NASCAR Lifts Suspension Of Stephen Kopcik 

Stephen Kopcik (Photo: Fran Lawlor/RaceDayCT)

NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour driver and crew chief Stephen Kopcik was reinstated for all activities by NASCAR Tuesday. 

Kopcik had been suspended indefinitely by NASCAR on Feb. 29 for not reporting to NASCAR that he had been arrested at a minor leaugue hockey game in Danbury on Feb. 23.

A NASCAR public relations representative confirmed to RaceDayCT Tuesday that Kopcik was reinstated, effective immediately.


  1. Ogie Ogilthorpe says

    So we can say that he’s out of the penalty box…

  2. This kid won’t stay out of trouble. Been a cheater since he ran sk lights. Kid is like 24 and has probbly been caught cheating more times than any driver or crew chief in mods right now. Psycho temper. Seen him when he snaps it’s ugly and dangerous. They should call him jeckel and hyde. People think he’s all quiet but he’s really a psycho.

  3. Someone on the ground fighting with police in public obviously has mental issues, and probably a drinking problem. Hope track security and police are ready the next time his fuse gets lit and he goes boom.

  4. and the Tour goes on and on .... says

    I just hope I’m there the day he gets dropped on his head.
    Everyone is tough until the day they find out they’re not.

  5. Enduro59 says

    Now that Kopcik is reinstated maybe Rameau will be next. IMO Rameau should have proceeded Kopcik off probation. NU$CAR is and for the most part always has been politically correct selective on who and when they reinstate someone off double secret probation. Seems to me in most cases there must at least be the appearance that the perpetrator will smooch the NU$CAR poop hole. As an aside, when the Kopcik incident was first reported wasn’t George Bessette Jr. alleged to be involved? Maybe the reason nothing further on Bessette is that he doesn’t have a NU$CAR license and Stafford chose not to take action. If so, I believe that is a wise decision on their part. The Mad, Drunk and Disorderly Pup does have a ring to it though.

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