RaceDayCT Daily Poll: Which Track Would You Most Like To See The Tri-Track Open Modified Series Compete?

The Tri-Track Open Modified Series has three tracks on its schedule in 2021 with events scheduled for Seekonk (Mass.) Speedway, Star Speedway in Epping, N.H. and Monadnock Speedway in Winchester, N.H. If you could choose to add an event for the series at one more track, which track would you choose from the list below? Vote below.


  1. Jimmy King says

    Tri-Track Spring Sizzler! How many cars would show and how much hype would that create? $10,000 to win and it would be like Field of Dreams…build it and they will come.

  2. Now see this is one of those deals that drives me nuts. Is it just a fun little poll thrown to the winds for entertainment or is there something afoot that makes in valuable feedback for a possible decision?

    “Poll: Would You Buy Pay-Per-View Broadcasts Of Racing From Stafford Speedway?”

    That was June 2, 2020 and guess what happened not very long afterwards.
    My conspiracy is every track listed is camouflage for one track in play.
    No I’m not trolling for an answer but if something pops down the road this one has a pin in it.

  3. Young Buck says

    Keep the name TriTrack and race at Stafford it would be a great show.

  4. Tri Track has had races at Lee, Oxford, and Stafford. I think Tri track had a race schedule at Claremont last year but was cancelled or moved to another track due to the pandemic. NHMS, Stafford and Thomson would be good shows but I still prefer Tri Track on smaller tracks. Therefore, I was deciding between Thunderroad and White Mountain. I went Thunder Road mainly because it has been a long time since Modifieds have raced there. I dont remember when the last MRS race was at Barre VT but I am thinking it must be a minimum 5 years probably closer to 10 years ago now. It probably wont be the biggest field up there, but it would be a great excuse to go up there and check out all the renovations they have made. Thinking Stafford will win this one easily given the websites audience and success of last years show.

  5. TTOMS ran at Stafford and it was demonstrated that TTOMS is not a horsepower track series. TTOMS needs to stay in their lane, and that is bullrings.

    Once they start attempting horsepower tracks, the horsepower tracks will cause more frequent engine refreshes ($$$$).

    Once you get off the bullrings, it gets more expensive.

  6. Fast Eddie says

    I think Stafford is best off doing their Opens as is with more purse-building, something they are one of the best at based on the many sponsors they have. The TriTrack series was built on small tracks, and I think it’s better for them to stick with 1/4, 1/3, and 3/8 mile tracks. I saw one at Claremont before, and the unique shape is pretty cool. Also saw one at Lee before, I think it works with the tire change available. Beech Ridge would work for the same reason. Based on the WMT races I saw there, WMMP would be a real good option. I think one of the big points for any track having one is to have it on a Saturday or Sunday. Give us southern New England fans the chance to get there for it without taking a day off work to do so.

  7. All of the above.

  8. White Mountain in July 22.

  9. Waterford!!!!

  10. Thunder Road, Beech Ridge, Oxford Plains, White Mountain all great tracks for sure. Why on earth would to take a very limited series and waste a race out where they love their Late Models? The Bull Ring Bash flopped so why not learn from that lesson?
    The Tri Track brand is short track centered and it should and will stay that way. Which is not to say there can’t be exceptions like the CBYD Modified Classic 81.
    It’s not like the shorter tracks make it possible for dark horses to get a win at least not lately. The favorites win races. The fall Tri Track race at Stafford showed Dowling, Williams, Hirschman, Bonsignor, Swanson, Savary, Hinkley, Owen, Silk and Myers in the top 10. Sounds very Tri Track doesn’t it?
    26 cars at Monadnock showed there isn’t any magic to shorter tracks in terms of car counts. Stafford very well could beat them this Friday if registrations hold up. Bigger crowds? You guys that were at Monadnock would know better but the pics make it look like you didn’t have to wait in line getting access to refreshments or the rest rooms.
    Stafford and Tri Track both said at separate times they had a good experience working together last year a date this year was just not available. Could have been happy talk or it might be true.
    2022 will produce wild cards none of us can anticipate at this point in time especially with all the negativity around NASCAR sanctioned events. I don’t think one Tri Track race at Stafford would ruin the brand at all. Two NWMT races in the spring and fall, 4 Stafford Opens the number Mark Arute said felt “right” and one Tri Track event has a nice ring to it in my view.

  11. I would like to see the TTOMS stay on the bull ring type of track since that’s how it was originally born. I think Waterford is the perfect track for an expansion if that were in the cards. If not Riverhead is my #2 choice.

  12. Stafford,big pay day last year. But I think it should be for Tri Track drivers only, not tour drivers or other drivers that are not on their roster.

  13. Viva Race Fan says


  14. Now that Stafford has allowed the Spec Motor, they have no need for a TTOMS show, they can put money on their own program. I voted Riverhead, already a stable of local cars plus 27-35 TTOMS would be a home run IMO.

  15. Shawn must really have an axe to grind against Waterford for leaving them off this list and including tracks where Late Models are king.

  16. RaceDay Q&A with Ed Bennet on 4/28/21 is worth a reread. All roads point due north.

  17. wmass01013 says

    WAY TO GO MIKE, such positive open thinking, limit your entries, that’s a sure fire way to be profitable!!!!
    |And you TOUR DRIVERS, don’t even think about trying to be on the ROSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Thor,
    The list of tracks put together for this poll includes current tracks that the Tri-Track Open Modified Series management would realistically entertain the idea of approaching to put on event. It is my understanding that based on the current ownership/management situation at the Speedbowl the management of the Tri-Track Series is not interested in putting on events there. If I put up a poll asking what tracks in New England would you want to see the Whelen Modified Tour go to I wouldn’t include the Speedbowl in that either because at this time there’s no realistic expectation it could happen because NASCAR won’t run events there with the current ownership in place. No axe to grind here, just being realistic about the facts and what’s in play.

  19. masks optional says


  20. Speedbowl is/was perfect for tri-track…I remember when they started running there they got the biggest fields of the year (save for Seekonk) back in those days. I remember once they split the field into two and ran 35 lap mini features to set the main race of 65 laps. That was an awesome/creative format.

  21. Oh, c’mon Shawn, these guys don’t let facts get in the way.

    You should know that by now.

  22. Rich, great point on the Riverhead choice. I’ll bet between the the TTOMS & Riverhead regulars the potential for car counts could very well match or even exceed what Stafford pulled for their TTOMS show last year.

  23. Yes that format the Speedbowl used, twin 35’s that each paid a purse then the 65 feature that paid a purse as well was great. Was there that day and the competition was fierce. Made for a great show!

  24. YES ! The Big Show at the Waterford Speedbowl . If not the 3/8 Chumung Speedrome would do just fine (Everybody loved the Bodine family) Why have to travel to Maine or Vermont ?

  25. It’s pretty clear the Speedbowl is ideal for not only Tri Track but a lot of other series including the NWMT. Especially with the finishing touches needed starting with the announcers tower the track could have a very bright future. The problem being the same one that prevents beer from being sold at the track. As soon as you see a beer line Tri Track may not be far behind.

  26. I voted Stafford, however, I love the Open shows and if they boost the purse just a bit, to where each is closer to $5000 to win and maybe 400 to start, and plan one a month, I think they could be into something big

  27. The Atomic Punk says

    Was going to pick one. Got worried the others would’ve been “insulted”.

  28. Fast Eddie says

    I was also at the Speedbowl 35/65 event, one of the better TriTrack races I’ve seen. That might be a cool way to differentiate two races at the same track in a season. make the formats a little different from one to the other to provide a different set of strategies even though it’s the same track. How about this on a 1/4 mile track: 10 lap heats to set up 2 40 lap “B” mains, then an 80 lap feature?

  29. knuckles mahoney says

    If I was running the series this is what I would try for. 2 races at Monadnock. 2 at Star. 2 at Seekonk. 1 at Lee. 1 at Stafford. 1 at Thompson.

  30. 🌈🦄2020 says

    The tri track events at Waterford drew huge fields and great races. Just ask Dafella 😂😂😂🤡

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