Hillarie Scott Wins RaceDayCT New Smyrna Whelen Modified Tour Pick ‘Em Contest

The NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour kicked off its 2022 schedule Saturday at New Smyrna Speedway with the running of the New Smyrna Visitor’s Bureau 200.

When it was all over it was Matt Hirschman standing in victory lane at the track, and Hillarie Scott hoisting the trophy for the RaceDayCT New Smyrna Whelen Modified Tour Pick ‘Em Contest.

Each entrant picked one driver each from five designated groups with total points based on the finishing position of each driver. Each entrant also picked a race winning choice for a bonus and had three points subtracted from their total if they picked the race winner correctly.

Scott had a team of Matt Hirschman (1), Eric Goodale (2), Mike Christopher Jr., (3) JR Bertuccio (18) and Ken Heagy (22). She picked Hirschman as the race winner to get the bonus point subtraction to finish with 43 points.

Scott won a $15 Buffalo Wild Wings gift card and RaceDayCT t-shirt for the victory.

Larry Barnett was second with Hirschman, Ronnie Williams (12), Christopher, Austin Beers (11) and Buddy Charette (23) for 50 points, which was dropped to 47 with his pick of Hirschman to win.

Stephen Bellerose, Sid DiMaggio and Ed Several tied for third place with 48 points. Each picked Hirschman as their winner.

Of note, yours truly the good old publisher here, picked Hirschman, Craig Lutz (6), Tyler Rypkema (5), Beers and Heagy and had Hirschman as the winner for a total of 42 points overall.

And of note, six-time Whelen Modified Tour champion Doug Coby sent over his picks just after the checkered flag flew, so we had to disqualify his entry. His picks were Hirschman, Goodale, Rypkema, Beers and Charette, with Hirschman winning, which would have given him the win with 39 points. 

New Smyrna Pick ‘Em Contest Full Results

1. Hillarie Scott 43 (picked winner)

2. Larry Barnett 47 (picked winner)

3. (tie) Stephen Bellerose 48 (picked winner)

3. (tie) Sid DiMaggio 48 (picked winner)

3. (tie) Ed Several 48 (picked winner)

6. John Swanson 49 (picked winner)

7. Martin B. 51 (picked winner)

8. Ryan Plourde 52

9. Cheryl Perry 53 (picked winner)

10. Mikey Flynn 54

11. (tie) Bob 55 (picked winner)

11. (tie) Jordan White 55 (picked winner)

13. Woody Pitkat 57 (picked winner)

14. Lisa Nelson 60

15. (tie) David Maille 61 (picked winner)

15. (tie) Tony Membrino Jr. 61

17. Chase Cook 63 (picked winner)

18. (tie) Rick Greenaway 66

18. (tie) Ryan Hadley 66

20. (tie) Stephen Archibald 67 (picked winner)

20. (tie) Renee Dupuis 67

22. (tie) Dan Moore 68

22. (tie) Dave Thomas 68

24. Joe Skotnicki 70

25. Ed Bennett 71 (picked winner)

26. Bob Lucas 74

27. Ed Smith 75

28. Brigitte Poulin 76

29. Debbie Streeter 77

30. Brian Lecorchik 83

31. Fran Lawlor 84

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