Tim Jordan, Larry Barnett And The Time I Stole A Car And Drove It Through A House On The Latest Unmuffled

On Episode 118 of Unmuffled we catch up New London-Waterford Speedbowl SK Modified driver Tim Jordan and run the gamut of topics. We also talk with the all-time winningest Limited Sportsman division driver at Thompson Speedway and the division’s reigning champion Larry Barnett. And in our wildcard chatter segment this week we hit all the bases. We talk about that time I got arrested for stealing a car and driving it through a house. We talk dream SRX lineups. We rate some of the best local drivers for their abilities to deal with the media. We have another “Where’s The Beef” look at one of my feuds. We even talk about Ice Cube. And we take a look at Doug Coby racing with the SRX Series in 2022.

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  1. If the question is can a sports reporter not just report stories but actually bring to the house by being the story we now know. And spectacularly so.
    John Force to SRX huh. See here’s the problem with that as I see it. Circle track racing regardless of the series requires a certain skill set. In the SRX series every driver that is entered has mastered the discipline to some degree. Force’s skill set is completely out of the realm of circle track racing. His personality obviously would be perfect for the series but in the end he just doesn’t qualify for consideration in my view.
    If this new format doesn’t get more folks into the fold might be time to take those entrepreneurial, promotion and writing skills to greener pastures. The interviews in the past were great but this new menu of offerings where you cover a broad range of topics in and hour and a half and add opinion has real depth.
    Tim Jordan on renting race cars and the loss of the skills necessary to build and prepare race cars over time. I’m going to say no not under any conditions.
    KRR, Fury, LFR, Chassis Pro, Barry Fluckinger, Rent-a-Racecar, Legends, Bandalaro’s et al could all go away tomorrow and there would still be race cars if the tracks exist to race them at.. Mainly because there are always people that want to build them. They may be a person that races them but frequently people who’s reward is the act of crafting a machine with their own hands. The sophistication and speed may take a hit but the competition might get better.
    We don’t need to worry because the supply curve is ascending for now and the rental suppliers expanding.

  2. Speaking of the SRX they just hired a real industry pro as the new CEO.


    This is supposed to be a story but it much like the crap NASCAR releases. The first year of SRX was not a “breakout hit” at all. At best it was as Evernham put it…… “proof on concept”. Then you read this BS and they make it sound like it was a resounding success.
    The board to include Evernham and Stewart. Good luck with that. I trust Evernham is a good enough team player but Stewart not getting his way could be a challenge.
    . Don Hawk needs to start with the truth and that is the series has to gain audience this year. He has to make it clear he’s on the hot seat and was hired to make it happen. 1.25 million viewers on average like last year will not be a success it will be the last year for the series and Don Hawk.

  3. If there is any truth to John Force being in the SRX series, I’d bet he will surprise many of the short track folks. It takes quite a skill set to take an 11,000 horsepower machine and keep it in a straight line for 1,000 feet in just under 4 seconds at 330 mph, particularly when track and/or weather conditions are marginal. Back when there was the “Fast Master” series using Jaguar X220 racecars at the Raceway Park oval and road courses Eddie “The Thrill” Hill, a top fuel racer, and Ed “The Ace” McCulloch, a funny car racer, represented the drag racing world pretty well against Indycar and NASCAR racers.

  4. Fair point. More accurately great point!
    The Fast Master series was structured completely different from the cars to the track to the number of participants that was 50. Forget all that.
    McCulloch was 50 at the time of the series and Hill 57…approximately. Force is 72. I know it’s popular to say age makes no difference to that’s simply not true. We saw Ribbs struggle at times in the SRX series last year and he had a lifetime of muscle memory in circle track racing.
    Force is who he is which is a lot. It just seems like it would be unfair to make such a leap at his age and unlike Ribbs Force is still the titular head of a racing empire that needs to be managed.
    Would he be fun to watch and hear talk about his experiences sure. I just don’t think of all the drivers that could be included for the very limited spots his choice would be optimal nor do I believe he would accept it if offered.
    Bodine is a guy Mr. Courchesne mentioned and in my view he’s perfect in every way from a local interest standpoint. Robbie Gordan as well would be ideal on paper. Danica Patrick is my choice although she must have been offered as spot and declined.

  5. Fast Eddie says

    If they are looking for drag racers, I’d say Doug Kalitta, Ron Capps, or Cruz Pedregon. Kalitta is a former USAC Sprint Car champion, and both Capps and Pedregon have run the Chili Bowl multiple times.

  6. What Fast Eddie said.

    Add Antron Brown and Tony Pedregon.

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