RaceDayCT Poll: Who Will Be The Next First Time Whelen Modified Tour Winner

Before the 2024 Whelen Modified Tour season opening event at New Smyrna Speedway in February we asked who you thought would be the next first time winner on the Whelen Modified Tour. An overwhelming 40.7 percent of the 386 voters chose Jake Johnson from the 10 choices available. Saturday Jake Johnson did become the next first-time winner on the Whelen Modified Tour when he was victorious in the Granite State Derby at Monadnock. So let’s try it again, who do you think will be the next first-time winner on the Whelen Modified Tour? Vote below.


  1. Imo, last pole was like shootin’ fish in a barrel with ole blue.
    This time, not so easy to me…..

  2. Of course I meant to say, last time poll of “next first time winner “……
    I gotta proof read better…..

  3. Bob Grinex says

    no one from Connecticut, that’s for sure

  4. Enduro59 says

    I went with “Other” although I didn’t have anyone in mind.
    The Catalalanos have been good for at least one caution flag per race so far but IMO Tommy is the only one right now that could win if the stars align.
    Fortin maybe at Riverhead someday after Bonsigore retires.
    Krause has run good at several tracks lately but I can’t see him winning anywhere but Wall and it ain’t on the schedule this year.
    Labonte is a winner and Champion in higher divisions but is only racing part time. Probably tour mods are too competitive these days for anybody to just drop in and be a first time winner.
    Robie is good at Monadnock; finished 7th there Saturday. He’s got two more chances there this year but I can’t see him winning anywhere else.
    Rypkema might just be the next new winner if “Other” don’t. Didn’t I see him park it early alongside K Bonsigore in the pits Saturday. I wonder if they both lunched a NU$CAR spac engine or something else put them out of the race?
    Sapienza is a proven winning car owner on the tour but him winning as a driver would be like George Blanda being the starting quarterback for a winning super bowl team back in the 70s.
    Sesely needs to get some more top 5s before he could flat out win one like Johnson did Saturday or even have a chance for one to fall in his lap.
    Ronnie Williams would have been my pick for the next first time winner if he was racing more in the 50 car; (only New Smyrna) this year. I can’t see him winning in the 99 while just dropping in on occasion.
    If Shawn has a poll about which track on the Whelen schedule will produce the next first time winner I would vote for North Wilkesboro. I’m usually wrong more than I am right but I think the new pave job there will not have the good results that Monadnock had for their first race Saturday ; but rather lightening fast lap times with no second groove. Does anybody know what the track record for tour mods was/is at Monadnock?
    New Hampshire could beat N Wilkesboro in producing the next first time winner if a modified version of “the big one” was to occur.
    Now watch one of the Riverhead regulars win on May 18th. Oh well, I guess after all these years that is still why they”race em”.

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