RaceDayCT Daily Poll: Who Is The Best Modified Driver Over The Last 35 Years?

Saturday at Caraway Speedway Matt Hirschman won his seventh John Blewett III Memorial North-South Shootout Tour Type Modified event. It seems with each additional marquee event victory Hirschman adds to his resume the debate sparks on social media of where he ranks among the greatest Modified drivers of his era. Today we ask the question, who is the best Modified driver over the last 35 years? Vote below.


  1. I would have to go with Mighty Mike on this one, Wins and Championships all in the Upper Series and Overall Driving Skills …

  2. A best crew chief poll would be interesting. Then combine the two results into the ultimate modified team.

  3. Frank, Mike Stefanik and Barry Kuhnel were the most feared driver/crew chief pairing, in my opinion.

  4. Quite unsettling, albeit unscientific, results, that show how the division, as well as the fan base, has changed during the past 35 years.

  5. I’m pretty shocked this is even close… I guess everyone has their own criteria..

  6. Just Me - The Original says

    What about Jeff Fuller and Brad Lafontaine
    I thought there would more drivers than what’s listed.

  7. Ain’t a fair fight. Stefanik won 56 NWMT races last century and 16 this century with the last in 2013. In his last decade of racing he was not the dominant force he had been. Ask current fans about his K&N Pro Series success and they probably wouldn’t even remember that series. There’s fewer current fans that witnessed him in his prime.
    The current fan base remembers Christopher quite well and he’s still honored everywhere.
    This is just a beauty contest. People remember the pretty face they saw most recently.
    Stefanik in the Nascar Hall of Fame, the rest at least for now not so much.
    Smart making this the last 35 years and not of all time avoiding a real controversy. That being Chick Stockwell vs the guy in the orange car I forget his name.

  8. How about this for a poll, who do fans think has had a better career, Keith Rocco or Doug Coby?

  9. Not surprising at all… people are treating covid 🦠 with horse dewormers, veterinary medicines, considering injecting bleach, selling diluted bleach solutions as cures, inserting internal UV light sources, and all sorts of other crazy 😜 stupididiotmoronic non-solutions.

    Kinda thought Bobby Santos III should be on this list. He did win a NWMT Championship.

    Somebody mentioned the demise of Stefanik’s career… well, TC’s career kinda went south pretty quick after he and the red 36 had the rather abrupt ending, I think that was in ’12. I recall the radio coms at one particular race, NHMS. Not very productive at. After that, TC was pretty much untouchable, bounced from car to car, even mid-season, and not in cars that he was accustomed to. Only had 2 races in ’16. After ’12, ZERO wins, zero poles, a few T5 and T10. Not that great in the Running at Finish and Lead Lap Finish metrics either.

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