Who Had The Most Impressive Championship Season At Thompson In 2021?

Over the Sunoco World Sereis weekend at Thompson Speedway five weekly divisions champions for the 2021 season were crowned. Today’s daily poll question asks, who had the most impressive championship run in 2021 at Thompson? Vote below.


  1. David Hutchinson says

    Ryan Morgan finishing with a wrecked race car and never giving up was awesome.

  2. Officially Barnett, unofficially I believe I shall take Owen on this one. With the help of a bonehead move by Rocco won the Sunoco Triple Crown Series that combined with his efforts at Stafford and Thompson make this his best year ever.

  3. Henry Lecomte says

    It’s a true Shame how Thompson has turned its Back on the Racing community. It Be nice if They brought back a full season. Run it on Sunday Afternoons start at noon and be headed home by 4-5 pm.Bring back Side shows Demo derby Stunt man. I have so.e ideas.Anyhow the place is horrible.

  4. You could hear the emotions in Ryan Morgan’s voice. His first championship in all the years he’s been driving. He earned it and it meant the most to him out of all champs in my opinion.

  5. Capt. Mike Qbvious says

    Henry, as far as I know, anyone who wants to can lease Thompson Speedway and put on events just like ACT and PASS are doing.

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