Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series To Kick-Off 2022 At Monadnock Speedway Saturday

(Press release from the Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series)

The Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series has a new title sponsor, a strong contingent of drivers, 

and $10,000 on the line for the 2022 season opener. This Saturday, April 30, teams will compete in a 100-lap race for the big prize at Monadnock Speedway in Winchester, New Hampshire. The race is the first of many on a stout schedule for the new year for the Tri-Track Series.

Picking a favorite for Saturday’s opener is a difficult task, but there are plenty of drivers to watch. Sam Rameau has been to Victory Lane in two of the last four Tri-Track races at Monadnock, and with his hometown crowd behind him, the rising star could be the one to capture the big check. 

Six-time Monaco Modified Tri-Track champion Matt Hirschman is the clear favorite for the gold again this year when it comes to the championship, and more wins. Coming off a lucrative victory in the 50th running of the NAPA Spring Sizzler – which pocketed him over $24,000 – Hirschman is heading to Monadnock looking to score again. However, the Pennsylvania native will tell you that the high-banks of “Mad Dog” are not some of his favorites. Last year, he finished third and second in the two events at Monadnock – but would like to capture victory this time around.

Chase Dowling, driving for Ben Dodge, won the most recent Tri-Track race at Monadnock in August of last year. It was one of Dowling’s two victories in the final three races of the season – as the Connecticut native now has five career wins with the series, which is second all-time to Hirschman, who has 14.

Another hometown favorite looking to challenge is Les Hinckley. It’s hard to believe that the veteran hasn’t been to Victory lane in his Monaco Modified Tri-Track career, but the driver of the No. 06 certainly knows his way around the high-banks and will be a threat come Saturday night.

Monadnock Speedway NHSTRA Modified regulars Ben Byrne and Matthew Kimball are also expected to be strong contenders. Kimball is coming off a victory in the NHSTRA Modifieds at Claremont Motorsports Park last weekend, and both competitors know their way around Monadnock well. Todd Patnode, a former track champion, is also expected to compete in the Monaco Modified Tri-Track event.

Additional names to watch include veterans Kirk Alexander and Chris Pasteryak, former Monadnock winners with the Modified Racing Series, and Modified standout Ronnie Williams. As a two-time Stafford Motor Speedway SK Modified champion, Williams drives for Gary Casella on the Tri-Track circuit and is always a threat to visit Victory Lane.

Rising star Jake Johnson – a former Pro Stock and Late Model winner and Legends Cars champion at Seekonk Speedway – will also return to the series driving the No. 15 at Monadnock. Although it might be some of Johnson’s first laps in a Modified at the track, a strong top-five finish in the Haunted Hundred to end last season at his home track gave Johnson the experience he needed to be prepared.

Additional names expected include Chuck Hossfeld, Matt Galko, Joey Jarvis, Tommy Barrett, Dylan Izzo, Max Zachem, Dan Wesson (driving for Bob Horn) and more. 

Monaco Ford, the new title sponsor of the Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series for 2022, now in their 100th year, opened their doors in 1922 as Monaco’s Garage and ever since have been owned and operated by four generations of the Monaco family. The dealership has grown to a top-level Ford Dealership in New England, with a deep history in short-track racing. They are the perfect fit to help elevate Tri-Track to the next level – while also continuing to showcase Monaco’s history and drive to continue to evolve into the future while committing to their customers.

At the track on Saturday, fans will be able to purchase new Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series apparel on the midway courtesy of New England Racing Fuel. Apparel is also available today at for sale online. Race day programs will also be for sale.

Monadnock Speedway will hold an optional practice session on Friday from 2-5 p.m. for race teams. Pit passes are $25 and any trailers who enter the track on Friday and park may remain there for Saturday. On Saturday, one practice session will take place from 2-3 p.m., while qualifying heats are scheduled for 5 p.m. The 100-lap season-opening feature is set to take the green flag around 8:15 p.m.

For those who can’t make it to the track, RacingAmerica.TV will stream the 100-lap feature race live. All tickets for the event will be sold at the gate, however, you may still buy advance tickets at The weekend also includes over six other divisions of racing, and action on both Saturday and Sunday.

For more information on Monaco Ford, visit For more information on the Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series, visit and follow on social media for the latest updates.


  1. Suitcase Jake says

    Let’s do a TOP 5 PICK’EM … NEW POINT SYSTEM>>> PICK 6 … your lowest finishing pick gets tossed out …. Lowest combined score Wins… Pick the Winner = 0 points 2nd=2
    3rd=3 4th=4 5th=5 etc etc… Tiebreaker will be lowest combined score of ALL 6 picks only if there is a tie… Doug will post entry list if possible .. lets try out the point system on this TRI-TRACK RACE … HAVE FUN = BE HAPPY….Pick 6 … Worst pick gets tossed out…
    2. Rameau
    3. Dowling
    4. Williams
    5. Hinckley
    6. Kimball

  2. Love the spirit but it’s too difficult picking without an entry list especially for the first race. McKennedy, Silk and Ole Blue may be out now concentrating on the NWMT. Pitkat is back with Jimmy Paige in the 00 for a few events. This race not on their schedule but the Speedbowl was and that leaves a hole…….maybe. A third for the 00 last year in the second Monadnock race so you never know. Galko in Stan Mertz’s car definitely exceeded expectations in the Sizzler so you’re going to want to consider the 6. Horn’s 50 a great car now with Wesson driving should be interesting.
    Will the MMTS lose a little glitter this year if part timer 79 and full timers 16 and 3 decide not to participate? Everyone points to the tour losing top cars will this be a thing for the beloved Monoco Modified Tri Track series?
    Very excited about this new Pick-em. High probability the tie breaker can be avoided. The “mulligan” allows us to pick a car that may be a longer shot knowing we won’t get killed if it doesn’t pan out. If a tie breaker is needed, unlike before it will be completely objective with almost zero chance of again ending in a tie. The only issue with MMTS events is the zero bonus for the winner and the 60’s anticipated dominance of the series. Will pickers have to pick Hirschman to win to protect the rest of their choices?
    All we need now is a dad gum list and it’s game on!

  3. Fast Eddie says

    On the TriTrack site, if you click on “drivers” the list shows the teams and also what they are committed to. Most are for the whole series with a few just for the Monadnock race. I think there’s 28.

  4. Suitcase Jake says

    Put your PICK’S IN …. LET’S GO …. PICK 6 …..
    Pick your favorites …. let’s get this going so we can test the new points system…..
    Everyone jump in …. HAVE FUN = BE HAPPY ….

  5. wmass01013 says
  6. MMTTS Monadnock 4/30/2020

    1 Plummer
    4nh Barrett
    00 Jarvis
    6 Rameau
    6 Byrne
    06 Hinkley
    9ct Dowling
    13 Izzo
    15ma Johnson
    20 Zachem
    21 Savary
    24 Patnode
    25 Williams
    25nh Robie
    27 Robbie
    50w Wesson
    55K Kimball
    51 Bello
    55 Doucette
    55b Bloxum
    60 Hirschman
    75ct Pasteryak
    76 Alexander
    81 Salzarulo
    88 Turbish
    89 Swanson

    Revised Forum Pick 6

    First Place………0 points
    Second Place….2 points
    Third Place……..3 points
    Fourth through the final finisher assigned points equal to their finishing position.

    “Mulligan”-Worst finish (aka highest score) dropped from scoring leaving your 5 best counting toward your final score.

    Any car that doesn’t show, has an equipment failure or otherwise doesn’t make the feature to be assigned a score equal to the number of feature starters plus one and can be dropped via the mulligan.

    Lowest point total wins.

    Tie breaker- All six picks scored.

    Jake…60, Rameau, 9ct,25, 06h, 55K
    Doug…60, 25, 9ct, 25nh, 06h, 75

  7. Sure would like to see the entire entry list for the race before I pick.

  8. Sure would like to see the entry list for the race before I pick.

  9. Fast Eddie says

    Fast Eddie’s picks: 06 Hinckley, 9ct Dowling, 60 Hirschman, 24 Patnode, 21 Savary, 6 Byrne

  10. csg picks

    60 Hirschman, 06 Hinkley, 9ct Dowling,25 Williams, 6 Rameau, 75ct Pasteryak

  11. Dowling

  12. Thanks Doug……….

  13. getserious says

    Can I play, too?

  14. MMTTS Monadnock 4/30/2020 (7:45PM) MMTTS Modifieds, Pro Truck and Pure Stock features only.
    Subscription required @$9.99+tax/mo. cancel any time. Subscription also includes NHSTRA Modifieds, Northeast Dwarf Cars, Young Guns on Sunday May 1, at 2 PM.

    Jake…60—–Rameau, 9ct,25, 06h, 55K,
    Doug…60—–25, 9ct, 25nh, 06h, 75ct
    Eddie…06h,—-9ct, 60,24,21,6b
    csg……60——-06h,9ct,25,Rameau, 75ct

    Please see above entry list and rules if you’re considering joining us in picking this event.
    IT’S FUN = BE HAPPY….Pick 6

  15. If it matters, I must say, I like the new format.
    Doug, looks like you may get to try out the tiebreaker on this one. Lot of the same picks, for good reason.
    My picks:


  16. Suitcase Jake says

    GET SERIOUS >>>>>> YES SIR >>> Everyone can play >>>>
    lets go LIZ , Goodfella. MudBus. Crazy Larry.. Jimmy King.. MOD Fan… ALL are Welcome .. jump in the pool is FINE… HAVE FUN = BE HAPPY >….>>>>>

  17. MMTTS Monadnock 4/30/2020

    Jake…60—–Rameau, 9ct,25, 06h, 11, ……..…0+2+5+6+(10)+4=-27-10=17
    Doug…60—–25, 9ct, 25nh, 06h, 5ct………….…0+6+5+3+(10)+8=32-10=22
    Eddie…06h,—-9ct, 60,24,21,6b ……… 10+5+1+7+14+(23)=60-23=37
    csg……60——-06h,9ct,25,Rameau, 5ct……. 0+(10)+5+6+2+8=31-10=21
    Earl……9ct——60,25,06h,5ct,Rameau ……… 5+1+6+(10)+8+2=32-10=22
    GSer….25……….Rameau, 60, 25nh, 9ct, 24…… 6+2+1+3+5+(7)=24-7=17
    Bobf….60……….25, 24,9ct, 06h, 15ma……….. 0+6+7+5+10+(12)=40-12=28

    In the inaugural revised forum Pick-em we have a tie in regulation between Suitcase Jake and getserious and in overtime getserious takes down the win when the full 6 finishers are scored using the tie breaker. Well done getserious. Making 6 picks with the worst finish 7th was very impressive.
    The final finishing order: Get Serious, Suitcase Jake, csg, Earl, Doug, Bobf and Fast Eddie finishes scratch.
    This is a little more time consuming to score with more chances for errors so check your scores.
    If I scored this correctly I hope you agree the new format is a rousing success!!!

  18. Getserious says

    Thanks for doing it up, Doug. I like this format!

  19. Suitcase Jake says

    Great Job Doug … !!!! Great Job RDCT readers….. Wow we really redeemed ourselves with scoring great picks in our TOP 5 & 6th pick was the deciding factor … The NH contingent really showed their HOME TRACK ADVANTAGE …. Another crash caused by a lap car getting contact with Johnson & Savery racing side by side…. Much like Stafford.. Wish lap cars were sent to the HIGH SIDE out of the groove whenever possible to avoid some of these incidents….At Seekonk they call the laps cars to inform them the LEADERS are COMING go way up high out of the way… In my Opinion as a former Driver i prefer this method.. But at Thompson it’s just the opposite you want them down low low out of the way as you sail on by in the HIGH GROOVE… I guess every track has their best place for lap cars to give way.. If you race long enough … A LAP CAR will get in your way while LEADING and Man is that Frustrating ….. Once running at Hudson years ago with no spotters or mirrors i was turned into the Dirt infield while leading.. i stayed on the throttle and came back out on the track, but was super lucky thew threw the yellow for the lap car and I was able to go on for the Win …. Whew that was crazy times.. No Mirror .. No Spotter….. you really had to keep eyes on the flagman and peek at the Scoreboard if there was one …. Those were the Days….Kids today can’t BELIEVE many tracks back then had no Mirror no Radios ….

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