Ed Flemke Jr. And Craig Lutz On The Latest Unmuffled

On Episode 109 of Unmuffled we take a deep dive into the good and bad of all things Modified racing with veteran driver and car builder Ed Flemke Jr. We also catch up with Whelen Modified Tour driver Craig Lutz to talk about his plans for the 2022 season.

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  1. It may be belated but congratulations to Ed Flemke and Christopher Barone on their wedding last month. Quite an impressive affair it would appear black ties and all.
    For me when they invented the term yammering on they had Flemke in mind but if you are a fan of his this interview is a can’t miss. Great observations on the doings at the Speedbowl, competitive driving at 66 and a surprising observation regarding the Thompson 300. The majority a NASCAR stew of decades of experience, second hand observations with a dash of personal philosophy that Flemke seemed perfectly prepared to go on for quite some time more if given the opportunity.
    In the “did he really say that category” this stuck out regarding the catch fence performance at Waterford.

    “We never thought about a catch fence to have to catch a car, maybe debris but not a whole car. For the fence to do what it did I’m amazed”

    Who’s we? Actually the modern day cabled catch fence in specifically designed to bend but not break and prevent a car from leaving the track. According the the reports when it was built it was designed by an engineer and it did exactly what it was intended to do.
    Lutz never did say that the Russell Goodale team was shutting down he said they were taking a break. Now we know the 46 team lives on in a fashion and will be at New Smyrna to race in the opens. By my count Lutz is going from a guy with no ride to starting 2022 with 6 features in the books before the end of February. The ace from Miller Place deserves it. He is far better then the 2021 NWMT results he turned in.

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