RaceDayCT Daily Poll: How Many Different SK Modified Winners Will There Be At Stafford In 2021?

Friday night Todd Owen became the eighth different winner in 11 SK Modified features this year at Stafford Speedway in 2021. Eight SK Modified events remain on the schedule this season. So today’s Daily Poll question asks how many SK Modified winners will there be at Stafford in 2021? Vote below.


  1. Sure you can do this again closer to the finish line with more the half the results already known but how about a review of the predictions when it was all mostly unknown.
    This is the second bite of the apple on this poll. In May the results showed 33% for five, six and seven so a third are wrong already.
    32% at eight was the top prediction making them so far the smartest in the class but one more puts they as well in the wrong category.
    Nine got 15%, ten 14% and more then ten 6% and they are all still in play.
    I didn’t know then and don’t know now. I certainly never would have thought Narducci would be on the list.
    As for declared regulars in this forum Suitcase Jake, Fast Eddie and Earl are still in the hunt all agreeing the number will be 10 after the final SK modified checkers fall.
    Owen, Kopcik, Christopher, Rocco, Hines, Dowling, Narducci and Williams the winners so far.
    Who’s left that can win. Rufrano has to be at the top of the list. Otherwise like Narducci it may take a blue moon for guys like Moeller, Hodgdon, Arute, Vassar or Gervais to win.
    Statistically and knowing the lap times all the teams are turning I don’t see any way 10 or more different drivers end up winning and in fact don’t see how one more will leaving one more blue moon. Regardless it’s already a banner season with the eight and Williams and Rocco effectively out of the points race. The previous limited group of potential winners has been shattered, it’s a new day and the we fans are the beneficiaries.
    Speaking of Williams he was not at the Speedbowl last Saturday so the question is will be see him Friday in the SK’s or is the 50 team pouring all their effort into tour mods now?

  2. Stafford got this series right, the SKs are an incredibly competitive series. Other series operators could and should learn from what Stafford achieved.

  3. Rafter fan says

    Neither Williams nor the Bear has appeared at the Bowl recently. Perhaps they’ll show for the next Racing Guys event there.

  4. The 50 will be at Stafford for the tour race then at the Bowl in the SK 50 on Saturday.

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