RaceDayCT Daily Poll: How Many Tri-Track Open Modified Series Teams Will Compete At Star Speedway Saturday?

The Tri-Track Open Modified Series returns to action Saturday at Star Speedway in Epping, N.H. Today’s Daily Poll question is, how many cars will compete at Star? Vote below.


  1. My vote 30-34 and it should be a great race. Les should have won it last year and hopefully this will be his year.

  2. Precipitation could make this a trial but if they race fingers crossed for the 9ct. Chase needs a good finish and stat. Not exactly a banner debut on dirt at Lebanon Valley finishing 8th in his heat and only 8 laps of a 30 lap feature. The missed opportunity in the Stafford Open still has to hurt. Chase can race and it’s go time at Star.
    Can you feel that? It’s the ground shifting beneath the footings of Tri Track. Much more competitive now. Easily 10 cars capable of winning on any given day. No longer Hirschman’s private stomping ground to blow in and grab the Big Money on the regular basis as he’s been known to do.. At least that’s my thinking.

  3. another website has 38 cars on their entry list

  4. Tri-Track needs to get its website up to date.

  5. Fast Eddie says

    TriTrack has always had at least ten teams capable of winning at any given event. The problem is most of the time Matt Hirschman is the “chess master” and is able to find an advantage unseen by anyone else to maximize. He’s particularly lethal if he’s out front at Star, on a restart he’s in turn 1 while the next couple of cars are getting past the green flag. On more than a few occasions he looked like he had a gear no one else had. The perfect throttle control and timing to grab a few carlengths right at the green flag. However, with the bullring being the equalizer, more teams are inching closer to finding a winning on-track strategy.

  6. That is an interesting way of putting it. There always being 10 teams that can win and yet Hirschman is sitting there will 12 wins in 29 starts.
    I know I’ve heard him say it. That Star is one of his favorite tracks. Yet since 2014 Silk, Smith and McKennedy have won TTOMS races there so it is possible for him not to win.
    Let’s put a pin in it. Hirschman clearly the master strategist yet I’m saying that now it is different and the days of him winning 41% of his starts are over. I think most would agree if they looked at the top finishers in races two years ago and compare it to the loaded cast of teams now populating the series something has changed.

  7. I would agree…. Hirschman is no longer a MAN among Boys…. Lots of Men . SILK .. J. BON.. Rameau..
    Hinckley… Nocella… Dowling…McKennedy… Swanson… Pickat….Lutz and many more can WIN……I would think STAR will be Loaded with Mods… NO CONFLICT with the Tour….. As we know it’s the Crews that make the Machines RUN… Crews have no conflict and can all go to Star… NO Hotel needed… easier on everyone’s WALLET …. TRI – Track is gaining momentum as Tour losing steam….They could move to 8 or 10 Race Schedule without any problems. Fans LOVE HEAT RACES . FANS LOVE GREEN FLAG LAPS… !!! GREAT things the Tour doesn’t have …

  8. Probably plenty, with some using it as a test and tune session getting ready for the SBM X.

    Tri-Track, you have to update the website immediately. We are in the age of instant news cycles. There are still no 2021 results posted. πŸ˜΅β€πŸ’«

  9. knuckles Mahoney says

    For once I agree with Dareal.

  10. schmuckles Mahoney wrote, “For once I agree with Dareal.”


    How many more times are you going to post that?

    You’ve agreed with me before, so stop saying “For once…”

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