Icebreaker Sunday Schedule At Thompson Postponed To April 9

With a forecast calling for rain much of the day Sunday, Thompson Speedway promoters made the decision Saturday evening to move the Sunday Icebreaker schedule to Saturday April 9.

The Saturday April 9 card will include the $10,000 to win Outlaw Open Modified Icebreaker 125, a 35-lap Late Model feature, a 25-lap SK Light Modified feature and a 25-lap Limited Sportsman feature.

“The decision to postpone an event is one of the most difficult decisions we have to make in this business,” Thompson co-promoter Cris Michaud said. “Both Tom [Mayberry] and I felt this was the best decision to alleviate a wasted day for both fans and our teams. We can’t wait to see you all next Saturday.”

Gates will open at 9 am on Saturday April 9 with features expected to begin around 1 p.m.

Those holding multi-day passes/wristbands are asked to hold onto those for use on April 9.

Those holding multi-day passes who cannot attend on April 9 can call the American-Canadian Tour office for refund arrangements.


  1. And hopefully this will help with entries.

    Anybody find the entry list yet?

  2. Joe Trudeau says

    Any updates on Corey Barry?

  3. Joe Trudeau,
    Nothing that can be reported here.

  4. Fast Eddie says

    Man, I hope Corey Barry is ok, he hit that wall a ton. It looked like very slight wheel contact from another car. either something broke or he slid in dirt/marbles.
    I got there in the middle of morning practice, here’s a list the Open Mods I saw practice, not sure on all the drivers’ names. 81 Owen, 57 Rocco, 19 Kopcik?, 15 Jake Johnson?, 4 Barrett?, 81x ??, 92 Nocella, 01 Corey Plummer?, 17 ??, & two #25 Casella cars Swanson and Bello?. There may have been more cars there who practiced earlier that didn’t come out for the late afternoon session due to the schedule change. Hopefully today’s crappy weather helps the car count for next week. Would have thought more MRS cars would be out there, I would think it would be a good test session for their World Series race in October with possibly similar weather.

  5. Hillary 2024 says

    Hopefully more show up. I counted 11 in practice yesterday. Sad.

  6. Nice that they are offering refunds for those unable to attend next week. You dont see that at most tracks. Hopefully the weather is better next week. the only conflict I know of is Mahoning Valley for the mods.

  7. there will be 17 unoficially…..too bad for Michaud and Mayberry

  8. With no modified races scheduled for next Saturday, maybe more cars will show up.

  9. Just Me - The Original says

    Data from Race Monitor
    Driver – Best Saturday lap
    25 – Ronnie Williams – 18.596
    25X – Matt Swanson – 18.716
    3 – Matt Galko – 18.878
    75 – Chris Pasteryak – 18.937
    50 – Carl Medieros Jr – 19.048
    81 – Todd Owen – 19.095
    58 – Eric Goodale – 19.138
    4Nh -Tommy Barrett – 19.168
    92 – Anthony Nocella – 19.171
    01- NY Artie Pederson – 19.262
    17 – Kevin Folan – 19.483
    15 – David Arute – 19.543
    81X – Josh Zentek – 20.162
    93 – Sal Accardi – 20.343

    Interesting facts:
    Not everyone practiced on stickers
    Tire supply still tight
    No extra tires available, only allowed 10 tires.

  10. Fast, heard Corey took a viscous shot in the turn 1 wall as well. Hope he is OK.

  11. Fast Eddie says

    Just me, thanks for the more accurate list!

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