Daniel Eugene Kaminski On Episode 108 Of Unmuffled

Daniel Eugene Kaminski has spent his life around short track racing and in recent years has become a well-known fixture locally for his photography, his singing and the impact and connections he’s made within the sport.

Daniel is gay and doesn’t hide that fact when at the race track.

Unfortunately, he was the victim of an attack this past weekend at Thompson Speedway.

On Episode 108 of Unmuffled we talk with Daniel about his life in racing, his decision to have a presence in the sport as a gay man, the attack that took place and how he sees things going forward from that.

A huge segment of the local racing community has rallied behind Daniel in previous days. He said he’s not sure what he wants to see come out of the attack. He said he’d like to sit across the a table and confront the person who attacked him.

“A big part of the response of has been like “I’ll kick this dude’s ass, he better watch out. He needs to be afraid.’ I understand where that’s coming from and I completely get eye for an eye,” Kaminski said. “Roughneck retribution I think somebody called it.

“I have an issue where I tend to sympathize with the criminal and this is another part I have to unpack. I feel really bad for this person. … This person needed to do this and then did it. There’s just some damage there. I’ve always said I just don’t think punishment is a form of education. I think about what’s the most preventative outcome for this to happen again? Or where is the healing? What is the most healing element or course that would lead to reconciliation? I don’t think it’s violence. I don’t think this kid getting beat up is going to change the way he feels or whatever is in him that made him feel like he needed to do this. … I want to make sure that that’s clear coming from me. People will do what they do and I don’t know. I think this also part of me needing to untangle slowly so I don’t get knotted up.”

Listen to much more from Daniel in Episode 108 of Unmuffled.

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  1. Can we just put the attack over on one side of the room. A serious crime. Not one that you get to chose to press charges on the state determines that based on evidence since it’s a crime against society.. In this case a protected minority as well. Reporting it to Thompson and officially with the authorities critical. This Unmuffled segment painful but good in that it may increase the odds of someone coming forward to identify the assailant. Not to mention it puts rhetorical face on the victim behind the headline and not just gay guy gets sucker punched at the races.

    On the other side of the room there’s the larger point this segment deals with. Challenging accepted norms with a demographic not normally considered sympathetic to the kind of personal expression being exhibited.

    Kaminski is right. As a geezer brought up with the “when in Rome” mentality flamboyant, over the top behavior that sticks out in the environment in which it is demonstrated makes me uncomfortable. As a person that believes in the ideal and beauty of a truly loving relationship between a man and a woman having those belief’s challenged in an environment it’s not expected is something I prefer not to see.
    Kaminski is a walking contradiction saying at one time he’s sensitive to peoples reaction to him yet makes it a point to be who he is and enjoys the attention he gets. He also used more profanity in this segment then most anyone has employed in the Unmuffled venue that I can recall. An over the top guy using attention getting over the top words. Consistent but arguably a bit out of the time and place norm.
    This attention thing has an upside as well. The guy has a lot of friends in racing not the least of which is the entire Rocco inner circle it would appear. Not something a fan in a flannel shirt and jeans slumped over a beer in the stands might normally qualify for.
    So a lot of us are uncomfortable so what. I can speak for only myself but I can be made to feel uncomfortable and appreciate the point that’s being made at the same time.. If the racing community gets a vivid lesson in intolerance and the damage it can cause to a fellow human being then that’s progress I can support.
    Where I land on this is be what you have to be but understand the risks. Trailblazers rarely get free passes and instant acceptance. Wear the bruises and scars as a badge of honor for standing up for who you are and what you believe. And by all mean be aware of your surroundings and the risks they may expose you to.

  2. Canned carb says

    You just outed yourself as a homophobe. How can someone being over the top and proud of themselves after being in a community where “hiding in the closet” is what the majority of queer people do, not be over the top?

    Gay pride is about being oneself. You, as I presume, are probably a Cisgendered heterosexual white male, who will never be subjected to the injustices that the LGBTQ+ community endures on a daily basis.

    Daniel is a flamboyant gay man, maybe even the stereotype, and he know this. Just because he likes being over the top and knows it might cause issues, doesn’t mean he’s contradicting. It means the man has accepted what comes with being true to oneself.

    You comment on every post with a shed of negativity and many of the race goers have gone head to head with you. I cannot count how many times I’ve been appalled with some of the stuff you have written behind the screen of your phone and computer about people you barely have any sense of idea or knowing about.

    I think it’s time for “Doug” to reveal who he truly is. It seems like you’re merely just a hotheaded overly opinionated scum bag sometimes.

    From calling people names, to spreading misinformation about measly situations RacedayCT has brought up, to even bashing drivers.

  3. Thanks for the critique Canned carb. It’s always more fun to get positive reactions to what one writes but any and especially those signed up for Unmuffled are good to read as well even when I’m getting a good thrashing.
    I believe I expressed quite well some of the conflicting emotions many might feel regarding this topic. In comment forums the norm is to express opinions in terms of right and wrong or good and evil. I tend to see most things in shades of gray. With this issue we all should agree there is nothing to debate about the crime that was committed. The rest is trying to thread the needle on an ongoing societal issue that for a good number I suspect there is no gray area on. A recipe for strong reactions for sure like here..
    Regardless of the degree of anonymity I am quite sure I would be very comfortable in expressing those thoughts to Mr. Kaminsky in a private conversation. Moreover I do believe Mr. Kaminski would understand completely shades of gray. A good deal of the interview was his attempt to express his feelings dealing with all the shades of gray he has to live with daily to live the life he was meant to live.
    If you want to frame me as a “hotheaded overly opinionated scum bag” that’s your opinion and while not pleasant to read I’m sure many would agree with you. What I’d take issue with is generalization’s about specific behavior like this:

    “From calling people names, to spreading misinformation about measly situations RacedayCT has brought up, to even bashing drivers.”

    Most of those behaviors you’re accusing me of I try to avoid. If in the future you would challenge the specific instances instead of the vague references after the fact, a sharp pencil always makes the point better then blurred innuendo.
    I have noticed more sign ups for Unmuffled after particularly controversial events have taken place and Mr. Courchesne has done an Unmuffled interview on the topic. Mr. Kaminski unpacked a lot of information on the attack and what he is dealing with. If some folks get pissed off like Canned carb and sign up to hear the specifics on what this is all about so much the better.

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