RaceDayCT Daily Poll: Did You Pay Attention To The Snowball Derby?

On Sunday Chandler Smith used a pass on a late restart to overtake Derek Thorn and win the 54th Snowball Derby 300 at Five Flags Speedway in Pensacola, Fla. Former Whelen Modified Tour champion and Berlin native Ryan Preece was fourth in the event. The Snowball Derby is considered by many to be one of the biggest short track racing events in this country. So where does the Snowball Derby land on your radar? Vote below.


  1. Didn’t pay attention to the snowball, but watched the F1 race. What a mess. Still trying to figure out why Verstappen had to yield the position, I’ve seen Hamilton pull that same move hundred times, and was never penalized. Hope Max wins at abu dhabi and ends up champion. Also wondering where Mercedes found all the speed allot a sudden.

  2. Fast Eddie says

    Rob, i don’t pay much attention to F1 anymore, but watched this one. Definitely one of the crazier ones I’ve seen. I think Max had to give the spot back for gaining a position while techically off-track. I have seen that before go unnoticed as well.

  3. I caught a little bit of the F1 race flipping between the race and NFL games. There were a couple of red flags and some questionable calls. I am rooting for Redbull so I may be biased. It just goes to show race officials are often put in a terrible spot when making these calls. I believe the announcer said they would be tied going into the last race essentially making it a winner take all event……..and you know what they didnt have to artificially get there through some crazy Nascar style playoff format.

    I saw Ryan Preece was running top 5 at the Derby. I am not sure of his finish but that is a good run against some of the best Asphalt SLM racers in the country. Does anyone know of Preece/s plans for next season? Does he have a Nascar ride, is he running mods locally or is this super late model he was running his direction going forward?

  4. Brian DaRos says

    Crazy F1 race. Most of the action between the two championship contenders. both if these teams whine too much, pleading with officials for a beneficial call. I hope the be the championship race is clean and title not decided by the stewards.

  5. Dr Robert Neville says

    Ford sticker on back of Ryan’s SLM might be a clue of things to come. He had an awesome run and finished 4th.

  6. The one thing that was really interesting about the F1 race was the race official negotiating penalties during the second red flag. Imagine the mess that would cause in a Nascar race. Still no word on where Preece will land for the 22 season. I hope he lands in a good ride regardless of the series, he’s put in the work. Still a shock that JTG chose wrecky spinhouse over him, they must like fixing cars every day.

  7. Carol Brady says

    For $39.99 (Sunday only) or $79.99 (4-day pass) the stream was outrageously overpriced on Racing America. I couldn’t pull the trigger. Grandstand ticket pricing models are so 1980s mentality. Had the race been on Flo, I would have watched.

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