New London-Waterford Speedbowl Planning To Continue Final SK Modified Event Oct. 30

The turn-three aftermath of Sunday’s horrific SK Modified crash at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl (Photo: Alisha Goss)

On Sunday night at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl the regular racing season at the facility was 58 laps away from its conclusion before a horrific crash put the end of that final event in question.

On lap 43 of the 100-lap SK Modified feature Sunday at the Speedbowl the car of Tim Jordan got pushed toward the wall by Glen Reen in a battle for fifth place. Jordan’s car got up on two wheels before riding into the turn three catch fence and tearing a large portion of the fence. Two individuals standing behind the fence were injured.

Competitors and fans were left wondering after Sunday if the $7,000 to win SK Modified race could or would be rescheduled for completion.

Tonight Speedbowl officials have announced a plan to complete the event.

The track was scheduled to host its annual Smacktoberfest family fun show this coming Saturday (Oct. 23). Smacktoberfest will now be rescheduled to Oct. 30, with the final 58 laps of the SK Modified finale added to the event card that day.

No further details on the schedule or repair plans for the track were released on Wednesday.

Keith Rocco was leading the race at the time of the crash Sunday with Andrew Molleur in second and Dennis Gada in third. 


  1. Judge Smales says

    How bad is Jordan’s car? Can it be fixed in time to return for the remainder of the event? One of you guys knows…

  2. 🌈🦄2020 says

    The way it normally works is if you destroy a car and the race is postponed, you don’t don’t get to buy a new one or repair it to come back and finish the race. That’s my educated guess.

  3. I would think that he wouldn’t be allowed to continue on the make up date because had it gone the distance. He would have not been allowed to.

    Just glad he and the spectators were ok.

    Shawn do you if he will be allowed to compete?


  4. Racer28,
    I’m not sure what the rule would be. I guess my thought would be anyone else can work on their cars before returning so why wouldn’t he be able to. That said, I don’t think he’s concerned with that right now.

  5. No worries, it’ll buff out.

  6. Earl Scheib says

    Think positively! Anything can be fixed!

  7. Nerfbarsmurf says

    Damm I guess that puts an end to letting fans stand along the catch fence or st least it should. Made my 1st every visit there in Saturday and yes I was standing along side the catchfense!

  8. Stuart A Fearn says

    I’d think Jordan would be able to show up with a completely fixed car and compete. Anyone else can change the air in their tires (or swap motors or whatever they like) and show up like nothing happened so why not him. He would have to start in the back since he did technically bring out the yellow.
    I see no reason why he would not be allowed to continue. Ever if he had a brand new car he could very easily say it buffed out

  9. So what are we talking about? Potentially front and rear clips with all the associated dismantling then reassembly? Trying to identify all the damaged components then replace them. Is the drive train OK and are you sure. Thousands and thousands, endless hours to win substantially less. Why?
    They want to do all that who’s going to have the stones to complain?
    Or just call it a season and sort it all out over the winter. That’s the smart move. Then again racing isn’t particularly smart in the first place it’s about the challenge and fixing the wreck would be a big one for sure.

  10. Wax on, wax off. I hope Timmy Jordan returns and runs well.

  11. I think you will find that car is junk. They will be lucky to salvage the drivetrain undamaged.

    I agree with Stu, no reason he couldn’t return same as the 74 and continue the race from the rear of the field.

  12. I’d bet the other side of that. Car did some spectacular stuff but never took a direct shot from anything without give. Did is even leak any fluids?

  13. chicken coop says

    there is PLENTY of time to completely repair Tim’s car, clips, rail, ect.. plenty of time for paint, vinyl, and a complete setup. even time to replace the motor if it was damaged (it likely was) If Timmy’s team has the funds, the car will be completely repaired. Question is, if Timmy has the desire to return for the completion of the race…. this was his biggest wreck that i know of, and he was, and probably still is pretty upset, and he may want be done for the year, we don’t know. we will all find out on the 30th

  14. The quick way to determine if a car could run in the finish of the race is to just say they did not postponed it.They had a bad crash on track,they cleaned it up,they put the yellow out and the cars “that” would have lined up for the restart could finish the race.

  15. Viva Race Fan says

    I’ll bet it’s ready to go.
    Have another week to dial it in.
    See what officials say ???

  16. Mike Stone says

    I don’t see any reason why Tim couldn’t show up. He would have to start at the rear of the field. It’s no different than a “red flag” situation. Damaged cars are repaired and return to the rear of the field.
    If Reen is smart, he will assume a new identity under the federal witness protection program and disappear.

  17. Just Me - The Original says

    Reposting from another article I posted on:
    As far as Timmy returning back to finish the race, everyone talks about the car, Heck, he could could borrow someone’s and wrap it like his. What no one is talking about is his health. He received a pretty good concussion, He needs to make sure he’s healthy before returning to racing. Speedy recovery Timmy…

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