RaceDayCT Daily Poll: How Many Whelen Modified Tour Events Will There Be In New England In 2022?

Rumors are swirling of possible additions or subtractions to the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour for 2022. In 2021 there were five Whelen Modified Tour events at New England ventues, with three at Stafford Speedway and one each at New Hampshire Motor Speedway and Beech Ridge Motor Speedway. As of today there is one confirmed Whelen Modified Tour event for 2022 in New England, at NHMS on July 16, 2022. Today’s daily poll question asks, how many Whelen Modified Tour events do you think there will be at New England tracks in 2022? Vote below.


  1. Another question is how many teams will run all events , looks like 10 and 1 are out , 85and 64 missed some and might be out , hopefully some new teams come in or everybody comes back and become one big happy family

  2. Rich Gourley says

    If the schedule is similar to this past year, there should be less than 10 teams that make all the races. Average field will be in the upper teens to low 20’s

  3. I say 4 and that may be generous. My guess none in CT.

    How many teams will run the full schedule?

    I think it will depend on the number of races and where the venues are located. My guess is 10 or less.


  4. That sounds like minus 4. But we don’t know what Dunleavy has planned for the old 1 while Coby could very well land in a full time gig. Then there’s the 16 and the 79 that may be powerhouses if they go full time. Maybe the future is more about part timers. That would be fine wouldn’t it as long as the fields were competitive?
    So far on Unmuffled Emerling who was in doubt said he is full time next year and they’ll be starting to prefar for New Smyrna soon. Ryan Stone was loving the opener at New Smyrna and said he’d heard good things about the schedule through the grape vine.
    55% say 5 or more in New England. I’d be interested to know how you even get to 5.

  5. Just Me - The Original says

    Current plans for Dunleavy is running at Stafford only (Open Mod shows & WMT)

  6. I said 3 my thoughts were 1 at NH and Stafford, Then another at either Beechridge, Monadnock, White Mtn or Seekonk. I think you can get to 5 if Nascar is willing to work with the local tracks but they have been reluctant to do so, so far. I am concerned about Riverhead cutting back. It seems Stafford may be reducing or eliminating Nascar tour. When does the schedule typically come out? Did Richmond or Martinsville announce a return next year? How about the guy who had 3 races last year(beechridge, Jennerstown and Osweego), is he onboard again this year. The only two races I remember being announced are New Smyrna and NHMS
    Let the speculation begin ,

  7. going to be interesting to see where the Nascar/New London/Waterford relationship goes now that Mr. Bemerd been cleared. Think it takes a year but if Nascar loses as many shows as people are saying, who knows?

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