RaceDayCT Daily Poll: How Many Former WMT Champs Will Race In Season Opening Event At New Smryna?

The NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour kicks off its 2022 season on Feb. 12 at New Smyrna (Fla.) Speedway. Today’s Daily Poll question asks, how many former Whelen Modified Tour champions (including current series champion Justin Bonsignore) do you think will be competing in the event? Vote below.


  1. Don’t understand 2. Three are all but confirmed. 4 not off the table.
    Who knows about the rest of the schedule but the opener should have 4 or 5 top tier cars battling for the win. 51, 10, 16, 79 and the 07 may be there as well. 6 top cars if the Pee Dee 60 enters.
    $113,000 in posted awards with $625 going to the highest finishing rookie. The question is what will the car count be for the opener? The entry list for the week following at 37, cars from all over. The NWMT race fertile ground to start their week strong with good money in play.

  2. Doug,
    Because it’s a poll you try to have any real world possibility. The reality is something could happen and there could be none, nobody knows. Yes, it does sound like at least three have said they will be there. I think there’s a real possibility it could end up being two. I think there’s also a possibility that it could be four or even possibly five.

  3. Did I do that? Not trying to question the poll in any way I was questioning the strength of the results under 2. But since you expanded on it.
    My dance card has the 51 on the record. Coby has said he is planning on racing the first couple events then see how it goes for two and the 16 is registered for the week following and didn’t sign Moran to race opens.. I’m guessing the 10 would the one that might not follow through. To get it to 4 I would think Preece first although nothing has been said anywhere about that happening as far as I know. Santos perhaps? Again nothing I can find. Lia and the BRE rumblings in play?
    OK so the number part is fun but how about the guesses specific to drivers? Unmuffled?
    The bigger point being and I may be getting way too excited about it. The potential for a gaggle of top quality, well funded teams in this race is greater then it’s been in years. Only three weeks away and not a peep from NASCAR on who’s in.

  4. wow,, 5 possible…. Bonsignore,Coby,Silk,Preece, but who could 5 be?? Donny Lia or maybe Jamie the Jet .. Anyone left??? I think i’ll go with 6.. this has been fun (love the off season!!!)..

  5. AIJ,
    Doug Coby just announced today that as of now he will not be running the event at New Smryna. Tenatively schedule to run four Whelen Modified Tour events in 2022.

  6. RATS!!! skunked again.. guess I will have to switch from Coby over to Bob Santos…

  7. I voted 3, Bonsignore, Silk, Preece. We’ll see…..

  8. Stuart A Fearn says

    3 could be two. Time will tell
    I guess the next pole logically is going to be how many WMT champions are going to be at the spring Sizzler?

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