Ryan Preece And Marcello Rufrano On The Latest Unmuffled

On Episode 114 of Unmuffled we catch up with Ryan Preece fresh off this morning’s big announcement of his deal for 2022 with Stewart-Haas Racing. We’ll also talk with Marcello Rufrano as he prepares to head to New Smryna to kick off his 2022 season. And we’re changing things up a little bit for 2022 with the Unmuffled podcast, going a little freestyle with a wildcard chatter segment for each episode.

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  1. Eddie Partridge was on record as saying he had no interest in running the NWMT or doing any racing with one exception. That was if Ryan Preece was the guy he was doing the racing with.
    The person that got the most joy from campaigning with Preece is no more. It would be unrealistic to think Mr. Partridges survivors would have the same level of interest as he did and be prepared to commit the same resources when they have their hands full now.
    The best that can be hoped for is some wild card that could pop up like the Partridge limited appearance deal did years ago.
    Speaking of wild card best Unmuffled to date in my view for the content and condor.

  2. I’ll take the opposite side of the SRX observations made. That would be there is only a tiny chance that Stafford is included given their stated desire to go to different tracks. Moreover that Coby’s moment in the sun last year will prove to be a one off as the series moves to include new drivers.
    That is if they even have the series that we clearly loved but perhaps CBS does not love so much having lost money with ratings that were lackluster if not disappointing. The only real update I could find was late last year from an optimistic Evernham. To date not a peep out of CBS. Tony Stewart is no help busily starting his new NHRA team yet another endeavor of the multitasking phenom.


    It crops up on social media from time to time. Drivers or people associated with teams that take direct aim at RaceDayCt or the publisher. If you are involved in the sport or are interested is seeing it advanced it makes no sense to be undermining the most important media outlet for racing coverage in the state and region.
    When these situations crop up there seems to always be a common thread with the person or people having the grudge. Their social media footprint is usually sprinkled with memes and tropes expressing strong political views. The us vs them mentality naturally extending to any media presence that covers anything related to the racer in question. You’re a friend or a foe and any sign of independence puts you in the foe category automatically and forever.
    One of the strengths of racing now is parents getting their children involved in racing early, funding and guiding their careers from karts on up to the higher divisions. There’s a dynamic that happens at some point in the process whereby the child becomes an adult and starts to separate their identity from their parents and mentors. I’m thinking of Andrew Moeller who as a child winning races was limited to coached victory lane platitudes. Now in interviews you can hear the young adult starting to emerge expressing his take as a unique individual.
    This episode was a great contrast. One such young driver still working with his parent but very much a separate identity in racing, intelligent and well spoken. Not afraid to answer the tough questions and introspective where appropriate. The other still hiding in dad’s shadow not yet ready to be his own man, face his perceived adversary for the betterment of the sport nor even willing to show up when a commitment is made.
    As a parent I can’t help but admire the parent that produced the young man willing to go in front of the racing public willing to put himself on the spot with few rules answering questions off the top of his head.. Versus the other parent that from all appearances seems to have taught his offspring to be clannish and afraid.

  3. Heard from a pretty reliable source SRX was returning to two tracks and Stafford was one , just have wait and see I guess

  4. All Seeing says

    Doug, whom are you referring to when referring to one being meek and the other being well rounded? I haven’t checked out the podcast yet and would like to take your view into it before listening.

  5. My first thought is if you are “All Seeing” and are asking for information then your choice of screen ID comes up a little short.
    Here’s the deal. I was vague on purpose. It’s inappropriate for me to be giving away Mr. Courchesne’s content.
    For a mere $5 you will know and can respond as you see fit.

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