White Mountain Adding New Division for NEMST Cars For 2022

(Press release from White Mountain Motorsports Park)

White Mountain Motorsports Park has announced plans to add a new four-cylinder stock car racing division at the track in 2022. The “Mini Late Models” will run a 6-8 event schedule following North East Mini Stock Tour (NEMST) rules. The exact dates for the division are to be announced.

NEMST drivers and car owners approached White Mountain in recent weeks about the possibility of making the track a regular stop on weekends where the tour isn’t racing.

After reviewing the proposal and speaking with NEMST management, White Mountain has decided to move ahead with the class. Since they are using the same rules as NEMST, the Mini Late Models can race with the tour whenever it visits White Mountain.

Officials plan to hold an information meeting for the division later this month. The date, time, and location of this meeting will be announced shortly. The race dates will be revealed along with the rest of the 2022 White Mountain Motorsports Park schedule in late November or early December. These dates will be chosen to not conflict with the NEMST schedule.

“We think the Mini Late Models are going to be a great addition,” White Mountain Motorsports Park managing partner Cris Michaud said. “They’ll provide another rung on our ladder system for drivers, give the fans a nice change of pace, and make the NEMST visits even bigger. We made sure to talk to NEMST first and get their blessing, and they were all for doing something like this. It’s a concept we believe we can build on and grow into something special for fans of four-cylinder racing.”

For more information, contact the White Mountain Motorsports Park offices at (802) 244-6963, [email protected], or visit www.whitemountainmotorsports.com. You can also follow us on Facebook at @WhiteMtnMotorsports.


  1. I am not that familiar with White mountain weekly divisions how many they have what they get for car counts. That said, if they arent getting more cars then they start in their weekly divisions I dont think adding a new division is a good idea. The promoters have all but abandoned the front gate and instead concentrating on the back gate to make money. Some of these weekly shows at tracks have up to 6 divisions of cars that all look similar. Not one of them with a full field of cars. it makes the shows unwatchable for the non hard core fan. i dont want to sit through 4 divisions of 10 car features to get to the one or two features I am there to see. I have introduced friends to weekly auto racing at some local tracks. Their biggest complaint is typically why so many different divisions that all look alike. Followed by the show dragged on. You could see their enthusiasm wane as the evening progresses. Honestly after 3 to 3.5 hours the potential new fan is all but checked out. Adding more divisions is not the answer to introduce new fans to the sport. Except at Seekonk which needs a weekly crate modified division. haha/ I hope it works out for White MTN, just my opinion from trying to introduce new people to racing. I have stopped going regularly due to the length of shows and the running order of the feature divison,.

  2. csg says ‘I am not familiar with White mountain weekly divisions how many they have what they get for car counts. That said, if they aren’t getting more cars then they start in their weekly divisions I dont think adding a new division is a good idea.”
    So basically, if you don’t know what you’re talking about, why attach your opinion to it? Your opinion is not unfounded; multiple tracks across the US have issues that you’ve described but you’ve taken this valid opinion and dragged down what a New England track is attempting to put together.
    There’s a different time and place for this discussion without belittling a racetrack that you have no information about / evidence against. Unfortunately, this kind of ‘trash talk’ is far to commonplace in our sport today…

  3. Capt. Mike Qbvious says

    csg, I went to multiple weekly shows at White Mountain this year, and they were all done in less than three hours. Two of the every-week divisions (Late Models and Strictly Stock Mini’s) were consistently in the high teens/low 20s for cars all year; the third one (Flying Tigers) were up to mid-teens by year’s end. White Mountain has two other “part-time divisions” (The Dwarf Cars and Kids Trucks) which they rotate based on what other touring series and special events are on the calendar, so there’s never too much going on (and nothing too similar — i.e. no Legends and Dwarf Cars on the same night). Maybe we were there on different nights, because my experience definitely doesn’t match what you’re describing.

  4. I stand corrected. White MTN is a well run track that can add a division without much consequence to their show length. I just hate all these back gate tracks running multiple divisions of half a full field races. Then the tracks insist on running the main division last to ensure the crowd stays as late as possible so they can sell more concessions. The practice is killing new fan acquisition which I think is important to the sports survival. I stopped going regularly because the show became too long and being held hostage until the end to see the main division. I have taken friends that arent race fans and they are really excited at first but lose interest as the night carries on. I have had to leave before the main event on occasion because it was too late cold or boring for the newbie. They seldom want to go back. Its worse elsewhere having watched a lot of races online from around the country. I would hate to see that practice of running a bunch of divisions of small field similar looking divisions to increase the back gate become more prevalent up here. I probably should have done some research on White Mtn before posting but I figured someone will set me straight if my post and assumption was factually incorrect. I hereby withdraw my disapproval of White MTN adding a division to their program. I cant wait to see a full field of 4 cyl lates go barreling into turn 1 the next time I make it up there for a mod or pass show. I stand by my criticism of tracks running too many divisions dragging out the show and running the main event last. Its just not fan friendly and killing the show for the front gate. Thanks for setting me straight.

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