Nationwide Short Track Tire Shortage Forces Riverhead Raceway To Alter Modified Schedule Through July

(Press Release from Riverhead Raceway)

Wednesday afternoon Riverhead Raceway owners Eddie & Connie Partridge and Tom Gatz announced a schedule change for the Buzz Chew Chevrolet NASCAR Modifieds that headline the Saturday night Advance Auto Parts Weekly Series programs due to a tire shortage plaguing the short track racing industry nationwide. 

After completing the June 26th 50-lap Buzz Chew Chevrolet NASCAR Modified event the Modifieds will move into a every other week rotation through July. The 71-lap event on July 3rd has been canceled. That race was slated to be the first of the Four Race Crown Jewel Series for the Ted Christopher Cup however with the schedule change the Crown Jewel Series will now consist of three races. Saturday July 10th the “Mod Squad” returns for a regular 50-lap contest. The July 17th event has been dropped. The Buzz Chew Chevrolet NASCAR Modifieds return to action Saturday July 24th for a 50-lap race while July 31st was already a scheduled off night for the annual Monster Truck spectacular.

Currently the 13″ Hoosier Racing Tire the Buzz Chew Chevrolet NASCAR Modifieds compete on is the only tire effected by the shortage at Riverhead. However track management issued an e-mail bulletin to teams that compete on the 8″ Hoosier in the Eagle Auto Mall Crate Modifieds, Late Models, Figure Eights, Blunderbusts and Super Pro Trucks that are only permitted to buy one Hoosier Racing Tire per race meet until the shortage passes. 

Hooiser Racing Tires used at Riverhead Raceway along with other short track race tire manufacturers point to two factors causing the dwindling inventory levels, difficulty obtaining raw materials in the manufacturing process and a thinning labor pool of workers at their plants. After being notified in the spring a shortage was imminent Hoosier Tire of Calverton tire distributor at Riverhead Raceway ceased selling practice tires to Modified teams.  

Hooiser Racing Tire executives have indicated to management of Riverhead Raceway the supply chain of tires should trend upwards as July moves towards August.

The Saturday August 7th Baldwin, Evans & Jarzombek 77 now opens the Crown Jewel Series for the Ted Christopher Cup and be followed by the Bubba 100 Saturday August 28th and the Islip 300 Saturday afternoon November 13th. 

The complete schedule of events remaining in 2021 can be viewed at, e-mails reach us at [email protected] and our telephone number remains 631-842-RACE. 


  1. The global COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the global supply chains. Raw materials for tires come from numerous overseas sources. Although we think the USA is doing well, and is recovering and rebounding, we are not going to fully recover until the rest of the world can function safely and fully operate their production capabilities. We will be hobbled by the limits of our suppliers and customers. Some 80% of the world population is still under some degree of social distancing restrictions and lockdowns. It is going to take many months, or a year or more, to get the supply chains operating at pre-pandemic 😷 levels.

  2. I know most of you are so over pandemic fatigue, and want it to go away, but it isn’t. In fact, it is coming back is a big way. The Delta Variant (DV) is a very serious threat.

    The DV is far more contagious. Whereas the previous pathogen 🦠 was believed to take about 15 minutes of exposure load to infect someone, the DV takes only seconds of exposure. SECONDS.

    It is in the USA now, and not even simmering yet. That will take a few months, just like the beginning of the pandemic did. This Fall is predicted to be brutal, just brutal.

    Be careful.

  3. WeldingWonders says




    darealgoodfella says
    November 29, 2020 at 5:07 pm
    You people are getting way too excited about the vaccine. This ain’t over any time soon. The high risk people should go first.
    And this vaccine may not be effective very long. This pathogen is muting very fast, and may require updated vaccines to deal with the mutations.

    darealgoodfella says
    January 14, 2021 at 3:13 pm
    I’ve been telling you organisms for months… races are going to be a last minute deal. Same as what Vanada just called the audible. Schedules are high risk, little chance of actually hitting them, just a happened last season. The #TrumpPandemic is getting worse and worse by the day. You can pretty much forget the spring season racing, hopefully we can attend SAFELY in the fall. NWMT opening is a little more than two months out and COVID-19 is tightening its

    darealgoodfella says
    January 15, 2021 at 6:58 pm
    So in other news that will be impacting racing by about March, a new mutant version of the #TrumpPandemic coronavirus will take hold soon and blossom through spring and summer, just in time to choke the racing season.
    Stay safe, mask up.



  5. The price of everything is up. Built a loading jig using #1 pine. Normally it would cost about $75 for materials this one was over 200. Covid has screwed up everything, and some people are saying it could take up to 5 years to recover. Don’t forget covid is still out of control in some nations. Get used to high prices, they’re gonna be here for a while.

  6. Biggest phrase here is SHORTAGE OF WORKERS> We have to STOP paying people to STAY home/ It’s ridiculous!!!!

  7. The Atomic Punk says

    The Biden/Harris/China team is working its Magic. Planning for the next series of Lockdowns. We will pay for the Mistake of November 2020.

  8. Definitely agree with Ken L. The states need to stop paying that extra money. Worst part is that with regular unemployment plus the $300 the state adds on, people are making about $125-150 more than they made working, and some are crying poverty. Now Biden wants to give $300/ month for each kid you have under the age of 18 or 24 if they’re attending college. What’s up with that? How about us who have no children? What’s up with these lottery to entice stupid people to get vaccinated? How about us who were smart enough to get vaccinated as soon as we were eligible? Pretty F’ed up if you ask me. People should get off their lazy ass, get vaccinated, and get back to work.if it means cutting off their unemployment, so be it.

  9. Saying a prayer for those 99 people who are missing after the building collapse in Florida

  10. It’s true, predictions of a fall surge in Covid19 infections have been made. Mostly for regions with low vaccinations rates that would not include much of the Northeast but we’ll see. The cost of lumber is off the charts although it has moderated a bit from the highs. Good news on the worker front if you think it’s due solely to generous unemployment benefits as states discontinue extended benefits. Problem is there are other factors like more women staying home because of the cost of child care and continuing unease about safety from infection in the work place so it’s a little more complicated then what talk radio is saying. On the plus side your home may have skyrocketed in value with your net worth rising as well. That’s part of the rise in the inflation index and not exactly a bad thing for homeowners.
    Yup there are challenges and no there has been no true return to normal. There may never be as pandemic impacts become a continuing challenge in some respects indefinitely.
    You can grovel in the imperfect if you like or be grateful for what you have. This schedule curtailment not the result of a surge in infections and not the end of racing. The stands full a Stafford for the SRX race an who predicted that last March. Excepting Riverhead up to this point the races scheduled over the winter coming off pretty much as was intended with some spectacular surprises of the good kind along the way.
    I’m thinking about what life was like a year ago compared to now. Blind sided by a bug that affected everything in our lives and made racing an at risk endeavor. Now in spite of our completely bone headed response to the disease that produced the most deaths of any country in the developed world. In spite of the continuing reluctance of a large percentage of the population to get vaccinated we may not be normal but the improvement from last year is pretty astounding.
    I’m loving it. Just the freedom now as opposed to last year. That and the more tranquil leadership style of Sleepy Joe. The “sleepy” part meant to be a bit of mockery but compared to the daily alarm siren going off last year at the White House an equally pleasant change from a year ago you betcha.
    There may be problems now and more pandemic related challenges at some point in the future but for now I’m enjoying what we have. There may be another shoe to drop from Hoosier Tire East but as of now the SK5K will be going off at Stafford with sufficient tires to hold the races and no health safety restrictions intruding on the race goers enjoyment of the event.

  11. The biggest issue that the natural resources to make rubber mostly come from countries that have taken a longer time in getting their COVID rates to decline. And those countries have a much stricter meaning of “lockdown” than you would ever see in the United States.

  12. Hoosier should only produce 1 set of modified tires to expedite the process, dont need m20 m30 m45 m50 1320 1330 500 630 etc, pic one set and make the heck out of them and all tracks all series be on same rubber.

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