Building A Bridge: Matt Weaver Looking To Repair Divide In Motorsports Through Racing America

Matt Weaver (left) conducts an interview (Photo: Courtesy Matt Weaver)

It was once a thriving marriage in motorsports that existed between national level NASCAR divisions and grass roots short track racing.

But through NASCAR’s meteoric rise through the late 1990’s and 2000’s a separation grew between the short tracks of America and what was happening at the top ends of NASCAR.

These days the divide between the two realms of motorsports in this country is seemingly wider than ever. Many on both sides seeing repairing that divide as a way to help both spectrums of motorsports in this country.

As the editor in chief of Racing America, veteran motorsports journalist Matt Weaver has set out on a mission to be part of repairing the divide between grassroots racing and upper level NASCAR divisions.

“My goal is I want to be able to walk through the grandstands and the pit area when I go to Pensacola and Mobile, or when I got to Stafford and Thompson, or if I go to Winchester and Anderson, I want those guys to talk to me about what they’re excited about for the [NASCAR] Cup Series too,” Weaver said on the latest edition of the Unmuffled podcast. “That hasn’t been the case for a while, but I think we really have an opportunity to do that and I think through Racing America we have an opportunity to do that.”

To hear Weaver talk extensively about his history in the sport as a competitor and journalist, the changing landscape of motorsports coverage, the mission of Racing America and plenty more listen to Unmuffled Episode 119.

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