Ben Dodge And Matt Swanson On The Latest Edition Of Unmuffled

On Episode 115 of Unmuffled we catch up with legendary New England short track racing personality Ben Dodge to talk about all things short track racing and also his upcoming show in West Springfield, Mass. We also talk with Matt Swanson about his new plans for the 2022 season. And plenty to hear from our wildcard chatter segment, from stories of a Maine racer who is also apparently a serial flasher, to the latest in COVID cures, NASCAR in California and the news from the rumor mill.

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  1. Ben Dodge
    “No longer can one of the series set on their ass in plain English and do nothing and that’s what you see. So now they have to think outside the box. They have to go into forbidden territories for some. They have to approach their whole attitude of dealing with the media dealing with racing in a whole different manner. They have to step up and play the game with fresh new ideas and fresh new people and that’s what 22 is all about. Fresh new ideas, fresh new people. Is it all going to work…no. No it’s not, you know that and I know that. Is some of the people that stood on their laurels still going to be able to cash in… Is some of the people going to take the reigns… It’s going to be a year of change but a year of development.”

    An awful lot of innuendo there and I’m guessing the main target in so many words was NASCAR. You can correct me if I’m wrong on that.
    That was very disappointing. Sure you got all the promotion and accolades in for an array of people and tracks in a very specific manner and that’s fine. If you are going to go after some one or some organization is it asking too much not to couch it in vagaries. Sure Mr. Courchesne knows what you mean because you likely have very frank private discussions about what’s going on but does the listening audience?
    With the exception of the NWMT, I don’t agree that 2022 is about change that was the last two years. The explosion of the tour modified population and events is already in full swing. 2022 is the year where all the changes that have taken place from opens to team choices of events to the accessibility of local racing via streaming will mature and ideally gain strength.

  2. Ben is the master of using many words to attempt to express a simple thought. But, that’s a major part of his charm.

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