Tri-Track Open Modified Series Returning To Star Speedway For SBM Event In 2022

(Press release from the Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series)

Tri Track Open Modified Series officials announced on Tuesday another confirmed date for the 2022 schedule. The series will make a return to Star Speedway in Epping, New Hampshire, with one date — the historic 11th annual SBM Classic race on Saturday, July 23, 2022.

During the 2021 season, Tri Track visited Star twice — with each race producing a strong car count and packed grandstands. Jon McKennedy won in May, while Matt Hirschman collected over $17,000 to score the big win in the 10th annual SBM in July. Star has been a staple track on the Tri Track schedule for many years and the series is happy to have it return in 2022.

“Star Speedway’s SBM has been one of a few staple races on our schedule for many years,” Wayne Darling, Managing Partner of the Tri Track Open Modified Series, said. “The track produces exciting action and this event always brings a large number of fans to New Hampshire. We’re looking forward to heading back there again.”

“We’re excited to welcome back Tri Track for another year of exciting Modified racing at Star Speedway,” Bobby Webber, owner of Star Speedway, said. “This SBM race is historic and always draws the top drivers here with some of our best crowds of the year. We’re looking forward to having it again and bringing some of our local divisions in to make it a can’t miss event.”

The Tri Track Open Modified Series will release additional dates for the 2022 schedule once they become available. A few more dates are coming before the end of the week. For more information on Star Speedway, visit and follow the track on Facebook. For more information on the Tri Track Open Modified Series, visit and follow the series on social media for the latest updates.


  1. SBM 125 never disappoints … Excellent Show…. It’s gonna be an interesting schedule…. for TRI – TRACK in 2022. I am personally hoping they EXPAND it to 8 or 10 Races with different Tracks mixed in …. LEE USA Speedway would be a good place for a Race also…. Love to see Stafford again for 1 Race.. Thompson would be great for a Race also…Capitalize on your BRAND SUCCESS Tri – Track ….. Right now it seems your the most popular SERIES for MODS…. 8 to 10 Races would make US fans extremely happy & excited with something on the Calendar to look forward to ….

  2. There was a poll to see what tracks fan would like to see added to the 2022 Tri Track schedule. Top of the list at 33% was Stafford then Thompson and Thunder Road. Check the box on Thunder Road. Michaud and Mayberry are already promoters with a track rental fee and a pie split again with Tri Track seems unlikely. Stafford on the other hand could spit a pie two ways. The longer we go not hearing it won’t happen the more I think it will happen.
    I take the opposite view of the popularity of Tri Track vs the NWMT. In this forum and the specific audience Tri Track appears more popular but that’s only part of the bigger picture.. Tri Track is regional and the NWMT gets a more national audience. Everyone likes the plucky upstart but the NWMT with all it’s issues is still the big dog. Tri Track has a very specific model. Limited races, big pay outs. To expand it may be to water it down and exhaust race sponsors. Each has their lanes and each is enjoyable doing what they do best.
    I ranked the Tri Track races in another thread and hope some will join in and do their own ranking. In reviewing the races a couple things stood out.
    We’re basking in the glow of a successful Seekonk race but not all the Tri Track races were that special in terms of car counts or people attending. The attendance for some of the races was downright disappointing like at Monadnock and they had the best two races in my view. The car count for the second one there very NWMT like. Another thing that was noticeable was the fact the one race that was not streamed at Monadnock got very little buzz here with only Eddy knowing what he was talking about having attended. The other 5 streamed events getting dozens of comments from an clearly informed fan base. That’s an indication to me the series very much depends on TV to support it’s races.
    Seekonk rocked with attendees at both their events so continuing the two iconic races there is a no brainer. Monadnock and Star I believe may be a bit disappointed at the two they had and are thus cutting back to one. For this fan that’s ideal because the more tracks they go to the better in my view.
    I see this morning Stafford is extorting their fan base saying they’ll drop more information on their schedule as soon as the number of followers reached 10,000. Be that as it may I’m hoping any number of tracks are added to the Tri Track schedule and would welcome any except the one. That would be Waterford that does things their own way with that dark cloud hanging over it. They’re doing what they do pretty good now. Hopefully Tri Track will take their sterling reputation to tracks that are more traditional and the only dark clouds are those in the sky.

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