Merican Mule Premium Cocktail Joins Stafford Speedway SK Modified Contingency Program

(Press release from Stafford Speedway)

Connecticut based premium canned cocktail brand ‘Merican Mule’ is the latest addition to Stafford Speedway’s weekly contingency program with a $100 bonus to the 3rd place finisher in the SK Modified® division. Merican Mule’s signature 4 flavors will also be featured on the menu at all midway locations at Stafford.

“With our roots as a CT-based company, and our founder & team consisting of UConn alumni, we’re excited to be the official canned cocktail partner of Stafford Speedway,” explained Hailee Parenteau, Merican Mule Marketing Brand Manager. “Our line-up of canned mules will give spectators a true premium cocktail experience as opposed to generic beer or seltzer options. We’re looking forward to a great season.”

The canned premium cocktail will be available at all midway locations where alcohol is sold throughout the summer months. The Merican Mule team will also be at the track for sampling at multiple events starting with the 50th NAPA Auto Parts Spring Sizzler®.

“We’ve been looking for a canned cocktail product to add to our selection,” noted Stafford Speedway General Manager David Arute. “When we were introduced to the team at Merican Mule we knew that it would be a great fit. Race fans will love the product and the entire Merican Mule team is excited to be involved at Stafford. Be sure to try their product at the track this summer.”

The Merican Mule 3rd place bonus along with the previously announced Longview RV 3rd place bonus, boost the weekly 3rd place payout to an impressive $925 for the SK Modified® division.

About ‘Merican Mule’ 

‘Merican Mule is a Connecticut-based, premium, canned cocktail brand that prides itself on consistently delivering convenient, bartender-quality Mules. The cocktails, which include the flagship Moscow Mule (vodka), Mexican Mule (tequila), Tropical Mule (rum), and Southern Mule (bourbon), are 7% ABV and crafted using premium distilled spirits, proprietary ginger beer, and all-natural ingredients, kicking all malt and artificial flavoring to the side. In 2022 the brand launched a new lineup of 99 calorie Mules all at 4.5% ABV, coined ‘Merican Mule Light. Since launch in 2017, ‘Merican Mule’s offerings have grown to distribution in eighteen states across thousands of retail locations. Learn more at and follow us on Instagram @mericanmule. #CopperMugOptional

The 2022 season kicks off with the 50th running of the NAPA Auto Parts Spring Sizzler® April 23rd and 24th. The weekend will begin with the NAPA Auto Parts Duel qualifiers Saturday April 23rd. The 40 lap NAPA Duel races will set the field for Sunday’s 100 lap NAPA Spring Sizzler®. Also on hand Saturday, April 23rd will be the PASS Super Late Models, Street Stocks, Limited Late Models, and Vintage All-Stars. Sunday, April 24th will be the headliner with the 100 lap NAPA Spring Sizzler® along with qualifying and feature races for the SK Modified®, Late Model, and SK Light Modified divisions.

For more information, visit, checkout Stafford Speedway on Facebook or Twitter, or contact the track office at 860-684-2783.


  1. Another contingency coming on board. Great news. Every dollar counts. On the covid front, to mask or not to mask. People are losing their heads because the court struck down the mandate. They are not telling you that you can’t wear a mask, only that it’s not required. I look at it this way if you choose to wear a mask, so be it. If you choose not to so be it, but if you get sick because you didn’t wear a mask, or didn’t get vaccinated, you’re the one to blame. I don’t think the media should be making this a headline story It’s been 2+ years now if you couldn’t change people minds by now your never going to. Thank God races are held outside.


    1. 01 Artie Pederson II John Meade/Billy the Kid
    2. 02 Jimmie Blewett Troyer/Pettit
    3. 1 Patrick Emerling Fury/Bob Bruneau
    4. 1ny Chuck Hossfeld Troyer TA3/Performance Technology
    5. 3 Ryan Preece BRE/Bob Bruneau
    6. 4ma Jeff Gallup Fury/Bob Bruneau
    7. 4nh Tommy Barrett Jr LFR/Pettit
    8. 6 Matt Galko Troyer/Billy the Kid
    9. 7ny Mike Christopher PSR/Bob Bruneau
    10. 9ct Chase Dowling LFR/Billy the Kid
    11. 10 Doug Coby LFR/RYR
    12. 11 Cory DiMatteo Raceworks/Bob Bruneau
    13. 11ct Dylan Izzo TFR/Pettit
    14. 16 Ron Silk LFR/Lanci
    15. 19 Anthony Bello Troyer/TA
    16. 21 Tyler Barry SPAFC/Pettit (Withdrawn)
    17. 24 Mikey Flynn SPAFCO/Pettit
    18. 25nc Bobby Labonte Troyer/RYR
    19. 25 Matt Swanson Troyer/Pettit
    20. 25ct Anthony Flannery SPAFCO/Billy the Kid
    21. 25nh Brian Robie Troyer/Billy the Kid
    22. 28 Buddy Charette LFR/RYR
    23. 31 Noah Korner Troyer/Pettit
    24. 34 Dave Etheridge SPAFCO/Billy the Kid
    25. 35 Andrew Moeller TFR/RYR
    26. 43 Devin O’Connell Troyer/Bob Bruneau (Withdrawn)
    27. 44 Anthony Sesely 2Kwik/Performance Technology
    28. 44ma Bobby Santos LFR/Billy the Kid
    29. 48 Marcello Rufrano LFR/Pettit
    30. 50 Ronnie Williams Troyer/Pettit
    31. 52 Mark Bakaj Troyer/RYR
    32. 55ct Teddy Hodgdon Troyer/Pettit
    33. 55b Robert Bloxsum Troyer/Habicht
    34. 57 Keith Rocco Troyer/Pettit
    35. 58 Eric Goodale Troyer/RYR, Billy the Kid
    36. 60 Matt Hirschman Troyer/Bob Bruneau
    37. 66 Austin Kochenash TFR/Hutter
    38. 75ct Chris Pasteryak LFR/Bob Bruneau
    39. 76 Dana DiMatteo Troyer/Pettit
    40. 79 Jon McKennedy LFR/Bob Bruneau
    41. 81 Todd Owen Chassis Pro/RAD
    42. 81nj Jack Ely Troyer/Boardwalk Race Engines
    43. 82 Craig Lutz LFR/RYR
    44. 88 Woody Pitkat LFR/RYR
    45. 92 Anthony Nocella LFR/Pettit
    46. 179 Stephen Kopcik SKM/T/A Engines


    3 – points for picking the Winner
    1- point for EACH car picked in top 5
    2- points for most cars picked in top 5
    3-points for the “Outsider”-can be any driver even a favorite points earned only for the win. OUTSIDER CAN NOT APPEAR IN YOUR TOP 5. Go ahead and pick a top team for your outsider and you get two great chances at earning the 3 points. Just remember if he or she does not win you lose the points you may have gotten by including the driver in your top 5.


    10 drivers from each Duel race on Saturday qualify for the Sizzler. Pick two drivers you think will NOT qualify in the Duel 40 races on Saturday but will make the Sizzler field via the LCQ races or B Main Feature on Sunday. If one or both qualify in the Duels they’re eliminated from scoring.
    Each driver you correctly identify that races in the LCQ races or B Main Feature and makes the Sizzler field will get one point.
    If one of your drivers finishes the highest in the Sizzler of all the drivers qualifying via the LCQ race or B Main Feature you get two points.


    Pick the Home Team (SK Regulars) vs Invaders (NWMT) and earn 2 additional points

    HOME TEAM-Rocco, Williams, Christopher, Kopcik & Rufrano
    INVADERS-Hirschman, Silk, McKennedy, Goodale, Lutz


    Blewett(02) OR Preece(3) OR Labonte (25) OR Santos(44ma) OR Pitkat (88)

    Bob Bruneau (60,7ny,79) vs Pettit (57, 25,92) OR RYR (10,82,88) OR Billy the Kid (9ct, 44ma, 6)


    Should Mr. Courchesne enter this competition any participant that beats his score receives an additional two points.

    Tie Breaker-RaceDayCt rules. 1 point to the winner, 2 points for second, 3 for third etc. Lowest score wins the tiebreaker. Only applies in the event of a tie. ONLY the top 5 cars PLUS the Outsider scored.



    Name…Top 5 picks ….Outsider… LCQ Pick 2 …. Home Team or Invaders … Sentimental Favorite…Engine Builder

    Doug….9ct, 7ny, 57, 16,3….10….31&34…Home Team…Pitkat…Pettit

  3. Suitcase Jake says

    Suitcase Jake
    1. 60 Big Money Matt
    2. 9ct Dowling
    3. 3 Preece
    4. 10 Coby
    5. 79 McKennedy
    7ny Christopher
    44ma Santos
    57 Rocco
    3 Preece
    Bob Bruneau

  4. Name…Top 5 picks ….Outsider… LCQ Pick 2 …. Home Team or Invaders … Sentimental Favorite…Engine Builder

    Doug….9ct, 7ny, 60,57,16….10….31&34…Home Team…Pitkat…Pettit (REVISED)
    Jake…..60, 9ct, 3, 10, 79…..7ny…44ma&57..Invaders….Preece…Bob Bruneau

  5. Fast Eddie says

    Here’s my “not even close to being expert” picks!
    Top 5 = 16, 79, 7ny, 60, 10 – Outsider = 44ma
    LCQ’s = 25nc & 25nh – picking Invaders
    Sentimental = 88 Engine = Bob Bruneau

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