Doug Coby And Justin Bonsignore On Episode 105 Of Unmuffled

On Episode 105 of Unmuffled we catch up with six-time NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour champion Doug Coby as he readies to head to Richmond Raceway this week with the series. We’ll also talk with two-time Whelen Modified Tour champion and current series points leader Justin Bonsignore, who goes to Richmond looking to take one step closer to his third series title.

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  1. You may want to escape politics by wrapping yourself in the cocoon of racing but these guys just won’t let you even in the heat of the racing season. Mosey over to social media to see what their thoughts are on the huge race coming up at Richmond and there he is, one of my favorite guys slapping me in the face with the “lib” label.
    Coby the college educated, silky tongued devil with no compunction to laying his belief system at the social media front door is expected but not the surprise here. Could always count on Justin Bonsignor for his good natured racing first social media posts but alas he too has made his contempt for the other side clear as well.
    The topic Long Island roads and Andrew Cuomo. Both bad obviously and his post opening up a can of worms.
    “Hey Andy Cuomo, if you pay for basically every LI road to be paved out of YOUR pocket, you will probably get away with this nonsense too”
    18 posts to follow and along the line Justin gets to take a shot at one of his perceived rivals.
    “ damn even you libs are turning on him? Lmao”
    Nothing from Doug Coby but Doug Coby Sr chimes in with a meme mocking Cuomo and Bill Clinton as sexual predators but strangely leaving out the guy on their side of the political aisle clearly in the same category. ‘
    I can’t unread it. We fans that fall into the minority in the racing community politically definitely benefit from selective amnesia if we can master it being mocked in one forum then being expected to root for these guys while they are racing.

    None of that is present in the Unmufflled interviews with Coby and Bonsignor all business and at their best. Especially Coby who has no peer in the local racing communication providing insights and context that no other racing personality can do so skillfully in such a short space.
    So here’s the headline from this Unmuffled in my view that I gleaned from reading between the lines. The NWMT is ending in a sprint and early opening the door for NWMT teams to prioritize the 300 and Haunted Hundred. At least that’s Coby’s mind set if his equipment holds up. He provides an insight to the engine package for the 300 that was a bit of a surprise that other teams with a spec engine may share.
    Maybe I am looking to hard between the lines but perhaps this season could end a bit different with a large contingent of NWMT cars in non NWMT races. Not in cold, unpleasant conditions at the very end of the season but in prime fall racing slots with all of modified nation watching. And taking the supposition a step further with the NASCAR power brokers watching and calculating counter moves for their 2022 schedule that dare I say involve Thompson or some other major league venue.

  2. Nuts and Bolts…

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