Ryan Preece Headlines All-Star Outlaw Open Event Wednesday At Thompson Speedway

(Press Release from American-Canadian Tour)

Ryan Preece (Photo: Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

The Outlaw Open Modified Series returns at Connecticut’s Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park this Wednesday, June 16 for the Nutmeg State 75 presented by Twisted Tea. An all-star line-up is expected to hit the high banks with Berlin, CT’s Ryan Preece one of the biggest names who’s entered the $5,000-to-win main event.

Preece, a multi-time Sunoco Modified champion at Thompson Speedway, is in his third year of full-time NASCAR Cup Series competition. However, he still regularly hops in his Tour-type Modified owned by Ed and Connie Partridge for events all over the country. Earlier this season, he won the SMART Modified Tour event at Virginia’s South Boston Speedway. This coming weekend, he’ll take advantage of some off-time from the Cup car to run Modified events at Stafford Motor Speedway and Oswego Speedway, respectively.

Then, he’ll turn his attention to the Nutmeg State 75 presented by Twisted Tea. Preece has entered both that event and the Sam Adams Wicked Hazy IPA Spirit of 76 on July 7, meaning Thompson Speedway racing fans have two chances to watch their home-grown star in short order.

“I enjoy competing for wins and trying to get trophies,” Preece said. “I just built a shop, and I was hanging some trophies up and everything. The feeling you get of accomplishment for winning, there’s really nothing like it. Being able to come up and do some of those races and have that possibility is a lot of fun. I enjoy it — plus I enjoy racing Modifieds. It’s obviously what I come from doing, and these are all places that I grew up doing that weekly grind. So I’m excited to come to Thompson for these Wednesday shows. They seem like they’re going to turn into a big thing.”

Preece is just one of many big Tour-type Modified names who are planning to be at the June 16 shootout. Entries have been received from multi-time Modified Racing Series (MRS) and Supermodified champion Jon McKennedy of Chelmsford, MA; many-time Thompson Speedway champion Keith Rocco of Berlin, CT, Stafford Motor Speedway Champion Ronnie Williams of Tolland, CT; and two-time MRS Champion Chris Pasteryak of Moosup, CT.

Fans can also expect former World Series Modified Open winner Mike Christopher Jr., rising young buck Matt Swanson, New Jersey invader Andrew Krause and Jeff Gallup. Brett Meservey is taking the wheel of the Meservy family Tour-type Modified, while longtime Thompson Limited Sportsman star Shawn Monahan has entered the Outlaw Open Modified show. Even more names will be added to the expected entry list in the days leading up to the event.

They’re all trying to dethrone Ronnie Silk, who won the Icebreaker 125 in the Outlaw Open Modified Series maiden voyage. The Wednesday events are 50 laps shorter, but all the key factors to a successful showing are still there, according to Preece.

“It’s 75 laps, but it’s 75 green-flag laps, and it’s a soft tire,” Preece said. “Track position is definitely going to be a big thing, but at the same time you need to save your tires, because you’re going to need them at the end. I’m looking forward to it. I know we have top-notch (equipment) provided by Eddie and Connie Partridge, so it’s going to be exciting and it’s going to be a great show.”

The Nutmeg State 75 is joined by all five of Thompson Speedway’s local divisions. The Sunoco Modifieds, Late Models, Limited Sportsman, SK Light Modifieds, and Mini Stocks all have a full card of high-speed action. Local heroes such as Rocco, Troy Talman, Woody Pitkat, Ryan Morgan, Larry Barnett, and Anthony Bello are ready to do battle after a two-month hiatus.

Wednesday’s show is the first of four mid-week programs throughout the summer. The Thompson Speedway oval will also host six divisions of thrills on July 7, August 11, and September 15. All of Thompson’s Wednesday night races are presented by Boston Beer Company and Hartford Distributing. It’s all building up to the 59th World Series of Speedway Racing on October 8-10, which features the return of the $20,000-to-win Thompson 300 for the Outlaw Open Modified Series. Drivers who attempt to qualify for all six Outlaw Open events in 2021 will be provisional-eligible at the Thompson 300, giving them one more reason to be at the track every month.

Connecticut’s Thompson Speedway roars to life next Wednesday, June 16 at 6:00pm with the Nutmeg State 75 presented by Twisted Tea. The Outlaw Open Modified Series is going for $5,000 to win as part of a card that also includes the Sunoco Modifieds, Late Models, Limited Sportsman, SK Light Modifieds, and Mini Stocks. 

General admission is $30 for adults, $10 for kids ages 6-12, and free for kids ages 5 and under. Speed51.TV will have a live pay-per-view broadcast for those who can’t make it to the track. Sign up at www.speed51.tv/products/ppv-outlaw-open-modified-series-at-thompson.

For more information about the American-Canadian Tour, contact the ACT offices at (802) 244-6963, [email protected], or visit www.acttour.com. You can also get updates on Facebook and Twitter at @ACTTour.

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  1. Please don”t change the competition rules for Ryan Preece Thompson

  2. Crying Preece says

    Of coarse they’ll change it for Crying Ryan he’s a poster child😈

  3. Capt Mike Qbvious says

    Boy, the RaceDayCT forums can even turn a homecoming by one of Thompson’s favorite sons into a bash session. Never underestimate the power of a keyboard.

    P.S. If you still haven’t heard, Thompson isn’t running the show. ACT & PASS have been running the oval track shows since last September, and Tri-Track is teching the Open Modifieds.

    P.P.S. ACT is the same organization that just disqualified a three-time series champion from a win. Make of that what you will.

  4. Just building a shop aye. For the geeks and nerds out there interested in all the minutia of teams exactly where would this new shop be? While we’re at it what’s the status on cars and engines. First there was the experimental car with the four link and wanting to be different. That proved to be a hand full so then it was back to the old Troyers. Now Fury it would seem. No more messing around. Getting the latest and best, entering more races and no more experimentation seeing if they can make a unicorn go fast. Racing Stafford and the NWMT so the engines stands must have multiple choices to go with or already sitting in multiple cars. Owned by Eddie Partridge or Preece or both??? All this with the backdrop of sponsorship running out for the Cup car it’s pretty clear to me anyway. Seeing as how
    Preece is very popular. and as active now in modifieds and many part time teams there’s got to be a story in all this somewhere.

  5. Experimental 4 link? Did not know they were something new. They’ve been around forever. Steffie had one in the Burnham X6, yep the car he won the championships and all those races with in the 90’s.

  6. You definitely have a unique style Earl and it’s been particularly evident the last few days noting your posts. I’m in a spritely mood this afternoon on the cusp of a number of fantastic races over the next 5 days so lets see if I can explain the style I see that I find so unique.

    Dave Sapienza. I posted a Facebook entry by Judy Thilberg that you copy and pasted in the same thread explaining it was all that needed to be known about the Sapienza’s boycott of Vanada promoted NWMT races. While it was all you needed to know it was not all that needed to be known. The entire other side of the story actually was never known but that did not interest you in the slightest.

    Your five points of proving great customer service. They all seem to be good points as far as customer service goes the problem being customer service is only part of running a successful business. You’re defining Sapienza as the customer and Vanada as the business that is not being responsive. We’ll forget the fact that the track, NASCAR and Vanada were all one target for Sapienza’s rant when they are three different entities. More importantly NASCAR teams while being customers in some respects are also assets or in their case the talent. Talent that has a value you expect to have to attract through a number of different incentives including money and treating them as a valued asset. However when talent becomes a pain in the ass making dumbass public statements on a number of occasions, becomes a drama a queen more trouble then he’s worth then you treat that person accordingly. I don’t know that to be the case here but it could be. You on the other hand have the one side of the story and it’s all you need to know.

    Preece on the 4 link suspension- in 2017 Preece put out a Facebook video leading up to New Smyrna in which he mentioned the 4 link he was working on with Mike Paquette and that is the point of my reference to it. I have never built or raced a 4 link but I think it’s safe to assume there is more then one way to design it with multiple interacting variables that I’m sure was Preece’s point at the time. What you did was isolate the 4 link reference and define it like I was representing it as something new that the context of my entry clearly never intended.

    So what is my point? It would be that you particularly Earl know what you know and it’s all you need to know to form and support your opinion. If you like one side of the story that’s enough for you and you’re done. The problem I have in responding to your barbs is I never share your view that what you know is all that is worth knowing. Your opinions carved in granite, mine constantly subject to revision based on new information even if it’s contrary to the opinion I’ve formed.
    I read that Sapienza is off this weekend checking out yachts. I got a chuckle out of that thinking of you Earl. He’s off thinking about playing on water and you supporting him so vehemently may be moving to a place where there is so little of it. There has to be some kind of irony there.
    Go ahead and throw your darts Earl. I pick them up and save them like for entries such as this.

  7. “Your five points of proving great customer service. They all seem to be good points as far as customer service goes the problem being customer service is only part of running a successful business”.

    Douglas, customer service is the most important part of running a successful business. Why you ask? When you have no customers left because they are not happy with the way they are being treated then you have no business. Pretty simple.

  8. Douglas, how formal. I’ve been saving a nickname I didn’t want to break out without cause but that will do it. Cactus Earl. It’s perfect. A quiver full of darts and dry sense of humor.
    I saw a news item last week on The News Hour With Judy Woodruff on Lake Mead being at a record low level. It appears that it will affect not just the water supply but the power generation from the Hoover Dam. I thought of you Cactus Earl. I’m worried. Worried your perspective that knowing what you know would exclude the possibility that climate change is not real nor it’s affect on regional climate. You think I’m mocking you for moving there but I’m not. I’m genuinely concerned about the drought in the western states. I know you’d be a great addition to Maricopa County Republicans supporting their nutty election gyrations. As well as the low taxes, gun friendly laws and libertarian philosophy but come on man. You don’t want to be counting your daily toilet flushes do you?
    Folks that stress customer service generally work for large companies that are sophisticated with a well defined structure. There are numerous considerations that must be mastered before you even get to a full throated customer service policy. In this case it makes no difference because Sapienza is not a customer he’s talent and may be such a big pain in the ass he’s not worth the effort to keep him happy.
    As I write this I’m watching the Oswego race. It’s mid race but is setting up to be one of the best races of the season. It would have been nice to have the 36 there but he isn’t missed and hopefully he’s enjoying looking at yachts.

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