New London-Waterford Speedbowl Management Announces Opening Day For 2022 Season

Fans and competitors of the New London-Waterford Speedbowl have been getting anxious for the last couple months about the lack of information being released by the management of the track concerning a 2022 season.

On Friday afternoon, with rumors reaching a fever pitch locally that the 2022 seaon might be in jeopardy, Speedbowl managment released a small bit of information to stem the tide of worry.

It was announced on the Speedbowl’s Facebook page that the track will host its annual Blast Off event on May 7, 2022.

No other details involving the 2022 schedule were released. The track also has yet to release the 2022 rulebook to potential competitors.

Friday’s announcement gave fans and competitors some hope that more information might be coming soon.

The Facebook post read: “Over the next week, information will be coming out including final rules for all divisions, the 2022 racing event schedule, forms for registration, car number, etc.Once again, we would like to thank the race teams, fans, and partners for everything while we finish putting together what should be a great 2022 race season!”


  1. RaceDayCt taking a little heat for comments on the Speedbowl not opening. Predictable but here’s the bigger picture.
    All the competitors and fans of the Speedbowl should thank everyone that was chattering away about the Speedbowl’s dawdling. Especially on the rules. How do you wait until now to print rules?
    The loudest voice that being RaceDayCT beat the drum for weeks then blew the top off with a statement actually doubting the track would open. Almost immediately after the Speedbowl is announcing the fact they will be releasing the rules, schedule and even talking about the banquet. Obliquely referring to RaceDayCt in the process.
    Now imagine a world where RaceDayCt doesn’t exist. The racers might still be be in their shops holding their Johnson’s wondering if they are wasting their time.

  2. Lucy holds the ball for Charlie Brown…

  3. Hillary 2024 says

    Dafella’s hopes and dreams dashed again 😔

  4. It’s looking like they need a management change for running the bowl . The present management is not doing the job of promoting the track and getting the information out to the teams and fans to plan there year for racing . Like it or not the last two managers did a much better job running the track.

  5. What they need is a promoter in addition to the manager. Shawn next door would be an excellent promoter, putting out the word about how great of a place it is to run and what the rough plans are for the next year. Perhaps Bruce, who runs energy delivery companies in the middle of winter, might be a bit overloaded with the shortage of help this year that everyone seems to be experiencing?

  6. Bob g.,
    They tried that with the guy next door in 2015-16. It didn’t work out.

  7. Ya’ll gotta understand that any manager can only do what they can with the budget made available by the owner.

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