RaceDayCT Daily Poll: Who Are You Most Excited To See Racing With The SRX Series At Stafford?

The SRX Series will put a group of All-Star drivers from a number of motorsports disciplines on track for six events in 2021, with the inaugural event taking place on June 12 at Stafford Speedway. Today’s Daily Poll question asks, which SRX Series driver competing at Stafford are you most excited to see? Vote below.

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Who Are You Most Excited To See Racing With The SRX Series At Stafford?
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  1. All of them. This will be fun and entertaining.

    I’m looking forward to this.

    Don’t want to listen to MW though.

  2. So far 5 interviews on Unmuffled with more to come. All appear to have different perspectives but one thing they do have in common. None of them want to look bad against their peers on a nationwide broadcast. In most cases their inclination is to tamp down expectations having nothing to base expectations on.
    Modifieds not the only ground pounders this season at Stafford. Those Ilmor big blocks in the freakishly new designed cars will be thumping the ground with the best of them. Ribbs says there will be banging and there better be if this is to be successful. If they’re so equal, powerful with modest sized tires there won’t be a whole lot of clean passing on the outside. There will be bumper tag, rutting and grinding for the passes on the inside. Pushing and shoving in the corners, bruised egos, anger in the pits and retribution will be just what CBS was hoping for. Kind of like the very first season of Survivor. A completely new product that generated emotion, hard feelings, conflict and unintended consequences that turned out to be fan friendly. We should be so lucky here.
    The voters very wise in their top pick cause this guy will be out for blood mainly because it’s what he does and he can do it on any racing surface and any sized track. Rooting against him will be as much fun as rooting for any one driver.
    They’ll start out playing nice as they get acclimated. If all goes well that will fade early, the brass knuckles will come out and at that point it will get interesting.

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