Fast Funnies: Have You Seen Me?

Fast Funnies is a semi-regular feature at RaceDayCT which takes a comical look at topics within the local short track racing scene through the eyes of KB.  


  1. Fast Eddie says

    Now that’s funny!!

  2. Gone , But not Forgotten, I doubt it was Ronnie’s Decision, Strongly doubt it. Hockey Player’s just are not made or shaped to QUIT on anything…. We get hit Hard, We take your Number and deliver a Harder hit later in the game . We get cut, we stitch up, Or bandage up… and get back out there and get stitched later. Hit by the puck , suck it up . PAIN IS TEMPORARY , QUITTING LASTS FOREVER is OUR MOTTO .. we don’t quit … Guys who never played Hockey just don’t Understand… Guys who never played ,,. Get HIT ,and don’t like to take hit’s, they pick up their equipment and leave the Rink …. Believe Me .. Ronnie wanted to get right back out there and Race Hard and Fast and lean on those who wanted to play….Deliver a hit right back and say ” FUN GAME ” let’s PLAY…..!!!!!

  3. Hockey players are like badgers and wolverines. Mess with them at your own risk. They will leave you alone as long as you leave them alone. Mess with them and you made a big mistake.

    All hockey players visit a penalty box once in a while.

    Nothing to see here, move along.

  4. Young Buck says

    I’ve seen him P4 at Loudon pushed the 6 to victory could have won with a drafting partner P4 at Star not too bad.

  5. Young Buck says

    Notice the 50 Team hasn’t said a word all true professionals, Adam works his butt off at his full time job then works 20 plus hours a week at the race shop results will follow great bunch of people. Great publicity more sponsorship to follow.

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