Austin Beers To Run Full-Time For KLM Motorsports On Whelen Mod Tour In 2022

Austin Beers (left) with his father, former Whelen Modified Tour driver Eric Beers (right), at Riverhead Raceway on Sept. 18 (Photo: Fran Lawlor/RaceDayCT)

A race-to-race deal to close out the 2021 season has turned into a full-time relationship for driver Austin Beers and the KLM Motorsports NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour team.

Team owner Mike Murphy confirmed Saturday to RaceDayCT that the team will have Beers in place to run full-time on the Whelen Modified Tour in 2022.

“Austin is a good kid,” Murphy said. “He has a good track record so far for an 18-year old. His feet are on the ground. He doesn’t get upset about things, which is great. He’s very good to work with. I’m looking forward to it.”

Beers ran the final four events of the Whelen Modified Tour season for KLM Motorsports.

“The end of the year was good,” Murphy said. “We had a good run of races. The car was going way way better for those last four races.

“I know a lot of teams are falling by the wayside. It’s not easy right now, but we’re going to keep going with this. So far, I haven’t seen a schedule yet, but I’d say we’re running full-time. I turn 65 next year so maybe one more year of doing this.”

The 18-year old Beers made his Whelen Modified Tour debut driving for KLM Motorsports in the Toyota Mod Classic 150 at Oswego (N.Y.) Speedway on Sept. 4. He finished 20th in the event.

Beers grabbed a seventh place finish in the next event at Richmond (Va.) Raceway on Sept. 10. He was 15th in the Miller Lite 200 at Riverhead (N.Y) Raceway on Sept. 18  and closed out the season with a 13th place at the NAPA Fall Final 150 at Stafford on Sept. 25.

Beers was one of three drivers in the KLM Motorsports car over the 2021 season. Rob Summers ran the first two events of the season for the team. Timmy Solomito took over the ride for the third event of the season and ran seven races for the team before being replaced by Beers.


  1. That’s a whole lot better news than what we been hearing from tour team’s , now will we see the tour in Connecticut??

  2. Despite this story the negative trend regarding the NWMT is continuing. If the news is negative, the tone can’t be anything but negative so it follows the commentary will be negative. The only thing I disagree with is in October with not even a schedule released, the commentary that is interpreting this as some kind of climactic event.
    You can’t be publishing tidbits, inklings and dot connecting that are positive but there is some stuff out there that may show up later in the win column.
    Like Emerling saying he’s going for the championship next year. A very credible contributor to this forum says Coby may be working on something that could be good. Ryan Stone is loving the opener at New Smyrna and is hearing good things about the schedule. Fuller is saying TFR has an 18 car backlog not a bad sign and may play a big roll in the 79 in 2022. Stuart seemed to sell their equipment instantaneously that indicates someone is interested in top shelf equipment that may end up in NWMT events. McKennedy full time for the Haydt and Yannone Racing team and Phil Moran you know isn’t going to the 16 just to participate in opens here and there.
    Some commentary makes it sound like any team that runs tour races is being abused. There are actually a number of teams that are very loyal to the NWMT and like their structure and discipline. It’s unfair to imply they may not know what’s in their best interest.
    So far the New Smyrna and NHMS races are happening and getting good reviews. There may be other events in association with CUP events and no other group sanctioning modified events can provide that for modified teams. Stafford’s changing course for the Sizzler but mum on the other NWMT traditional dates. True the center of gravity for the tour may no longer be in Connecticut but it’s little arrogant to assume the series can’t survive without Connecticut tracks. Especially with the great Riverhead Raceway ready to take up the slack if that trend continues for 2022.
    It’s October, take a breath and show a little patience. It’s not just about the NWMT it’s more like a chess match. Each track and sanctioning group making moves that we won’t be able to judge until all the moves are made and the entire summer schedule is booked.
    The important thing is the entire population of tour modified teams is getting stronger so I’m very optimistic for 2022 even if some elements are disappointing.

  3. Doug,
    Jon McKennedy is going full time with a new team owned by Tim and Michele Lepine. Ron Silk is driving for Haydt-Yannone Racing.

  4. Knew it, sloppy writing. Sorry you have to spend time correcting my obvious errors.

  5. Doug,
    No worries and no need to apologize.

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