Jimmy Blewett, Jacob Perry And Buddy Charette On The Latest Unmuffled

On Episode 110 of Unmuffled we we catch up with Turkey Derby 150 winner Jimmy Blewett. We also chat with Chili Bowl bound driver Jacob Perry. And we catch up with veteran short track competitor Buddy Charette.  

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  1. Part of the Blewett interview is he reflecting on the NWMT, it’s current status and what it would take to get stronger going forward.
    This is what I like about these interviews. A chance to hear multiple drivers reflections not only on their individual plans but how they view racing and more specifically tour modified racing. Three different drivers, three different approaches and positions in their racing careers but one theme and that theme is “choices”.
    All that stuff Blewett was saying about the NWMT is genuine but the die is cast. It’s not just about cost or travel or any of the other challenges the tour gets sighted for. It’s about choices for the vast number of teams that race tour modifieds. Sure there will be a handful that like the tour, it’s status and race for the points. For the vast majority they have no interest in being committed to one major series that limits their options to partake in the menu of other races available to them.
    Pick and choose and open options is what each of these drivers was saying in one form or another. Thompson, Stafford, Tri Track and the MRS may have drivers that commit to their series but each series is so limited it doesn’t hobble them to mix and match at other events. The Hirschman mentality to approaching the racing season no longer a curious exception but the rule.
    You’ve got a great schedule NWMT but I can safely say that there will be no upswing in season long committed teams for the foreseeable future that Blewett was hoping for. 15 years ago the tour would have been the focus of all three drivers. Now it’s barely an afterthought and addressed only when asked a specific question about the tour.
    By the time the MRS schedules events there will be well over 40 total tour modified races from multiple tracks and sanctioning groups with all kinds of different choices of track size, distances and purse structures. These are some of the best times for tour modified teams the I believe feel more empowered now to make individual choices that fit their budgets, team staffing and entertainment goals. The NWMT needs to be ready to compete at each race event to attract the free agents with published purses and more friendly rules structures.
    They won’t of course but for those races that end up being successes with good car counts it won’t be because of the committed teams it will be the free agents that decided to enter the event.

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