Northeast Classic At NHMS Postponed To Sunday

With a forecast calling for 100 percent chance of rain for most of the day Saturday promoters of the Northeast Classic made the decision Friday afternoon to move the event from Saturday in Loudon to Sunday.

Sunday’s schedule includes features for the American-Canadian Tour, the Pro All Stars Series, the Modified Racing Series, the North East Mini Stock Tour, the Exit Realty Truck Series and a Open Street Stock feature.

Pits gates will open at 7 am Sunday at New Hampshire Motor Speedway with Practice to start at 8:45 am. Grandstands will open at 9 am. Qualifying begins at 10:30 am.


  1. The last comment blown out under moderation as being inappropriate I would gather so lets try something less edgy.
    Accolade’s have already been directed at the Michaud/Mayberry team and seconded by others. All richly deserved but they aren’t the only promotional success story going on in the times we now inhabit in circle track racing history.
    It all starts with the NWMT. The yearly predictions of their death a forum ritual almost as regular as the seasons. Last fall more stories of teams dropping out and other negativity did not bode well for 2022. Fast forward to full stands and a strong field at New Smyrna and empty stands and a good field at Richmond this season is looking promising. Next up Riverhead is always strong. Certainly not the death watch some predicted so well done to Jimmy Wilson and the Nascar team.
    A subset of the NWMT is JDV Productions. Josh Vanada getting his feet wet last year producing NWMT events at tracks not willing to take the risk themselves. Looked at as a weakness for NASCAR at the time and when Sapienza piled on with his complaints the look was not good right out of the gate. Fast forward to this year for some unknown reason Vanada and his company are back for more. The northern three race deal in New Hampshire has no history but like the New Smyrna event did at first blush looks to have a potential of it’s own. Thanks to Josh Vanada and his team for their persistence and best wishes for all their events but especially in New Hampshire.
    Then there’s the rock of the NASCAR sanction for open wheeled cars, Riverhead. A huge loss in ownership but still scheduled to grind out great racing every week with full blown tour modifieds and this year we can all view it every week on FloRacing.
    Seekonk as well has their niche and they to dipping their foot in the water with a four race streamcast package including the popular Open Wheeled Wednesday event. Their story all the more impressive having survived a virtual shut down via state mandate in 2020 while other tracks could salvage part of their seasons.
    Could mention the track on the Connecticut shore as well. One of the best for viewing races, strong following and unique events resurrected out of the ashes. Still a net negative considering the ownership in my view but a mention at the least.
    Then there’s Stafford. They just put up a video of the improvements awaiting fans this year and they are eye popping for sure. What good management does is cultivate opportunities, profit from them and reinvest part of the profit for the future. Stafford no doubt has benefited from the SRX series and FloRacing. They’re reinvesting part of their earnings in the future it’s just all so very impressive from a business standpoint. Especially going against the trend in recent short track racing history. They didn’t pioneer streaming but are perfecting it. They weren’t the first to break away from NASCAR but are doing it successfully promoting their own brand and in a big way. It’s all happening in the shadow of the pandemic and the adverse affects on the industry. Well done is an understatement, you can fill in your own accolades.
    The move to Sunday for the M&M boys with clear skies and crisp temps the best move. Take in a morning sunrise service to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ then clear the decks for racing at NHMS then CUP on dirt at 7 at Bristol.
    No it’s not the same now as it was when 100 cars showed up at the Sizzler to qualify for 30 spots like back in the 1970’s. On the whole it’s pretty darned good by gum and all made possible by the contributions of the swash buckling, riverboat gamblers that promote races and take huge risks.

  2. Doug,
    Not sure why the last comment got flagged by WordPress, but it ended up in the flagged box and I hadn’t noticed that. It’s posted now.

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