Doug Dunleavy Takes Over Ownership Of Eddie Harvey Racing Whelen Modified Tour Team

Doug Dunleavy working with Eddie Harvey Racing at Thompson Speedway (Photo: Shawn Courchesne/RaceDayCT)

The name Doug Dunleavy is well known across the realm of the Northeast short track racing scene.

Dunleavy has been a longtime supporter in multiple facets of both drivers and tracks.

Now the Connectictut businessman is taking the big step of full team ownership on the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour.

In 2020 Dunleavy took on a role as a partner in ownership of the Eddie Harvey Racing team with driver Woody Pitkat on the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour.

Now Dunleavy is taking over the whole operation.

Eddie Harvey announced Tuesday on Facebook that Dunleavy has taken over full ownership of his team.


  1. Just Me the Original was right already on one prediction and I’m guessing he’s going to be right again

  2. New Driver Doug Colby..1 less modified on the tour.

  3. Surprised Dunleavy didn’t just buy the 10 car operation, and call it Doug Squared.

  4. “New Driver Doug Colby..1 less modified on the tour.”

    Why? If Colby drives the #1, Doug Coby can still run his won #10 team.

  5. Doug Dunleavy already has a driver

  6. Dunleavy sending up smoke signals of what was to come well before the Fall Final.

    “Doug Dunleavy
    September 19 at 12:28 PM
    My Driver is Woody A Pitkat
    Our team is all 1
    Our Mission isn’t at Mars!
    If ya want to know
    We will be landing this Saturday night at Stafford Speedway in Ct.
    We may not have a fancy trailer for home, but we do have one goal in mind as a team
    Let’s win the last one.
    Fall Final let’s go!”

    The ownership of the 1 coming home to Connecticut and if memory serves is housed in the shop of (Cam) McDermott Motorsports Services.
    Good news for the 1 team, the NWMT and Woody Pitkat from all appearances. Maybe not so good for all the recipients of sponsorship the generous Doug Dunleavy has sprinkled throughout the local racing community.
    The chess game is afoot. Potential for new alignments of teams and some with stronger balance sheets then this past season.

  7. I’m just musing here.
    Does the fact that dunleavy who has been such a great supporter of all things modified, and sponsors a lot at Stafford, have any impact on whether Stafford hosts the WMT for any races next season?
    Couldn’t hurt? Or am I way off base.
    Anyway, a good thing has happened. I wish him, Woody, and the #1 team much success. Just like with the 07 this year, it would be terrific to see another top tier team develop with that right missing piece added (if they find it) to give the 51 a run for their money. Who knows if we see the 85 next year at all. I’m not sure about coby landing there or running his own team again. My own suspicion is a lot will shake out as the WMT announces where the dates will be. Personally, if the 85 does run again, I’d like to see Lutz have a shot at that ride. Don’t ya just love silly season?

  8. Eddie Harvey also sent out smoke signals prior to Stafford. Talking about his last trip northbound.

    Mr. Dunleavy’s next challenge is to find a pit crew. Pitted with the lead at BR. Went backwards. Pitted from second at Stafford. Went backwards. That is a problem.

  9. How about Jon McKennedy in the # 85 ,,, WOW that’s an Amazing Team and Driver COMBO .. !!!!! SILLY SEASON . Wide Open Throttle…

  10. Did McKennedy leave the 7ny. I know Mike Christopher jr was in there for a race or two because of Jon’s ISMA conflict but I didnt know he was out of the ride. Did MCjr take over the 7ny ride? I need a driver roster chart showing me all the comings and goings for next year

  11. CSG,
    There has been nothing announced by anyone concerning Jon McKennedy not being the driver of the TBR No. 7 Whelen Modified Tour entry going forward. Mike Christopher Jr. has been working with TBR on Tour Type Modified events away from the Modified Tour for two years. Not sure why all of the sudden everyone thinks because Christopher ran an ROC event for TBR that he’s replacing Jon with the Whelen Modified Tour ride.

  12. Good choice as well suitcase.
    While this is all conjecture, just like baseball hot stove talk, I love racing hot stove talk.
    But first things first.
    Will Kevin Stuart run next year?
    To me, that’s the most important question on that topic. Sure hope so. Top tier WMT car and team
    As for 7ny, in general, when that car came back to tour, I really thought that they would light the tour up. But to me, just a flash here and there. And In my humble opinion, I really don’t think it’s a driver issue. But other than that, I got nothing on why they are not more consistent.

  13. csg , That stuff was started by Doug on another story thread, Silly Season Predictions. Many people threw out some silly season predictions…. That’s where this stuff is coming from ….

  14. Well Doug will not get next years Sizzler back for the Tour maybe get one race at Stafford.

  15. Didn’t see anything saying Dunleavy was going to run the WMT , could be another shoe to fall

  16. Elect. You are correct.
    But hopefully…….

  17. Actually it wasn’t me it was Just Me-The Original that originally made the predictions.

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