Chuck Hossfeld Not Running Whelen Modified Tour Rumble At The Ridge 200 At Beech Ridge

Chuck Hossfeld (Photo: Jim DuPont/RaceDayCT)

Editor’s Note: At some point after this story was published Thursday, NASCAR removed Chuck Hossfeld from their published entry. JR Bertuccio was added to the entry list as the driver of the Joe Bertuccio owned No. 2 entry.

On Thursday morning the NASCAR Roots Facebook account posted some interesting statistical trivial in advance of Saturday’s Whelen Modified Tour Rumble at the Ridge 200 at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway in Scarborough, Maine.

The Whelen Modified Tour hasn’t competed at Beech Ridge since 2005.

The NASCAR Roots page post on Thursday morning highlighted that only two drivers on the entry list for Saturday – Doug Coby and Chuck Hossfeld – have turned laps in Whelen Modified Tour action at Beech Ridge.

The problem being, only one of the drivers highlighted will actually be racing at Beech Ridge on Saturday.

Hossfeld confirmed to RaceDayCT Thursday that he will not be competing in the Rumble at the Ridge 200 at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway.

Hossfeld said to his knowledge team owner Joe Bertuccio did not file an entry for the race. He said the team never had any intentions on running the event. Whelen Modified Tour series director Jimmy Wilson said the Bertuccio team did file an entry for the event. Bertuccio was not immediately available.

Hossfeld is one of 23 names on the entry list NASCAR released for the event on Wednesday afternoon. As of 3 pm Thursday no teams on the list were designated to have withdrawn from the event.

NASCAR Cup Series driver Ryan Preece is also on the entry list released by NASCAR. Preece – who has an appearance scheduled in Michigan on Saturday afternoon for Cup Series sponsor Kroger – said Wednesday that he would not be competing in the Beech Ridge event.

Now without Hossfeld in the event, the current published entry list from NASCAR has been pared to 20 teams. KLM Motorsports team owner Mike Murphy said Wednesday his team will not run the event after parting ways with driver Timmy Solomito.

Hossfeld has run six of nine Whelen Modified Tour events this year for the Bertuccio owned team.


  1. Wow.

    This is turning into a joke. Can’t even believe the entry list anymore. No wonder it doesn’t come out a week before the event anymore.

    And the 01 team is going wild because the couple extra points they will get for showing up. Can’t and don’t have to make this stuff up.

  2. Last paragraph in NASCARs synopsis of Stafford:

    “ Up next for the Whelen Modified Tour is a trip to Beech Ridge Motor Speedway on Aug. 21 for the Rumble at the Ridge 200, the first time in 16 years that the tour has visited the Scarborough, Massachusetts, 1/3-mile.”

    They don’t check to make sure track is in the correct state. Doubt they are overly concerned about incorrect entry list

  3. James Schaefer says

    Remember there is a race at Evergreen on Sunday that Chuck is running.. Doing Buffalo to Maine to PA isn’t easy.

  4. Jason Cunningham says

    I would just say, though I’m five years removed from being involved at this point, that developing the entry lists are far from a perfect process. And it is not the fault of any one party alone. It takes considerable work to get an accurate entry list. Some entries would be filed early, some late. Some would include all of the information, some would have missing driver and sponsor names. Sometimes an entry is sent in well in advance, but circumstances change and they end up not going. Sometimes teams just show up with little or no advance notice. It was not uncommon for upwards of 10 pieces of data to change on an entry list the day of the race. This is almost always a fluid situation, especially as you get later in the season. It has just garnered a bit more attention this week.

  5. 20car field is WEAK for NWMT. There has to be adjustments made to bring this once proud Tour back to SOME semblance of what it was. I am not taking a pot shot here, but there has to some changes here to get the teams to show up. Although from what I see here, NASCAR really does not SEEM to care one bit.

  6. Wait Beechridge speedway moved to MA. I am going to have to check it out. now that its so close I used to have to drive all the way up to Maine to go to beechridge. You know someone is Googling maps Beechridge speedway MA and going where is it? It says right here in the Nascar press release. They know where the race is going to be held.

    This is getting kind of sad. The tour used to be the pinnacle of racing in the Northeast. Its tough to watch it slowly decline while they struggle to attract cars and put out accurate press releases. Not to mention they now run the vast majority of their shows outside the geographic area now. Is this how the Nascar southern modified tour came to a demise. I would be much more concerned if there werent alternatives.

  7. WMT; the red headed bastard stepchild of NASCAR. And certain individuals defend them to the end. 20 and counting.

  8. Wicked Porgy says

    The Tour is in trouble. At best, there will be 19 competitive cars at the Ridge. You can’t count the 01 who was nearly 3 seconds a lap off the pace at Stafford. For years I enjoyed the Tour at Thompson for great action and full fields. Nothing lasts forever I guess.

  9. The Atomic Punk says

    Ken L. as I’m sure you know Nascar did not care about the Tour 30 years ago with Better drivers and more cars and unfortunately I don’t think that will ever change. If only I didn’t Love a full blown Tour Mod so much. They had me at Hello.

  10. to not have the tour at thompson is the begining of the end for me,we read about all the reasons easy fix, just sad to see it going this way.

  11. This should not be all that surprising. Couple teams, such as the 3 and 75, stated they were not going to run a series full time, but pick and choose races. This is one of the longer travel races, and hence a low probability attendance event, and perhaps the straw that breaks a camel’s back. This could be the event that was the deciding factor for teams that were struggling. Oh well. Bummer the way things worked for Lutz.

    Unless your goal is to collect as many points as possible for attending and participating. This is too funny and sad. The 01 looks like it will jump up two spots from this race. It will then be right behind Preece and Lutz. The next race it will probably gain two more spots on Preece and Lutz. That’s four spots in two races. Cha-ching! 💰 💰 💰 💰 💰 💰 💰

    But it will still be exciting to see how it plays out between JBon and Emerling, and then down through the rest of the top 10. We’ll have to wait until they get around to tabulating the points and posting them.

  12. Chuck is the man anyway, stay close to home and win…

  13. BOBBY SOMERS says

    Tour needs to breakaway from NASCAR- Then join up with the southern Mods and you will see a pretty good car count.

  14. wmass01013 says

    Can we alll just enjoy the STAFFORD OPEN no matter how many cars, The Ruble at the Ridge,no matter how many cars, Open whell Wednesday, no matter how many cars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Well Well Well…..where is WMASS ?Is NASCAR inflating the entry list to attaract fans?HMMM….something fishy here.They can engrave Matty’s name on that trophy today.This will be classic cherry picking….The 01 may get a top 15 finish which will be the lead story as she gets her first top 15….This series is comical,hell the six shooter feature at Star looks more exciting than this race….more like the Bumble in the Woods.

  16. wmass01013,
    I don’t think the issue involved here is so much about the number of cars on the entry list. It’s about selling an event to fans by using names that won’t actually be there.

  17. The Atomic Punk says

    I hear ya Mudbus. Some like the pretty and fast Mods and some like the Slower ones… Just because there are 8 more of them at a race…… I go to a Resturant because the food is good, You go based on the number of tables. Understood. My only question is What NWMT did not give you the autograph that has clearly turned you off to the Tour? I want to help.

  18. could be worse as entry list has 5 non regulars 3 Swanson’5 Ebersole 14 Measmer 60 Hirschman and 20 Ricci left with about a 15 car field tour is sad

  19. Reading the update up top the 2 car is/was in fact entered in the race with JR as the driver? The entry list was correct then? The only thing incorrect was the driver originally listed which could have been a team 2 oversight as Jason spoke about. The press releases would also have been correct based on the info in hand when they were released. The final updated list today will also be correct. All this over a minor entry form error?

  20. The 01..misplaced the crayons……

  21. 🍹🍹🍹Liz Cherokee🍹🍹🍹 says

    Please, let’s not be ignorant. Melissa already has a top 15 finish on WMT. In fact, she already has 17 top 20 finishes. Some of you boys cannot see clearly beyond your radiator cap!
    I’m at restaurant at Boathouse Waterfront Hotel in Kennebunkport if any of you gear heads want to come over and muddle the mint. Bottoms up boys! 🍸🍸🍸🍾🥂

  22. Atomic I understand your reasoning of quality over quantity, however if that quality were only 10, that would NOT be a good race. You do need some “Filed Fillers”. NASCAR has thrived because of that. Look at F1. There are only 2 or 3 realistic winners at any given race. WHY go to a race when the outcome is just about pre-determined, minus any major catastrophe. I also DESPISE the Straight up start of time trials. I understand the best should be rewarded. I personally think a Top 10 redraw could make things a little more exciting. I prefer the Heat Race format of Tr-Track and Stafford Opens. They make for a chance of an interesting race.

  23. The Atomic Punk says

    All makes sense now Mudbus….. I’ll say this and leave it… If Richie Evans, Bugsy Stevens, Charlie J, or Leo Cleary to name a few were racing this weekend ( I’m aware you have zero idea who any of them are ) they’d be doing it on the NWMT.

  24. 20 cars, why bother. Nascar the dictator sucks. I keep saying it, owners and drivers need to break away from nascar and Whelen, try to get NOS Energy drink as a sponsor. World of Outlaws run 40 laps for 50k. These guys need to run under a different sanction. Many tracks dropped Nascar.

  25. Betting there would be more cars if was promoted by the track and the mod tour then by Josh. His track record over the last few years hasn’t been good. Who remembers the bullring bash series. Reading on his schedule they are having an autograph session behind the grandstands. Well you actually leave the facility when you go behind the main grandstands and the bathrooms are behind the one turn bleachers. Makes one wonder if josh has even been to the track. The track gives all the prime parking to the lower level classes and the tour will be stuck down back in the sand. Bring your plywood

  26. The 51 is already on the road. With the storm tracking a little further west and in the travel path for many returning home seems like they might want to consider recalling all the teams and sit this one out at home.

  27. wmass01013 says

    Honestly Shawn, do i think NASCAR is inflating an entry list for what, maybe Preece will get you a few bodies, but no offense to Chuck Hossfeld, Tim Solomito, Craig Lutz or anyone else Not entered, i think Most fans who either are close or want tp travel to The Ridge to see a race will go no matter who is on the list, Honestly i will be schocked if Ebersol and Measmer Show up!!
    Entry list are nice but Not 100 acccurate, i think until earlier this week Andy Jankowiak has been on every STAFFORD open ENTRY LIST and has maybe shown 1 time, if at alll, teams send in entries i think just to have a spot in case they decide to run, how many time has Ken Heagy entered and withdrawn? and not picking on Jankowiak who i CONGRATULATE ON WINNING TOMMY/TONY race, i was at Stafford the day Tony passed, i always liiked the way that 73 car looked.
    So again lets enjoy the final 10 mod races left before a hurricane and winter hits

  28. Punk….grew up watching those guys…Westboro,Seekonk,Thonpson,Stafford,Riverside Park…you name it been there…don’t insult my intelligence..

  29. The Atomic Punk says

    Not insulting your intelligence Mudbus…. I am however questioning your Knowledge of the Series.

  30. Over the last forever, how many times has someone looked over the NWMT entry list and decided not to go?

  31. Look, as it is now, there are ten pretty decent cars running for the top 10 in points. The rest are just wannabes. This happens with short fields or full fields. The top 10 or so cars put on the show, and we really have no idea what is going on further back. That’s the way it has been forever, you know who is expected to place top 5, top 10 and further back. It’s no surprise.

  32. Punk,grew up 2 streets over from George Summers….enuff said

  33. The Atomic Punk says

    …. and I grew up down the road from a Dr,’s office…. and I’m far from a Doctor….. But I’ll take your word.

  34. Muddbus, do you live in a Holiday Inn Express?

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