Dishing It Up: Jason Williams Gets $10,000 Sponsorship On A Platter From Nicole LaRose

New London-Waterford Speedbowl driver Jason Williams was getting some housework done Sunday evening when he suddenly became a very popular man.

Williams was the winner in the drawing Sunday night for a $10,000 sponsorship for the 2022 season from Nicole LaRose. Williams had actually forgot the drawing was taking place.

“I was actually putting dishes away and my phone just kept dinging, dinging, dinging,” Williams said. “I walk over to it and my phone goes off and it’s Buddy Charette. [He said], ‘Hey what are you doing?’ [I said], ‘Putting dishes away.’ He goes ‘You know you won right?’ And I completely forgot about it. He’s like ‘You just won the $10,000.’ And then Jeff Pearl was texting me, a bunch of people were texting me. And then Nicole’s call was coming in so I hung up with Buddy and picked up the phone with Nicole and that’s when it kind of got real.”

LaRose was awarding the sponsorship, organized through calendar sales, for the fifth consecutive year. The sponsorship was doubled for the 2022 season after she awarded $5,000 sponsorships the last three years.

Williams is heading into his second full-time season in the Late Model division at the Speedbowl.

To hear plenty more from Williams on the award, his racing history and his plans for the future listen to the latest edition of Unmuffled.


  1. It’s like 660 plus tickets from who knows how many teams that all agree to sponsor one of their own, have no idea who it will be but hope they’ll end up being the car that wins the sponsorship knowing full well their odds of winning are remote at best. All funneled through a great promoter that I would not be surprised is a promoter of big race events in 10 or 20 years.
    Alexander just a suggestion offered with all due deference to your accomplishments on the track and family history in local racing. You’re a good looking guy. If the set is pristine and your significant other is as well consider spiffing up a bit and not like you just climbed out of bed and haven’t had your morning coffee yet.
    To the winner Jason William congratulations on the win and representing in the Speedbowl way. A young lady calls you telling you you’ve won a pile of money and your way of thanking her his laced with effing this and holy snap that and another effing whatever now available for all of racing to see.

  2. Great to see someone win who is a hard working, low buck racer just starting his racing career. Love the current look of his car with an open trailer. Hopefully this will bring him success this coming season at the Bowl.

  3. Keep the open Trailer …. Put money into Chassis , shocks , running gear,, They don’t race in the rain anyway, except at NHIS , LOL ,

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