be under the bright lights of prime time on CBS while the 51 will be at Oswego doing what they have done for over a decade.
    Did anyone pick Coby to win this one? Why not he won at White Mountain last year very much the same type of track.
    Nothing has changed in my view and it has nothing to do with my lack of regard for everything that is Doug Coby.. Over the course of the season the 10 will not produce the level of success the 2 team did or that the 51 team will now. The reason for that is team ownership that I don’t believe is as strong now as is was under Smeriglio. I said it before the season and will say it again if you want to put a pin in it. The 51 team has no peer in my view and will win the championship with relative ease because they will have the best resources and talent to compete at every track all courtesy of Ken Massa. . I don’t necessarily want that to be the case I’d like the race to be a dog fight that comes down to the Fall Final. Just don’t think that will happen.

  7. The Atomic Punk says

    Coby is cleaning up on a very weak Mod Tour. As someone who was at Tour races before and after 1989,1990 I cant help but notice the Lack of Real race car drivers…. Would Coby get a sniff of the top 12 back then?

  8. wmass01013 says


  9. wmass01013 says

    THE 51 didnt win at Martinsville! The 51 didnt win at Stafford!, The 51 didnt win AT RIVERHEAD

  10. Atomic Punk is correct… I said this the last couple years… sad that JBon and Kobe are the poster boys for the NWMT, when you look back at real men like Stefanik, Christopher, Reg, Evans, Bodine, Tony Hirschman, Marquis, Baldwin, Charlie, Lenny, etc., that there are no real likable, personable characters anymore. Those guys were real characters, they attracted crowds.

    Remember, Dug Kobe couldn’t get a job when the 2 shut down, he HAD to start his own operation or be on the outside looking in.

    Dug needs to love, appreciate and acknowledge that without the years of the 2 car experience, the 10 as of today could not exist.

    Anybody else noticing a similar behavior characteristic of real estate agents?

    What Dug can not ignore or obfuscate, try as he might, is that Phil Moran is THE MAN, and without Phil, Dug is a BIG ZERO. Remember, Dug Kobe couldn’t get a job when the MSR 2 shut down, he HAD to start his own operation, or be on the outside looking in.

    Phil Moran did a great job getting the 10 to VL. I can see it now… Dug was telling Phil what to do, Phil nodded to everything, then did what he knew what to do with HIS vast repertoire of knowledge and experience. I doubt Kobe would have any idea how to set up a car for a particular track and conditions.

    If there were Stefanik, Reg, Evans, Marquis, Tony Hirschman, and Charlie class guys around, Dug Kobe would be lucky to be a mid-packer, hoping to break into the top 10. There’s only so much Phil Moran can do.

  11. To add to ☢️ Atomic Punk’s ☢️ observation…. a couple years after TC won his only NWMT Championship, he noted that at least he won his championship when there was still a competitive field. Even he noted the decline of competition and likable characters in the NWMT… back then. And years before that, Stefanik noted the decline of top shelf owners on the Tour.

  12. Goodfella , could you please poke and prod Suitcase Jake to a Lottery Win..gentle ribbing,,, not too hard cuz My skin is thin…. I Agree … The Talented Drivers are Much Thinner than years ago…. LOL

  13. So you’re enamored by the pretty face are you? Can’t take your eyes of Coby and his wonderfulness? I know he is an attention magnet for sure just ask him but there is a whole series out there that includes more teams and drivers then Doug Coby if you can believe it. And a championship narrative that is rather shocking from what we might have expected before Martinsville.

    *The guys in the front worried about who was in front and in back of them as well a lapped traffic but how about the bare fisted brawl mid pack. Including the points leader Goodale who did what he had to do. Surviving and getting a top 10. That’s his worst race which is better then the worst races of his competition excepting Emerling whom he matches perfectly with finishes of 1,2 & 8.
    *Emerling, is he for real. Hell yes he is. Kind of lucky at Stafford but also showed tenacity getting himself in a position to get lucky and here he is now. In the interview the person doing the interview implying Emerling is in a good position going to Jennerstown and Oswego but that dog doesn’t hunt except in terms of travel time. He’ll need to be better then he has been at those tracks and based on his response he seems to understand that.
    *So is the problem with the 64 the car or Rob Summers? Early on it looked like Rob Summers but then in the end Solomito’s finish very Rob Summers like.
    *Is it easier to win at small tracks? If a driver can win at small tracks but not at larger tracks does that make them kind of unfulfilled? Not in my book. If you can win at a track like Riverhead and have the right equipment you can win anywhere. Tracks like that are perpetual sensory overload, instinct and experience where you can never really take a breath like you can on larger track. I scoff at the notion the the fear factor is higher at Thompson or the NHMS.
    *underperforming this year has to include the 85 and 7ny. Dropping completely off the radar is Lutz finishing 23rd, 18th and 14th. Are you kidding me? Outperforming Kyle Bonsignor and Woody Pitkat in addition to Goodale and Emerling.
    *can we say now that Anthony Nocella has made no real difference in the performance level in the Danny Watts #82.?
    *I do admire Fifield for sticking to her guns showing up for these races for whatever reason she finds to do it and admire her more for ducking out when it appears the impediment is greater then the potential result. One or two the the guys could follow her example.
    *in the end a few of the Riverhead regular heavy hitters made the race. Expectations were high in some quarters but the result showed they were for the most part over matched. Over matched for a top 5 perhaps but Slepian still producing a remarkable 10th place finish beating NWMT stalwarts. Soper as well had he not been collected in a wreck. Making Beatty’s run a few years back all the more blue moonish almost winning.
    *is there really a center of gravity for the NWMT? Whether there is or not it may or may not be in Long Island but it is clearly well ensconced in the great state of New York.

  14. The Atomic Punk says

    No hate involved. Just pointing out the obvious. Don’t hate me just because I know more about the Tour and its history than you do. Its not your fault I’ve been to over 400 Tour races….Now anyone who says Coby is not a Good driver would be about Hate. All I am saying had he raced a 15 year period fin the Mid 80s to late 90s he would not have anywhere near the success he’s had….The Reg could not win ONE championship and Doug has how many???….Exactly…..Lets see Doug or The Reg????…..Hey wmass I will explain who The Reg is another time.

  15. 6.

  16. wmass01013 says

    Doug i know you dont like the u stay home and watch the races and NOT GO but MOST races the 01 does not duck out but told by NASCAR to get up to speed or Park it!
    I for 1 am NO HUGE COBY fan, do i like his ways and words, I loved THIS IS DOUG COBY racing, NOT MS III RACING comment and i dont discredit his 6 time champion or 30 wins because of a weak field of cars, would Jimmie Johnson have 7 titles if he drove in the WALTRIP, WALLACE, EARNHARDT, ERA? No he would not, you face the teams that are there,yes EMERLING STEP UP, Lutz down, Goodale Up but can he stay consistent? RIVERHEAD is a very tough track to get right and stay out of trouble for 200 laps against high quality teams
    Punk while i have not bben to 400 WINSTON/FEATHERLITE/WHELEN tour races i would say closer to 250 and know who the REG is, was going to Riverside weekly since Polverari, Gregor, Ray Miller, Bruce DELL ERA, and seen races at almost every TOUR track.

  17. You guys with all your comparisons
    In the 80s and 90s name one race
    Where those famous drivers drove
    200 laps on 4 tires?
    Tires special few getting trick ones
    You guys had the wool pulled over your eyes
    Your comparing apples to oranges

  18. 400 races… Average of 15 a year ….. for 26.6 years is quite impressive….. I Thought the Atomic Punk was much younger…. Great track record .. But Goodfella is up around 575 I believe ….

  19. Good for Doug and his team, finally getting a win there is a big deal.. NWMT competition aside, winning at Riverhead on any given week is an accomplishment..

  20. The Atomic Punk says

    Jake… Been a Fan MUCH longer than 15 years….When did I say in a 15 year period for me?? … I have ticket stubs dated 1985 and well over 400 stubs….Care to put up a wager on that??…We can meet at a track of your choice???…. For $1000???…. I stand by what I said….X1000….Try me.

  21. Congrats to car owner/driver Doug Coby and the whole #10 Mayhew tools crew for winning the Miller 200 at Riverhead. You can finally check that one off. Great job by all.

  22. The Atomic Punk says

    ….and a Shout out goes to the Dad for the 400 plus. To this day he is still doing the driving to Tour races. Could not have done it without him.

  23. Atomic , you should read what i wrote. Average of 15 a Year for 26.6 years is quite impressive , slow your roll , I have been chasing mod races since 73 , relax .. Goodfella has 575 i think

  24. The Atomic Punk says

    Not sure i will reach 575 in this lifetime…. The Tour isn’t what it once was as we all know…I need to give Doug my shoebox of ticket stubs so he can break down the stats.I started writing down who won the race on the stubs in 1987 and unofficially I’d have to say I’ve seen Mike Stefanik win the most. Not Shocking.

  25. I might have >> 575. Went to Freeport and Islip plenty as a kid, quite regularly at Islip. Throw in many races at NY National Speedway. [If you don’t know it, don’t bother asking] Then on to ROC, Pocono and NYS Mod racing for many years in the 80s. The regular stomping grounds of Evans, Bodine, Leahy, Spencer, Kent, et al. Then New England Mod racing rather steadily since around ’90. Last year was the first in decades I went a season without attending. 😷 But then, I attended many races every season for decades before last season. Innumerable.

    I never cared to save ticket stubs. 🎫

  26. It’s not Dug Kobe Racing, it’s not MSR III racing… it’s Phil Moran Racing, and don’t ever think otherwise.

  27. You can keep that shoebox with ticket stubs in the back of the closet cause I surely don’t see the importance of it. Who does that? It’s like saying you’re a movie critic because you went to a few thousand movies in your life. When you can produce proof of owning a car in competition or better yet driving it then that at least shows you have more stones then just buying tickets and viewing races.
    I enjoy the shock value Punk because you are after all Atomic. As for racing insights it seems like you’re more interested in politics then racing. Or counting your ticket stubs, there’s that too.

  28. Atomic that collection should go up to NHIS Racing Museum , I had a wall covered with ticket stubs but they ended trashed when I moved out of the Family House…. The most prized one was a ticket for Lynyrd Skynyrd upcoming Show in Boston, But unfortunately the plane crash happened ,,, But you know i never turned in that ticket…. Figured it was just too sad a moment in music History to worry about the money… wish I had that ticket stub today . Had tons of IceBreaker $ & World Series stubs. Cardinal 500 , Yankee All Stars etc … You have lots of History there it would be nice to see them saved at the Racing Museum…

  29. wmass01013 says

    While i will never downplay a Crew Chief/Driver Combo, if you think Phil Moran was the reason that Coby battled and passed the 85 and 51 and all those lapped cars and won then you are More foolish than anything i can say.!!!!!!!! On to MID PA near Ohio where alll the drunks are driving

  30. Doug, there are plenty of owners and drivers that have had no place whatsoever doing what they have been doing. Being an owner or driver does not prove that they are competent. Having “stones” means nothing. Plenty of owners and drivers have come and gone, proving nothing, and are just names on a list, not having added anything notable to the history of the sport.

    Besides, you place such value on that, yet you don’t even go to the track as a spectator. 🤣

    Clearly it is likely that some fans are far more knowledgeable of the history of mods than there are competent and competitive participants. Look at how you declare yourself the judge and final word, yet you are without a clue.

  31. The Atomic Punk says

    Just the years I spent in the Limited Sportsman division at Thompson Doug. Still have the Stubs for those races as well… Pit passes that are faded from a day in the drivers suit pocket… and yes I can speak on more than one subject in the world…and yes keeping ticket stubs is the craziest, most insane, odd, unreasonable, pathetic thing anyone has ever done….ever… LOL….If now I would hide the fact I know nothing about racing with a 7 paragraph post.

  32. Atomic Punk thread synopsis:
    Entry 1
    Three lines with a hypothetical comparison of Coby to years past.
    Entry 2
    Bragging about your expertise and ticket stubs and a follow up on the hypothetical comparison of Coby to a past.
    Entry 3
    More ticket stub bragging and proposing a wager holding a full house.
    Entry 4
    Shout out to dad for helping achieve the 400 ticket stub benchmark.
    Entry 5
    A vague illusion to being an actual race car driver. That’s news. A fire suit as well with what in the pocket? You guessed it a ticket stub. No years racing, no detail, no interesting anecdotes of experience driving but there is the ticket stub. Correction, pit pass. Also claims of expertise on a wide range of topics other then racing. Gotta say having ready your stuff that’s a pretty low bar.

    Where’s the beef? 5 entries and not one showing you even saw the race at Riverhead. And the brevity superior clearly as opposed to long winded entries on topics relevant to the race this thread appears under.
    But you do have those ticket stubs and that Trumps everything right Punk?

  33. Darealgoodfella thread synopsis:
    Entry 1
    Taking credit for Coby’s win.
    Entry 2
    Boiler plate anti Coby repetition going back to 2015. Bottom line Coby is a no talent bum.
    Entry 3
    A non documented, self serving Ted Christopher summary doubling down on a hypothesis that amounts to Gramps recollections of the glory days with rose colored glasses.
    Entry 4
    We have a winner. The most ticket stubs were he to have saved them. Didn’t see that one coming. And personal remembrances by Gramps of the glory days. How quaint.
    Entry 5
    Still doesn’t know how to spell Doug Coby but is sure that the win he took credit for in entry one had nothing to do with Doug Coby.
    Entry 6
    Here we go. Home turf. Laying the whip to old Doug. From the perspective of the single greatest racing fan, anonymous, from no known place at present, with no proof of anything and a bank full of memories. Yet by force of will and repetition making it clear who sets the standard for race fan excellence.

    Where’s the beef? The Punk and Darealgoodfella. The article is about the race at Riverhead Saturday night. Yet these two seem wholly uninterested in any of it. But they do have their ticket stubs and pit passes. Both real and imaginary.

  34. Doug, you are declining. You were supposed to use the WeldingWonders screen name.

  35. Indeed I am declining and as is everyone that ages. Hello, that’s why I’ve been a fan of streaming since early 2020 when told by one highly knowledgeable and credible source regional race streaming was very unlikely. And the fool that said it was too expensive and lost money. However that has nothing to do with my post. WeldingWonders is out in the shop going through the contents of a storage unit we bought. It’s a geezer thing. A treasure hunt with little treasure but always surprises. This purchase had a Perfect Hawaii chair in it. We had such high expectations for that chair. Turns out it is one of the most expensive and completely worthless inventions ever concocted and WeldingWonders compared you to the Perfect Hawaii Chair of RaceDayCT. A lot of movement round and round, over and over again with no value or substance. Pretty funny huh?
    He doesn’t do paraphrasing or summarizing. He copies and pastes word for word what people say and lets the reader form their own judgement. Including the insult counter where he has a fresh batch of your insults to get to but he’s been busy in the shop.
    WeldingWonders compares you to the Perfect Hawaii Chair. I think of your posts as dumpster fires and who can ignore a good dumpster fire. The Atomic Punk kind of the same but more like a M-80 going off in a dumpster.
    Two completely different styles but in the end little interest in racing.
    Now up to 7 entries and still no interest in the race on Saturday night. I’m shocked.

  36. So WMASS says Nascar tells drivers to get up to speed or park it and that seems to make sense. Little help. Where is that mentioned anywhere in the rules cause I can’t find it. I know on lap 27 when Fifield retired it wasn’t mentioned nor was a black flag shown.
    In the results does “handling” signify a command from NASCAR to retire from the race?
    Martinsville: Fifield lap 73 and Byington lap 164.
    Stafford:Byington lap 65 and Fifield lap 70.
    Riverhead: Fifield lap 27 and Turbish lap 138.

    Or could “handling” mean handling or being instructed to retire from the race?
    Little help. All the races are available for re-viewing. When can I find a mention of any driver being instructed by NASCAR to retire from the race for speed. When has the topic or possibility of being asked to exit based on any kind of minimum speed ever been mentioned by announcers at NWMT races? Better yet exactly what is the criteria for instructing a driver to retire. There has to be something more then a visual observation I would think.
    Details WMASS. How do you know this to be the case? I don’t doubt you just want to get up to speed. It has to be more then physical presence osmosis you seem to imply that lead you to your conclusion.
    Lastly of all the regular drivers in the NWMT is there any driver that has gone longer without some kind of wreck then Fifield? I don’t know the answer but I can’t ever recall her causing a wreck putzing around the apron nor any of the guys as well including Wade Cole before his passing.
    Fifield was not the last qualifier for the Stafford race beating Byington. I don’t get why she does what she does at such great expense for so little result but you have to take the little wins where ever you can get them.

  37. Doug, you just don’t get it.

    Look over historical records, otherwise known as facts, and you shall find the beef 🥩 you seek. But then, it appears there might not be any beef to be found, as in there never really was, which is the point.

    Let’s say the modern era of Modifieds is some 25 years young, and in that time, the Modified Champs have been: JBon, Dug Kobe, Ryan Preece, Ronnie Silk, Bobby Santos III, Donny Lia, TC, Mike Stefanik, Tony Hirschman, Todd Szegedy, and Jerry Marquis.

    One of those names doesn’t belong there. Feels like a Sesame Street lesson.

    Doug, this is NOT about the exact age of the modern era of Modified racing, so don’t even go there. I don’t care what you think is the exact age of the modern age of Modified racing.

    Like Michael Waltrip, that constantly has to remind people he won the Daytona 500, Dug Kobe needs to constantly bring up that he won. Interestingly, the champions that are recognized and respected never have to constantly remind others about their records, the records speak for themselves. Dug constantly brings up his record, but he still gets no respect or looks.

    Real estate agents. A correlation is forming.

    In 2002, Dug’s rookie year, the Rookie of the Year Award went to Todd Szegedy. If 2003 was the real qualifying rookie year for Dug, the award went to Donny Lia.

    And never has Dug Kobe won the Most Popular Driver award… NEVER 👎. 😝 😝 😝 😝

    Interestingly, the last three years the MPD award was awarded, it was awarded to Melissa Fifield, the same years that Dug won championships for MSRIII. The list of MPD drivers, with the exception of the Fifield years, is impressive: Stefanik, Preece, JBon, Stefanik, TC, Szegedy, Tony Hirschman, Stefanik, Tom Baldwin, Ed Flemke Jr., Stefanik, Rick Fuller, Reggie Ruggiero, Stefanik, Steve Park. Please note that Dug is not on that list, but Melissa Fifield is, and she won the MPD for three consecutive years when Dug won three championships. Ouch!!!!! That had to sting. 🦂 🐝 OUCH!! OUCH!! OUCH!! Imagine being a multi-champ and LOSE the Most Popular Driver Award to Melissa Fifield, and never win the MPD. Indeed, truth is stranger than fiction. I would not be surprised if Dug Kobe demanded that the Most Popular Driver award be terminated because of his humiliating defeats. That’s consistent with what a real estate agent would do. Probably declared it a fake award to make him look bad.

    So no Rookie of the Year award for Dug, never a Most Popular Driver award. For a guy that thinks he’s so funny and popular, the statistics don’t support that delusion. 😝

    On his Twitter feed, he desires the coveted blue check. Desperately seeking validity. Perhaps he thinks it will make up for the failure to achieve the Rookie of the Year award and never winning a Most Popular Driver award. All those years and never winning a Most Popular Driver award has to be humiliating. 😖

    JBon won the Rookie of the Year award 🥇 and a Most Popular Driver award. 🥇 👏

    Dug’s favorite song:

    Imagine a 6x Champ couldn’t get a driving job and had to start his own operation. 😳 😮

    Dug isn’t getting any looks. No Truck races, no xfinity try-outs. Nothing, zip, nada. Well, there might have been, but they didn’t go anywhere. Oh, wait, there is the SRX series. That should be a hoot.

  38. Doug, you exude idiocy.

    Look over the race results… if the 01 does not list a mechanical issue, it’s called “handling”. The question is, is the handling issue a car or driver issue? How can the same car have relentless “handling” issues???? That car used to have many mechanical “issues”, such as power steering failures. I just don’t see how a car that gets used so lightly can have so many mechanical failures. It’s the proverbial ideal used car driven carefully and very lightly by a little lady on weekends. I can’t see how a car that is driven so lightly and so slow can get near handling issues. If a car & driver continues to have handling issues after so many years, then NASCAR needs to hold a private qualifying session where the driver shall achieve and maintain a typical live race speed for a simulated race length. The driver is not allowed to participate in a race until s/he demonstrates s/he can run at a competitive pace.

    Handling is a way to say you ain’t making the cut, get out of the way. The 01 rarely lasts long at a bullring, it’s just too crowded to have a moving pylon like that. The 01 is safe on a track like Loudon where there is lots of room to hide in the open.

    I think the race only had 5 cautions, no reds, so that was quite good. 👍 It resulted in long runs that left very few cars on the lead lap.

    The 01 has been in accidents… do what you do and comb through the records. I think the 01 was crushed at Waterford. It’s been a while, and I really don’t care about the 01, unless you are wrong about something again and it just so happens to be the 01.

  39. Doug wrote, “Fifield was not the last qualifier for the Stafford race beating Byington. I don’t get why she does what she does at such great expense for so little result but you have to take the little wins where ever you can get them.”

    Can you please list all those “little wins”?

    Thanks in advance.

  40. WeldingWonders says

    “ hate me because I’m beautiful and smarter than you.
    “And just a reminder, I was right, again.”
    “See, I was right. Even Earl can finally get it.”
    “wmass01013, you were correct when you addressed me as “genius”.
    “Hey Doug, I was right again.”



    284 Earl, you and your redneck buddies must be a bunch of master baiters.
    285 Along with the handful of cult idiots that are saying the is great.
    286 Danny just identified as idiot.
    287 Spinless Ambiguous Earl wrote
    288 Talk about zero cognitive ability, (Earl)
    289 the answer is right there in my original post that you are challenging, you idiot (Earl)
    290 When you are dead, you don’t know that you are dead. It is only difficult for the others. It is the same when you are stupid.(Earl)
    291 Hence, therefore, and in conclusion, you are the idiot.(Earl)
    292 All of you that are ignorant, idiotic, etc., and it is obvious who you are, are exposing yourselves.
    293 That’s bringing out the cretins.(forum participants)
    294 All you #BowlAnon’ers are really sad.
    295 You have “IDIOT” tattooed across your forehead?(Atomic Punk)
    296 yet you are without a clue.(Doug)
    297 Doug, you are declining
    298 Doug, you exude idiocy.

    TOTAL INSULTS IN 2021 THROUGH DAY 137……………………………283

    NEW TRAUNCH OF INSULTS SINCE DAY 128 ……………….…………..15



  41. wmass01013 says

    OK Doug i will leave all the senseless babble from DADUMB alone because none makes ANY SENSE!!
    When i go to Mod races i have a SCANNER and on the scanner i have all teams listed along with several NASCAR Channels, i scan as the race starts and random channels when used will pop up. so as well as listening to the crew chief-driver interactions i also listen to the NASCAR officials talk, when the 01 is getting lapped multiple times Jimmy Wilson will come on and say as all the teams are supposed to have the ability to listen to NASCAR or have one of the officials who is assigned to that team tell the crew chief that the 01 needs to get up to minimum speed or PIT, and if they go back out with NO change he will say Park it, as far as reason Out, when a team is out they again will tell the Official assigned to them the reason OUT and the Official will say so and so to TOWER, 01 out engine, 18 out accident, 33 out power steering so the TOWER knows that team Not going back in the race.

  42. Dadope what you wrote about Dug Kobe could have been about you , you have to remind us how good you are , your smarter than everyone , you have more than everyone , even what you call yourself , I like Dadope better it’s fits better and you’ll never win most popular either or championships for that matter , but if it makes you feel good just keep telling us how good you are ,just like your idol #45 he keeps on telling us how good he is too

  43. wmass01013, thanks for explaining that to Doug, that it is on the open airwaves for all to hear. 👂 How can anyone involved in racing not know that?

    I was not going to say how, because I love watching Doug thrash, especially the way he aggressively came after you as if you were blowing smoke. He should know better if he was ever around racing as he claims. 😝 😝. The info over the air is rather well known and publicized. Listening to Race Control is fun and informative, and Doug has no idea.

    wmass01013, what kind of radio do you have? I started with a BR300T, and moved on to a ham radio Yaesu VX-8R, FCC licensed, General class. Lots of bands, banks, dual scan, etc., plenty of capability and programability.

    Doug exudes idiocy. 😵‍💫

  44. wmass01013 says


  45. That was a terrific explanation Wmass and well informed.
    You’ve heard on the scanner the 01 being instructed to “park it” and have projected that onto every race they have retired prematurely with the “handling” designation have you not? A fair assumption but not necessarily the case in every situation would that be correct?
    Since 2014 the 01 has competed in 98 races, on 32 (33%) occasions has left early with the designation “handling” and has finished 23 (23%) of the races. The designation “crash” has occurred on only 4 occasions two of which were at Loudon.
    Gary Byington by comparison since 2016 has competed in 13 races, left early with the “handling” designation in 9 (69%) events and finished 2 (15%) of the races he competed in.

    I’ve made it clear I admire both Melissa and her dad for pursuing their passion no matter how much I don’t get it from a competitive and money perspective. I don’t have to get it’s no more my business then someone engaging in any other form of recreation that costs a lot of money with no return. What Wmass has confirmed is that NASCAR is doing it’s job and that’s the important thing. Criticism of the 01 is completely unfounded because it’s not up to them to police themselves it’s up the NASCAR and they are clearly doing their job.
    Also pursuing his passion is Gary Byington. On the whole not even as competitive as the 01 being pulled with greater frequency from races and finishing a lower percentage. Yet we never hear his name mentioned. I wonder if Liz Cherokee would have any thoughts on the reason for that.
    Thanks again Wmass. It’s so refreshing getting a real informed piece of information for a change instead of that everybody knows crap.

  46. Doug, this is May 18, 2021. NASCAR Race Control has been available over the air at tracks for decades and decades, and you are just finding this out. It’s all part of the show. You exude idiocy. NASCAR makes sure comms are open to the public.

    I’ve been on the radio for decades, and I laugh at you and others that do not go to the track and/or have no idea what has been openly available for decades, as you speculate at what you think happened or was going on, when it was all over the air, readily available on a radio. 📻 The best part is that many of you make fun of people that listen in on the radio. So you make fun of people that listen in on the radio and therefore know what they are talking about, while you do not listen in on the radios and have no idea and speculate as an all-knowing authority. Y’all love being openly ignorant. As someone that listens on the radio, I can say with authority that if you aren’t listening on the radio, you have no idea what is going on. The announcers aren’t really helping, and you’d know that if you were listening to the radio and the announcers.

    Doug, there’s no nice way to tell a team, “You suck, get off the track”, and certainly the 01 doesn’t want that to be listed as the reason for exiting the race for a large part of a season. But at some point they have to realize the steady stream of “technical failures” and “handling” explanations, over years and years, ran out of credibility a very long time ago. If a team can’t get a car to handle after all these years, cars, chassis, etc., they never will. It that too obvious? A reasonable person with a slight modicum of cognitive ability would see that. But not you. Doug, if you were at the track, you can see how bad the 01 really is. After watching the SK and SKLs the other day, Missy and her 01 would not be able to compete on the track with the SKLs. She’d get smoked by the SKLs.

    Doug scribbled, “Criticism of the 01 is completely unfounded because it’s not up to them to police themselves it’s up the NASCAR and they are clearly doing their job.”

    Unfounded? Really? Says who???? Insipid Cybil and her numerous personalities, screen names and avatars? The 01 sucks, and well deserved. They work very hard at sucking. It’s hard to watch, I’m embarrassed for them sometimes. If you were at the track, you can see things you can’t see as a virtual life form. The 01 can’t even set up for entry. It all begins with entry… if you can’t enter, you have much bigger problems. Welcome the the world of the 01.

    As a paying customer, I can criticize the 01 and anything else I pay for, or don’t pay for. This is America and I have libudies rights. MURICAH!!!! If I am subjected to the advertising, I can do whatever I want, IT’S A FREE COUNTRY!!!!! That’s my entertainment dollars right there in the product I pay, and am subjected to advertising, for and I’ll exercise my American and capitalistic rights every damn way I want to and no virtual reality life form such as yourself will say otherwise. You or all your other avatars, including Insipid Cybil, can not change that. Remember, you encouraged people to patronize the ‘bowl to enrich the owner so he’d be even wealthier for his victims. That’s just one of your benchmark idiotic projections.

    After your relentless misogynistic ramblings, and the heat 🔥 you took for it, you now support Missy. Awwww, that’s so sweet and egregiously disingenuous. It’s absolutely freaking hilarious watching you appeal to Liz for backup. Don’t worry, Liz will back you since you slowed down referring to women as “chicks” and other misogynistic, demeaning labels.

    After all these decades, Dug Kobe finally won a race at Riverhead. yea. It just didn’t seem as exciting as seeing Mike Stefanik win at Bristol, and I was there for it.

  47. WeldingWonders says

    “ hate me because I’m beautiful and smarter than you.
    “And just a reminder, I was right, again.”
    “See, I was right. Even Earl can finally get it.”
    “wmass01013, you were correct when you addressed me as “genius”.
    “Hey Doug, I was right again.”



    299 Doug exudes idiocy.
    300 You exude idiocy (Doug)
    301 I laugh at you (Doug) and others that do not go to the track and/or have no idea what has been openly available for decades
    302 Y’all love being openly ignorant (all people that don’t scan race teams)
    303 A reasonable person with a slight modicum of cognitive ability would see that. But not you. Doug
    304 Missy and her 01 (mocking NWMT driver Melissa Fifield)
    305 Doug scribbled
    306 Insipid Cybil and her numerous personalities, screen names and avatars (Doug)
    307 no virtual reality life form (Doug)such as yourself will say otherwise.
    308 You or all your other avatars, including Insipid Cybil,(Doug)
    309 That’s just one of your benchmark idiotic projections.(of Doug)
    310 your relentless misogynistic ramblings (Doug)
    311 you now support Missy. Awwww,(mocking Doug and NWMT driver Melissa Fifield)

    TOTAL INSULTS IN 2021 THROUGH DAY 138……………………………311

    NEW TRAUNCH OF INSULTS SINCE DAY 137 ……………….…………..13



  48. wmass01013 says

    Glad to help Doug, i as well have stated about 6 times on this site i DO not Understand the choice of the Fifield operation, while they can do as they choose Owning a race car with SOOO many other options available with OPENS, MRS, SK, SK LITE to do some actual racing and try to pass others and score a TOP 10 OR 5 or win, WHY YOU keep running the WMT to get lapped 5 laps or less race after race is mind boggling, i would cheer the loudest and for real if she actually was able to be competitive in a race, and please dont say u cant step back, DAN AVERY, TOM BOLLES, GLENN REEN have all driven TOUR MODS and now sk’s full time

  49. You’re right of course. It’s more a mystery to me the anything. Imagine what you could do with all the money they’d save by not racing Why not run some of those great mod divisions in her own neck of the woods. It it has to be the NWMT why not just be the owner with her dad and get someone that can compete to drive? It’s a mystery.

  50. Bill Realist says

    I was wrong and I admit it. That was a clinic on how to win a short track modified race. He was winning that race from the start. He ran one hell of a race.

  51. There’s still a monkey 🐒 🐵 … perhaps an ape 🦍 🦧 on Dug’s back… Dug Kobe has never won a Most Popular Driver award. Dug thrives on being popular and liked. Dug can never win a Rookie of the Year award now. And with the MPD award suspended, he can never win a MPD award. 😝😝😝😝

    JBon won the Rookie of the Year award and the Most Popular Driver award.

  52. knuckles mahoney says

    Dadope, you actually are an idiot. Let’s see, most popular driver vs 6 WMT championships. More championships than most drivers have wins. I think Doug is all set.

  53. Phil Moran did a great job 👏 preparing a car for Riverhead. That and the 51 was losing it, the 51 was not able to hold a low line, which is critical at all times at a bullring, while the 10 was able to run on the apron. The 10 was strong low, the 51 was vulnerable low, and that was all that was needed. That was surprising given the collective experience of the 51 team at Riverhead. They are not going to miss the setup again, that’s for sure.

    Great job by Phil Moran!!!!!

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