RaceDayCT Daily Poll: What Did You Think Of The Busch Light Clash At The Coliseum?

Yesterday NASCAR hosted the first Busch Light Clash at the Coliseum. So what were you thoughts of the event? Vote below.



  2. Those are pretty encouraging results considering the roots of this particular audience.
    So how did the Next Generation car perform? The event setting get’s most of the attention but the revolutionary car is actually just as big a story.
    On the whole you’d have to say pretty good I’m thinking. A couple transaxle related failures and a power steering belt got thrown. Chevy is studying the transaxle issue already as are the other manufacturers one would think. Still on that tiny track with the repeated high torque demands two is not a troubling number.
    Drivers who generally are not shy about critiquing anything appear to like the car. It’s designed to hold up to banging and it did very nicely thank you. Half the inventory of cars the teams have to fix what they have and no complaints are evident at least for now.
    OK so there is all this talk about the event location, the entertainment and all the rest. Put that aside for a second and just look at the execution.
    A completely new car performed very well. The track held up and the racing was entertaining. Heat, LCQ races and the feature format different and well received. The announcers, the build up, the promotion, having all the drivers and everyone related to the event all upbeat with the same messaging avoiding anything negative was a testament to good management. The litmus test Kurt Busch who got wrecked out of a feature opportunity was downright gracious after it happened. So gracious the announcers were drooling all over the guy for simple being normal this one time.
    You can knit pick anything if you want. That was an incredibly complex event to pull off with many, many moving parts literally and figuratively. It would be a stretch to say that NASCAR did not perform well in the opener.

  3. From what I saw, much better than expected. I unfortunately failed to set my DVR, so I didn’t see the entire race. I was glad to be wrong about how it worked out.

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