RaceDayCT Daily Poll: Who Has Been The Most Impressive Driver In Camping World SRX Series Events?

Saturday at Lucas Oil Raceway just outside of Indianapolis, Ernie Francis Jr. became the third different winner in four Camping World SRX Series events thus far. Francis joined Tony Stewart – who has won two events – and Doug Coby as series winners. Today’s Daily Poll question asks, through four of six events, who has been the most impressive driver in SRX Series competition? Vote below.


  1. I’m a little late this year but try to make it a point to acknowledge another mile stone for this site. In June it’s been 9 years. Starting up back in 2012, a specialized niche site with no well established business model in the space to emulate with Stafford Speedway as the home base. Publisher, editor, business manager, head of marketing, tech specialist, web administrator one guy wears all the hats. At least that’s what I believe is the case. Most of the hats anyway. From zero income to a pretty strong list of marketing partners and a core of monthly supporters rewarded with the Unmuffled series. A chance to get personal insights into the people whose names we know so well but for the most part don’t really know at all. It’s been a 9 year overnight success.
    I’m not exactly sure how long I’ve followed this site but it’s something like 6 or 7 years. Pretty knowledgeable about Stafford what RaceDayCt has done is open up the entire world of racing in the Northeast with the emphasis on modified racing. Now combined with the exposure racing has gotten from streaming the race fans ability to engross themselves in the sport is unprecedented should they so desire. We oldies pine for the glory days of racing of our youth. Somehow memories are always more glorious then the present but in this case it’s not true. These are the glory days. If a fan is really interested in local racing there is no better time then now. First a fan can see more local racing from more venues then ever before. That same fan can get more information on the events then ever before and share that interest with people of like mind via social media and this very web site.
    Over the weekend I was chatting with a person that has absolutely no interest in local racing and never has. He got wind of the dust up at Stafford, conducted and web search and guess what popped up? That’s right RaceDayCt. Over the 9 years that RaceDayCt has been active the amount of content on stories with specifics you can’t find in any other place comes up as RaceDayCt in the web search. Just so we’re clear that content will be there pretty much for posterity so in a way Mr. Courchesne has achieved a measure of immortality and a real legacy in the sport no matter what happens from this point forward.
    All this time the publisher has maintained and moderated the comment section on a daily basis. There have been occasional breaks but you could probably count them on one hand. We just assume if we write a comment that it will be moderated and published within a short time. The greatest tribute we can give to Mr. Courchesne is how little thought we give the entire process. I’ve said it before. No one else would do this so reliably over an extended period of time and the period of time just keeps getting longer.. And make no mistake, it’s not the RaceDayCt staff sharing the duties it’s essentially one person. One person daily, on vacation, at the track trying to follow races and write stories all the time with an eye on the comments coming in, moderating and publishing them. Numerous times a day. Every day. No days off.
    Every year about this time I take a minute to appreciate Mr. Courchesne and what he has accomplished and every year wonder if this is the year he flames out. The pandemic shut down was the perfect time to take an extended break. It happens to most of us at one time or another just doing the same thing too long. What did he do he came up with the Quarantine Chronicles to fill the void. 17 episodes filled with a menagerie of topics to keep us all engaged. No the flame out did not happen over the last year so now we’re on to a milestone it would appear the 10th anniversary of RaceDayCt.
    I think there’s a good chance he’ll make it.

  2. Sharpie Fan says

    I second that.

  3. Happy Anniversary R>D>Conn.!!!!! It feels good to say ‘” THANK YOU SHAWN “!!!!!!!

  4. Fast Eddie says

    Congratulations to Shawn for continuing to provide us with THE best source of northeast racing and Modifieds in particular!

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