Rumble At The Ridge 200 Brings Whelen Modified Tour Back To Maine

(Press Release from JDV Productions)


As part of a wide-ranging 14-race NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour schedule for 2021, the stars of NASCAR’s open-wheel division will be heading to Beech Ridge Motor Speedway in Maine for the first time since 2005. In a race promoted by JDV Productions — the Rumble at the Ridge 200 — drivers will compete for glory around Maine’s oval in a return to the facility that is going to be highly-anticipated for everyone from teams, to drivers and fans.

Race fans in Maine don’t typically see a lot of Modified racing. Although Beech Ridge has been holding select Modified Racing Series events since the hiatus of tour action around the third-mile, fans have previously been forced to travel to surrounding states. This year, the show comes front and center to them.

“Beech Ridge has a deep open-wheel history with passionate fans. We are looking forward to bringing the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour back to Beech Ridge to watch the most talented drivers in the area battle for 200 laps,” Josh Vanada, owner of JDV Productions, said. “The circular track layout along with the progressive banking makes Beech Ridge a racy place. I think the strategy of a 200-lap race is going to provide some great entertainment for Maine’s Modified fans.” 

If previous NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour races at Beech Ridge are any indication, any competitive driver in the field will have a shot to win. The past history shows a mix of veterans and first-time winners scoring the checkered flag. Former NASCAR Cup Series winner Steve Park won the inaugural battle at the Maine oval in 1995, en route to finishing second in the series championship standings. The series didn’t return again until 2002, when Dave Berghman earned one of his two career wins in the 150-lap event. Todd Szegedy, who would go on to win the Whelen Modified Tour championship a few years later, scored the win in 2003, while it was Nevin George snagging his second career win a year later. In the last race at the track in 2005, former series champion Jerry Marquis hoisted the trophy. But, the 2021 edition of the race will be a different ballgame compared to those events that were held nearly two decades ago. This time, the race transitions to 200 laps, a distance that tour teams haven’t often run, but will more in 2021. As part of the 14-race schedule, the series will compete in five races at that distance — the opener at Martinsville Speedway, three at the bullring of Riverhead Raceway and Beech Ridge. The Beech Ridge event will have three tires in the pit area to be changed for each driver, which will open the strategy.

“I’ve never even been to Beech Ridge, but I’m really looking forward to racing at another new track with the Whelen Modified Tour,” three-time Whelen Modified Tour winner Craig Lutz said. “The place definitely looks like it has some character to it, which will make it fun. Hopefully it’s an exciting race to watch for all of the fans.”

The entire staff at Beech Ridge is looking forward to working with JDV Productions to make this a can’t miss event for race fans. Additional information and specifics about the race will be announced closer to race day.

“Our Beech Ridge family is anxious to welcome the return of the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour. The excitement surrounding the announcement here has been overwhelming,” Andy Cusack, CEO of Beech Ridge Motor Speedway, said. “Beech Ridge has always been open-wheeled territory and has an exceptional following of fans locally and throughout the northeast. A 200-lap main event is the icing on the open-wheel cake.”

JDV Productions, led by Josh Vanada and his team of experienced professionals in motorsports, will return to grassroots short-track racing to promote three NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour events in 2021. As part of the tour’s 37th annual season of competition, which includes a 14-race schedule in six different states, JDV Productions will promote races in three states — Pennsylvania, New York and Maine. Races at Jennerstown Speedway Complex (May 29), Oswego Speedway (June 12) and Beech Ridge Motor Speedway (August 21) will be led by the JDV team.

All three events will be $10,000+ to win for drivers, including the Whelen Winner of the Race bonus award, and each will have a full purse structure throughout the field. JDV is committed to assisting the Whelen Modified Tour group to continue the deep history of NASCAR’s oldest touring series. For more information on JDV Productions, visit and follow on Facebook.


  1. So good to see Beech Ridge back on the schedule!!!!

    It’s beautiful up there, nearby Portland is a gem.

    Liz, will you be there?

  2. Fast Eddie says

    Pretty cool track, a lot like aeekonk but the front straight is really REALLY wide. I’ve seen cars 5 wide there before.

  3. 🍸🍸🍸Liz Cherokee🍸🍸🍸 says

    daReal, I sure will be! I wholeheartedly agree with you that Portland is a gem! Would you like a seat at my table at Fore Street fish 🍸🍽🍤🍷? Or would you prefer to compete against me in the spectator drags? I’ll allow you to race you bike 🛴🛵!

  4. Liz, I’m waiting to determine where I’ll be dining, to see what is open, new, chic, trendy, etc. closer to the time of the event. You know, the winter vs summer menu changes, seasonal availability, etc. But thanks for the invite.

    🦪 🐟 🍣 🐡 🦪 🥩 🍖 🍜 🥟 🍤 🥘 🥗 🥃 🥃 🥃 🥃 🥃 🥃

    I do not participate in the spectator drags, I’d be accused of showing off and stealing candy 🍭 from babies. 👶

    Please, use correct emojis: 🚴‍♂️. Road bikes rule, and you can’t touch this.

  5. Liz, if you do make it to the Beech Ridge event, I highly recommend you make time for this:

    It is considered one of the best in the country. We make sure we stop by on our way up north other times of the year. Bring a large cooler.

    Oh, and consider the Cold River Distillery near Freeport. Excellent vodka, an oak barrel aged vodka, and the gin. Make sure you have someone with you, like a designated driver or other mature and responsible adult. The gin, make sure you try the gin. 🍸

    This is so exciting… a race, the farmers’ market, and visit a friend that lives nearby.

  6. Does Matt Hirschman make the trip? Beech Ridge will be tough on tires as the track surface has been untouched since it was laid down at the end of the 1985 season. There’s not a lot of grip so momentum and finesse is key. The Ridge has very very deep roots to open wheeled racing and seeing NASCAR FINALLY come back here is gonna fill those grandstands. To see at least 30 modifieds on this track at once for the first time in nearly 20 years is gonna be FUN !

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