Islip 300 At Riverhead Raceway Postponed To Sunday

With a forecast calling for rain for much of the day on Saturday, management at Riverhead Raceway announced this morning that Saturday’s Islip 300 racing card has been postponed to Sunday.

Track officials posted the following bulletin to social media: “Due to an ever changing & worsening weather forecast for tomorrow (Saturday), Riverhead Raceway has made the decision to move the Islip 300 to Sunday. After careful consideration to allour loyal race teams and fans some of who will be traveling, we feel it prudent to make the difficult decision sooner than later. Pits will open at 8:00 am Sunday, the race day event schedule will follow the same format as was scheduled for Saturday. We thank you for your understanding and support.”


  1. Oh well, I can’t make it on Sunday.

  2. So how is the Hirshman bounty going? Any word? Or is this more about Big Dave.
    So what’s Sapienza known for lately? There’s the penalty dust up and his reaction. Sitting out Vanada promoted NWMT events after saying his protests were ignored. Now the Hirschman bounty. A second a while back at Jennerstown but otherwise nothing to brag about in any race anywhere.
    When Sapienza sat out NWMT events the prattle on Facebook was he was going yacht shopping. He may like rocking boats but it will be a while before he moves to boating over racing full time. He loves the vibe and there is no bigger vibe then the NWMT. There’s no bigger cage to rattle then Nascar’s and we as fans love it don’t we.
    My view is that the Sapienza/Thilberg operation is a championship winning caliber and all they need is a top driver. Not likely because if you’re the man there is only one place for the man to be and that’s in the drivers seat. So notoriety will have to be from dust ups and bounty’s rather then podiums.
    Could Hirschman win at Riverhead if he entered. Sure he could even without the note book. He hadn’t raced at Stafford and came in third in the epic 2020 TTOMS finally there. If he doesn’t show up tomorrow it’s not because he couldn’t do well it’s because he needs to win and the odds of that are too long.
    I’m wondering when exactly did Hirschman decide not to drive for others outside his car and Pee Dee’s? People must ask him but as far as I know it hasn’t happened for a while.
    2014 he raced all but on event for Wayne Darling and the results were very unHirschman like. Skipped a year then one race in 2016 coming in 4th in the Roy Hall 60. Then 3 or 4 NWMT races every year since then and always some measure of success. Was 2016 the year that he determined his best way forward was with Roy Hall and himself with no other race deals to be entertained?
    Dave Sapienza and Matt Hirschman are polar opposites in every way except one. They are both two of the best things about modified racing.
    The $2000 deal in all likelihood will prove to be much ado about nothing. Now if Hirschman had driven the Thilberg second car with no posturing or hype that would have been a special twist with meat on the bone.

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