RaceDayCT Daily Poll: Your Thoughts On The Spring Sizzler Being An Open Modified Event In 2022?

Stafford Speedway management announced Friday that the 50th running of the NAPA Spring Sizzler in 2022 will be an Open Modified event. Besides the 1988 season, the NAPA Spring Sizzler has been a Whelen Modified Tour event every year since 1985 when the Whelen Modified Tour was introduced. What are your thoughts on the change? Vote below.


  1. NASCAR is not interested in supporting the WMT as a premier touring series and delivering the sponsor support that the drivers, crews, and owners deserve. What was once a solid 21-24 race season has been cut to 14 on average, and it looks like more of those races are moving out of our core market. Everyone has opined on the costs of WMT races and how not enough flows to the teams.

    We have lost too many good car owners over the past few years. Eric Sanderson, Buzz Chew, Chris Our, Bob Gabbarino, Mike Smeriglio, etc. The list goes on. To keep top-flight car owners interested and competitive races being promoted the dollars have to make sense.

    Outlaw series are where the majority of races are run now, and as fans we should support the various promotors to make sure teams stick around. What makes tour mods exciting is all of the x-factors that they bring, and the more high quality teams that are participating the better the show.

    The fall Stafford Open in 2020 saw 40+ teams show up, and put on a great race with a lot of fast cars. There is an appetite for good racing, but the purses need to make sense to justify the costs of running. When 18-23 cars are showing up for WMT races and only 3-4 teams have a legitimate shot of winning how fun is that?

    I say make the open shows more cost-effective to run, tighten up the rules packages a bit, and incentivize the best of the best to show up.

  2. the tour needs some sponser who will pay big bucks like the world of outlaws. 100 k race cars getting 6-8k to win is ridiculous!

  3. Kenneth Clark says

    Make it a SK race

  4. It should be ok if they put up a decent purse, being a shorter race than the Thompson 300 I would hope they draw a good field of cars. They should combine it with the other open shows and have some kind of point system or fund which would draw teams to commit to the series IMO.

  5. I think it’s strange that NASCAR is seemimgly trying to expand the reach of their modified series by taking it to Smyrna, but can’t figure out a way to get good money behind it. Maybe they should just take the “touring” out of modified touring stores because so few teams can actually afford to tour. There are clearly plenty of teams who want to go modified racing in some form. Maybe the series should just be spread out at local tracks like the weekly racing series is with special regional events… I dunno. I really don’t mind a shorter schedule since there are a number of other modified series that I want to attend as well as the NASCAR one. Having shorter schedules leaves room for all of them plus plenty of open races too.

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